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Lindsay Lohan: Before and After

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It’s been a while since I last saw Lindsay Lohan and she looks great.

I wonder if plastic surgery has anything to do with it.

To be honest, I have heard some rumors.

But nothing confirmed.

Before & After Photos

So, I’ve done some comparisons on Lindsay to see if any evidence pops up. Check it out.

Does Lindsay Lohan have botox?

Lindsay Lohan botox before and after?

Unless she’s bloating, it seems like Lindsay has been getting some botox on her face.

I’m seeing some puffiness around her forehead, eyebrows and face cheeks. There’s hardly any wrinkles too!

If this is true, then I think she may have overdone the fillers just a notch.

Did she have a nose job?

Lindsay Lohan nose job before and after?

Her nose looks the same to me.

You can clearly see the similarity on both her nose bridge and tip in these photos.

I don’t think she’s had her nose done.

Did Lindsay get lip injections?

Lindsay Lohan lip injections before and after?

I have been seeing some pouty lips on Lindsay recently and I think it’s more than just lipstick.

Yes, there is a good chance that she’s gotten lip fillers, at least once.

Let’s see if she will continue with this procedure in the future.

Has Lindsay had a boob job?

Lindsay Lohan boob job before and after?

Lindsay is one of the thousands of women in Hollywood rumored to have gotten breast implants but I don’t believe these claims.

Ever since Lindsay first appeared on screen, she’s had a decent bust size.

So, I believe her boobs are real.

What happened to her teeth?

Lindsay Lohan teeth before and after

The actress definitely got her teeth fixed now and it looks great!

I remember this photo on the left as the media alleged she was into heavy smoking, drinking and illegal substances. That’s probably why her teeth turned yellow.

At the very least, she would have gotten teeth whitening and maybe some veneers.

Transformation (Then and Now)

Let’s see how Lindsay has changed over the years.

Lindsay’s childhood

Young Lindsay Lohan during childhood
via Twitter

As a child commercial model, Lindsay had so much spunk and looked like a clever kid, which is why the cameras loved her.  

Her fiery red hair sets her apart.

Lindsay in 1998

Lindsay Lohan in 1998
via Twitter

Fans were drawn to Lindsay because of those freckles.

They weren’t blemishes, they were beauty marks.

Lindsay in 2003

Lindsay Lohan in 2003
Via Flickr

Lindsay was fast becoming a teen sensation by the time she was 17 years old.

Lindsay in 2004

Lindsay Lohan in 2004
via Pinterest

After starring in “Mean Girls,” which became a cult hit, Lindsay was disintegrating inside.

Perhaps the fame has gotten to her?

Lindsay in 2007

Lindsay Lohan in 2007

The actress changed her hair color to blonde and I’m not quite sure if it suited her.

What do you think?

Lindsay in 2012

Lindsay Lohan in 2012
via Twitter

Lindsay’s face looks slightly puffy here. Her lips seems unnatural too.

I’m suspecting this is when she got her first procedure.

Lindsay in 2015

Lindsay Lohan in 2015

Oh la la!

Lindsay looks absolutely stunning at the Elle Style Awards.

Lindsay in 2019

Lindsay Lohan in 2019

At 33 years old, Lohan is still looking amazing.

It’s so good to see her freckles. Those are her beauty marks!

Lindsay in 2022

Lindsay Lohan in 2022
Instagram @ lindsaylohan

Yes, she is pretty and I will leave it at that.


I don’t think Lindsay has gone under the knife.

She might have had some needles here and there, for anti-aging purposes.

But nothing invasive.

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