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Lindsay Lohan: Before and After



Lindsay Lohan

Former Disney star and teen idol Lindsay Lohan had a promising career ahead of her when she was still a budding actress. In the early 2000s, critics praised her for the depth in her acting skills and they dubbed her as the next Jodie Foster.

The star of “Mean Girls,” Lindsay had the makings of becoming the next Teen Movie Queen, just like Molly Ringwald in the ’80s and Alicia Silverstone in the ’90s. When she became super famous and had the paparazzi following and prying on her personal life, Lindsay’s rising star began to fall.

Critics said that Lindsay wanted to be an adult so badly that she shot down her chances of staying big in Hollywood. She especially shocked fans when she appeared in public looking rather different. They speculate that she was going overboard with plastic surgery when she was just in her mid-20s.

Now in her early ’30s, critics say that Lindsay is hardly recognizable as that adorable formerly freckled-face red-hair actress. Her transformation has baffled a lot of people.

I can say that there has indeed been a considerable change in Lindsay’s looks. While she has definitely matured and has shredded her teen appeal, it has left me wondering if she did get cosmetic procedures.

Before & After Photos

So, how much has Lindsay changed in the short years that she’s been in the limelight? Let’s find out and see if beauty surgeons played a role.

Does Lindsay Lohan have botox?

Lindsay Lohan botox before and after?

Unless she’s bloating, it seems like Lindsay has been getting a lot of botox on her face. Specifically, she may have been getting fillers done on her eyebrows, cheeks and forehead. There’s hardly any wrinkles!

If this is true, then I think she’s been getting too much botox injections. It’s literally making her appearance look inconsistent and unnatural, as these before and after pictures have shown.

Has Lindsay had a boob job?

Lindsay Lohan boob job before and after?

Lindsay is one of the thousands of women in Hollywood rumored to have gotten breast implants. But I don’t believe these claims because, based on the actress’ comparison photos above, she has always had a decent bust size.

So, why would she get a boob job when her natural breasts are already quite full? I don’t think Lindsay is into nips and tucks just yet. She’s probably only into needles for now.

Did she have a nose job?

Lindsay Lohan nose job before and after?

The tabloids have been feasting on Lindsay’s alleged nose job. Although rhinoplasty is a common cosmetic surgery procedure, with tons of expert who knows how to make the nose change in the most natural-looking way, I don’t think Lindsay had her nose done at all.

I could be in the minority here but her nose as an adult has the same size, shape and bump as her nose as a child. You can clearly see the similarity on the bridge and tip in these photos.

Did Lindsay get lip injections?

Lindsay Lohan lip injections before and after?

I do believe, however, that Lindsay has tried lip injections at some point. As I’ve said, she seems to be more into needles than knives, and these pics prove a big difference. I could be wrong but she clearly has much fuller lips in the photo on the right. Lipstick?

What happened to her teeth?

Lindsay Lohan teeth before and after

The actress definitely got her teeth fixed now and I think it looks great!

I remember this photo on the left so well as the media alleged she was into heavy smoking, drinking and illegal substances, and that’s probably why her teeth turned yellow. I don’t know if those rumors are true but thank goodness she got her teeth bleached!

Lindsay Lohan: Then and Now

Here’s a quick timeline to show how much Lindsay has changed over the years from before she became famous till now.

Lindsay’s childhood

Young Lindsay Lohan during childhood

via Twitter

As a child commercial model, Lindsay Lohan had so much spunk and looked like a clever kid, which is why the cameras loved her.  Her fiery red hair sets her apart.

Lindsay in 1998

Lindsay Lohan in 1998

via Twitter

Lindsay played twins in the fun movie “The Parent Trap” for Disney. Fans were drawn to her because of those freckles. They weren’t blemishes, they were beauty marks.

Lindsay in 2003

Lindsay Lohan in 2003

Via Flickr

Lindsay was fast becoming a teen sensation by the time she was 17 years old. She still had some baby fats around her cheeks during this phase but this whole look was so authentic, I get why she connected to the young audience.

