Ivanka Trump: Before and After

Ivanka Trump is arguably one of the most beautiful women in America. Growing up as the daughter of a billionaire, she can “easily” afford any plastic surgery to improve her looks. But the question is, did she? Let’s find out. Before & After Photos We will start by comparing her …

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Addison Rae: Before and After

It’s not easy to get famous on TikTok. But if you look as gorgeous as Addison Rae, it tends to be easier. The question is, did she get plastic surgery to gain that advantage? Let’s find out. Before and After Photos We will do some comparisons on Addison’s face and …

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Kellyanne Conway: Before and After

She’s done something to her face! This was my first reaction when I saw Kellyanne Conway on TV the other day. This woman has completely reversed her age. She looks a lot younger and her skin is near flawless. If I had to guess, plastic surgery is the only possible …

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