Selena Gomez: Before and After

Selena Gomez has officially entered her 30s and she looks incredible! Some people say it’s her Hispanic genes but others believe it’s plastic surgery. I’m not sure which one it is. Not yet, anyway. But we’re going to find out. Before & After Photos Let’s compare Selena’s picture below and …

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Beyonce: Before and After

As one of the most successful female artists of all time, Beyonce doesn’t seem to have a beauty misstep. No matter the occasion, Queen B manages to look good in front of the cameras. So, I want to know if she’s had any plastic surgery. Let’s find out. Before & …

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Taeyeon: Before and After

Ever since Taeyeon started her solo career, she keeps looking better. I’m not sure if it’s the hair, makeup or plastic surgery doing the magic. But I have a feeling it’s the latter Let’s see. Before & After Photos I’ll compare the Kpop singer’s face and body before making a …

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Megan Thee Stallion: Before and After

Megan Thee Stallion has been widely speculated to have undergone plastic surgery. I guess we can see why. This American rapper is stunning! But, speculations are boring. Let’s get some proof. Before & After Photos Let’s compare her face and body to see if we can find anything. Has Megan …

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Korean Singer IU: Before and After

I have heard many rumors about IU having plastic surgery and it kind of surprised me. Personally, I think Korean singer is very natural looking. So, I would like to get to the bottom of it. Right now. Before & After Photos Did IU have a nose job? I’m going …

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Dua Lipa: Before and After

I consider Dua Lipa to be near perfect looking, so it wouldn’t surprise me if plastic surgery is her thing. After all, she is looking better every year! But we need to do some photo comparisons first. Just like these. Before & After Photos Has Dua Lipa had a nose …

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Rita Ora: Before and After

I’ll start off with a bold statement. Rita Ora is gorgeous but plastic surgery may have played a role. It’s natural to think that way, right? Just look at her! Before & After Photos So, I have done some hard comparisons on Rita’s face and body. Let’s see what I’ve …

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Karol G: Before and After

Did you know Karol G had plastic surgery before she made it big as a singer and dominated the Latin music industry? The Columbian star has said it openly in public. However, she has admitted to have undergone “one” cosmetic procedure only. But our team is not fully convinced. Before …

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Zendaya: Before and After

There are whispers about Zendaya having plastic surgery lately. I think it’s reasonable because this actress is simply gorgeous. Beautiful people tend to attract this kind of attention, especially in Hollywood. And our team is jumping in. Before & After Photos Has Zendaya had cosmetic procedures to improve her looks? …

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