Lindsay in 2004

Lindsay Lohan in 2004

via Pinterest

Lohan showed up at a red carpet affair with the same spunk and energetic vibe she had as a child. Her style was on point with this chiffon blouse paired with a bomber jacket.

However, after starring in “Mean Girls,” which became a cult hit, Lindsay was disintegrating inside. Perhaps the pressure of being in the public eye got to her and she couldn’t handle her fame.

Lindsay in 2007

Lindsay Lohan in 2007


The actress changed her hair color to blonde and I’m not quite sure if it suited her. This signaled the start of her transformation though and this was the year she was arrested for DUI. Maybe she was feeling a bit naughty so she chose to drastically dye her hair?

Lindsay in 2012

Lindsay Lohan in 2012

via Twitter

Lindsay’s face looks slightly off in this photo and I think this was the time when everyone thought she over-botoxed. I can also see some signs of lip fillers here and did she lightened her hair to platinum blonde?

I’m sorry, but she looks older in this one.

Lindsay in 2015

Lindsay Lohan in 2015


Oh la la! Lindsay looks super hot here as she arrives at the Elle Style Awards with my favorite long brown hair, mysterious eyes and matching red lips. I really love the simplicity of her style in this black gown and the netted stockings added a sexy touch.

Lindsay in 2019

Lindsay Lohan in 2019


I like the Audrey Hepburn vibe in this look and her simple, understated makeup also looks nice. It’s so good to see that Lindsay still has those freckles on her chest and arms. See, those really are her beauty marks!

Maybe I’m wrong, but I think her hair color is not natural because it’s too red. However, I prefer this to the blonde days she had going on a few years back.


More Info about Lindsay Lohan

Real Name: Lindsay Dee Lohan

Birthday: 2 July 1986

Star Sign: Cancer

Birth Place: The Bronx, New York, United States

Nationality: American

Race / Ethnicity: Italian, Irish, German, Italian-Sicilian

Occupation: Actress, Businesswoman, Producer, Fashion Designer

Net Worth: $800,000

Relationship: Unknown

Children: None

Height: 1.65 m (5 ft 5 in)

Weight: 52 kg (115 lb)

Body Measurement: 36-24-35 Inches

Bra Size: 32D

Dress Size: 8 (US)

Shoe Size: 9 (US)

Natural Hair Color: Red

Natural Eye Color: Blue-green



The celebrity life has not been kind to Lindsay and the tabloids haven’t shown her any mercy either. But for what it’s worth, I believe that half of what was reported about Lindsay Lohan’s plastic surgeries were simply sensationalized stories.

I don’t think this young star has actually gone under the knife. Her nose and boobs are real and I couldn’t see any surgical evidence on other parts of her face and body either. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if she’ll be getting some…in due time.

However, for now, I think the most she might have gotten are anti-aging treatments such as facial fillers, lip injection and a few hair color switches once in a while.

With her comeback in the new MTV show, “Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club,” I sincerely hope Lindsay gets another shot in Hollywood. Let this be the start of good things for her because that talent must not go to waste.

(Featured image credit: Getty)

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Salma Hayek, Before & After Plastic Surgery Photos Review



Salma Hayek

As one of the hottest Mexican American film actresses of all time, Salma Hayek is known for having an amazing curve that sells movie tickets.

Yes, her gorgeous face and busty frame has landed her numerous blockbuster roles causing some fans to wonder if plastic surgery was the key to her Hollywood success.

Of course, these rumors were never proven.

Now that Salma is in her 50s, I simply cannot ignore the signs anymore.

This woman is ageless and if that’s not enough, her body looks even bustier than before!

Before & After Photos

There has to be a reason for everything, even for a goddess. So I compared and reviewed as many pictures as I could. Here’s what I found.

Has Salma Hayek had a boob job?

Has Salma Hayek had a boob job?

The million dollar question – Are her boobs real or fake?

I really wanted to back her up here. I really do, but if a picture is worth a thousand words, then I guess I’m done.

The cleavage is besides the point, it’s her cup size that’s making all the headlines. Salma Hayek’s breasts have clearly gained a few sizes here.

And it doesn’t look like she has put on much weight either so breast implants may be the only explanation here.

Your thoughts?

Did Salma have a nose job?

Salma Hayek nose job before and after

There’s been talks about Salma getting a nose job before she stepped foot onto Hollywood. So, I did the above comparison to see if this was true.

The top left picture was taken when she was still an unknown star in Mexico. From what I can see, there isn’t much difference to her nose shape. The bridge and the tip look identical so I doubt she got her nose done.

Did Hayek get botox injections?

Salma Hayek botox and facelift - Before and After

Apparently, Hispanic woman age really well and that might explain why Salma is looking so good at her age.

You can hardly see any wrinkles on her face and even the fine lines are exactly just that, fine!

While her cheeks does look plumper in the after shot, I put that down to makeup rather than botox. She’s truly blessed in the skin department and I believe she’s YEARS away from even considering a facelift, that’s if she’ll ever need one.



What more can I say?

Everyone on this woman’s face looks natural. However, I couldn’t say the same about her body. I’m guessing she had an augmentation procedure and the result is amazing!

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Has Ellen Pompeo Had Cosmetic Surgery?



Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo is one of television’s most durable stars headlining the hit medical drama series “Grey’s Anatomy” for the last 15 years…and counting.

With her face on air week after week, the TV star has earned her fair share of plastic surgery rumors, just like most popular celebrities. It’s obvious that fans have been paying close attention to Dr. Meredith Grey’s image over the years.

But Ellen insisted that she is not a fan of cosmetic alterations. She plans to age naturally as she enters the big 50 zone.

So, can we take her word for it?

Before & After Photos

Despite Pompeo’s claims, I have seen some tell-tale signs that she’s been doing more than just regular skincare and makeup. See for yourself.

Did Ellen Pompeo Have Botox?

Did Ellen Pompeo Have Botox?

Ellen’s face today has visible indications of aging with prominent lines and wrinkles. But as seen in these before and after pictures, her face also looks swollen at times.

These could be signs of botox injections as those cheeks clearly looks puffed.

While the actress has said in interviews that she’s not afraid to grow old, something seems to be going on behind the curtains.

Has She Had A Facelift?

Has Ellen Pompeo had a facelift?

It’s true.

There were times when I thought Pomepo had a facelift. Her neck and jawline look unusually tightened and smooth. But her recent pictures suggests that’s no longer the case.

In fact, I’m starting to see some sagging on her lower face cheeks.

What Happened To Her Face / Lip Scar?

What happened to Ellen Pompeo's face and lip scar?

Ellen has a visible face scar on the side of her lips and people have wondered why she never got treatment for it. But the actress told a fan in an interview back in 2008 that her “scar” is actually a birthmark, which she never plans on removing.

So there you go.

Did Ellen Get Lip Injections?

Did Ellen Pompeo Get Lip Injections?

Let’s face it.

Pompeo isn’t the type with pouty lips and I doubt she wants one either.

It’s most likely the lipstick or the camera shot that’s giving her a plumper look.



It’s clear that Ellen Pompeo hasn’t had any major cosmetic procedures. But I suspect that she may have used fillers, probably more than once.

Now, whether this is the anti-aging routine she’ll continue with is another story.

(Featured Image Credit: ABC)


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Did Catherine Bell Have Plastic Surgery?



Catherine Bell

If you’ve seen the TV hit, “JAG”, then you’d remember how hot Catherine Bell was back in the days. Known for her pretty face and large boobs, we’re not surprised to see her at the center of many plastic surgery speculations.

These rumors continued on for over a decade since she was in the series “Army’s Wives” to the ever-popular “The Good Witch”.

Back then, there were tons of reports suggesting that Catherine had breast implants to enlarge her boob size. But as she became older, people started to shift the focus onto her face and suddenly – facelift, brow lift, neck surgery, and botox became the major talking point.

While the England born actress is used to these types of noises, but at PSP, we’re always interested to study beautiful people. We feel that it is our duty to find out if a woman as gorgeous as Catherine has ever had any cosmetic help from plastic surgeons.

So let’s not waste time and dive in!

Before & After Photos

In order to find evidence to support the cosmetic surgery claims that’s been circling around Catherine Bell, I have analyzed many of her photos before and after she became a famous celebrity.

Here’s what I found…

Did she have a boob job?

Did Catherine Bell Have A Boob Job?

Catherine’s breasts have been a target for a number of years with many fans and audiences wondering whether her boobs are real or fake. After reviewing many of her past and present photos, I think that her breast shape is quite “pushable”, which means she can make them look very busty or saggy if she wants to.

Based on this fact, I have good reasons to believe that Catherine Bell has never had a boob job. They are not implants nor fat transfers. If anything, she’ll probably want a breast lift to make them firm and perky again.

Otherwise, most women with this type of cup size would want a reduction surgery as they can experience back pain due to the weight.

Has Catherine Bell had a nose job?

Has Catherine Bell Had Nose Job?

If you look at the “BEFORE” photo on the top left, you can see that Catherine’s nose looks more natural compared to the “AFTER” photo on the right. From this comparison, I think it’s likely that she’s had a rhinoplasty to subtly thin her nasal bridge and to also make her nose tip pointier.

Where is her neck scar?

Catherine Bell Neck Scar?

Catherine was diagnosed with thyroid cancer when she was 19 years old. Since then, she’s had her thyroid removed and has been taking thyroid hormone to balance her inner health. This neck surgery would have scarred her for life, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find the scar on her neck.

So either she’s covered her neck scar with concealers every time she goes out in public, or she’s got it removed using cosmetic procedures such as chemical peel or laser scar removal.

UPDATE: Thanks to some of you lovely people, we’re now able to spot her scar just above the collarbone. Can you see it?

Did Catherine get a facelift?

Did Catherine Bell get a facelift?

From the ‘Before’ pic, you can clearly see that Catherine’s facial skin was losing elasticity and as a result, the deep lines around her nose and the laugh lines around the mouth became more noticeable.

Now, if you look at the ‘After’ photo, those lines and wrinkles have vanished. So, it’s very likely that she’s had a facelift to tighten those areas on her face.

What about Botox?

Did Catherine get botox injections?

In 2017 (left), Catherine’s face became plumper, but she looked tired and there were still many fine lines and wrinkles around her eyes.

One year onward into 2018 (right), her face was almost wrinkle-free! She looked sharp but her cheeks were quite puffed. So I suspect she’s might’ve used Botox injections there.


Catherine’s Beauty Transformation

Okay, we all know that Catherine Bell is hot, but let’s see how she’s changed throughout her stunning career. While we’re at it, we may pick up a few plastic surgeries that we might’ve missed.

Year 1994

Catherine Bell 1994

Source: Youtube

Here’s a rare picture of Catherine starring in the movie, Men Of War. Looking almost “tomboy” like and without makeup, this is perhaps the most natural side we’ll see from her.

At least, I know she has a nice and straight set of teeth, so no braces or any other cosmetic dentistry needed as far as I’m concerned.

Year 1997

Catherine Bell 1997

Source: Pinterest

This was the year Catherine won the starring role of a female Marine lawyer, Sarah MacKenzie, on JAG. Here she was attending the Paramount TV Hosts 1997 Emmy After Party looking beautiful and vintage.

Judging from her cleavage in this shot, I can say that her boobs are natural. There are simply no signs of breast augmentation that I can see.

Year 2000

Catherine Bell 2000

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Arriving at the VSDA Convention Venetian and Sands Exposition Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, Catherine had caught the eyes of many with her busty chest.

At 32 years of age, she’s looking like a total babe so you have to wonder what type of anti-aging treatment she uses. Honestly, whatever face cream and eye cream she’s been using to maintain her youth, I want some too!

Year 2005

Catherine Bell 2005

Image Credit: Getty

Here, we see the Iranian born actress attending ‘The Envelope Please’ Oscar Viewing Party at The Abbey in West Hollywood, California. She looks incredibly hot in this low cut dress showing off her sexy curves, long legs, and beautiful feet.

Year 2006

Catherine Bell 2006

Picture Credit: Getty

In 2006, Bell appeared momentarily in a Scientology music video called “United” and people suddenly realized she was a Scientologist. This, however, didn’t stop people from admiring her beauty and acting talent.

You can see from this photo why I think the Good Witch actress didn’t have breast implants, because unlike the boobs of Taylor Swift which tends to be quite firm and high on her chest, Catherine’s breasts are low and are almost sagging towards her stomach, completely obeying the law of gravity.

Year 2007

Catherine Bell 2007

Credit: Getty Images

Catherine got the role of Denise Sherwood in the television show ‘Army Wives’ and spoke during the 2007 Winter TCA Press Tour at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Pasadena. She has gorgeous double eyelids and eyelashes so at this point, I can’t see any reasons why she’ll want an eye lift or any other types of blepharoplasty.

Year 2008

Catherine Bell 2008

Picture Credit: Getty

2008 was the year Bell became the famous “Cassie Nightingale” in the Hallmark’s serie, The Good Witch. This show is still going strong presently.

Not sure if you noticed this, but her right eye appears to be smaller than her left eye. It’ll be interesting to see if she’ll correct it with cosmetic eye surgery in the future.

Year 2013

Catherine Bell 2013

Credit: Getty Images

Here, we see Catherine attending the 20th Annual Race To Erase MS Gala at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza. At 45 years old, she’s obviously not young but I’ll be very happy if I can look this good at her age.

Looking at her lips, it appears as though she’s had some type of lip fillers injected into her upper lip. But then…it could also be the makeup, what do you think?

Year 2015

Catherine Bell 2015

Source: Pinterest

Over the years, I haven’t seen any weight gain on Catherine’s body. Whether it is on her arms, legs, tummy or butt, she’s always been pretty lean.

Perhaps she has a very strict diet plan and workout routine? At least she won’t be needing any liposuction or other fat removal procedures like a tummy tuck.

Year 2017

Catherine Bell 2017

Credit: Getty Images

Here, we see Catherine attending the “Cars 3” Premiere with a rather plumped face. I suspect she may have used face fillers as the wrinkles on her face were greatly reduced.

Surely, you don’t regain some baby fat on your cheekbones and jawline when you’re turning 50, right?

Year 2018

Catherine Bell 2018

Image Credit: Getty

This woman is looking as fresh as ever when she arrived at the 2018 Hallmark Channel All-Star Party at TCA Winter Press Tour in LA.

If you look around her forehead, there appears to be fewer lines and wrinkles. This might have been achieved by a brow lift procedure. Her skin also looks tighter so I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a facelift too.

Year 2020

Catherine Bell in year 2020

Instagram @ therealcatherinebell

Catherine posted this photo on her Instagram account earlier this year and I couldn’t believe how flawless she looks. One word, beautiful!

Can you believe this woman is 51 years old?


More Information About Catherine Bell:

Real Name: Catherine Lisa Bell

Birthday: 14th August 1968

Star Sign: Leo

Birth Place: London, England, United Kingdom

Occupation: Actress, Model, Film Producer, TV Producer

Net Worth: $40 Million

Nationality: American, British

Race / Ethnicity: Scottish, Persian

Relationship: Divorced

Children: Gemma Beason (daughter), Ronan Beason (son)

Height: 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)

Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs)

Body Measurement: 34-24-35 Inches

Bra Size: 34D

Dress Size: 4 (US)

Shoe Size: 10 (US)

Natural Hair Color: Dark Brown

Natural Eye Color: Light Brown



After comparing and analyzing many of Catherine Bell’s before and after photos, I found a number of images that were quite convincing. I suspect she’s had some plastic surgeries on her face. These procedures include a nose job, facelift, brow lift, lip injections, and botox fillers.

I couldn’t see anything suspicious on her body though, especially her breasts. There was no sufficient evidence to support claims that she’s had a boob job. In other words, I truly believe that her boobs are real!

What do you think?

Has Catherine Bell had cosmetic surgery?

(Featured Image Credit: Getty)

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