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Maren Morris, Before and After

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A lot of people are comparing Maren Morris with one of the Kardashian family members lately and plastic surgery may have something to do with it.

Which family member? I’ll tell you later.

Maren does look different to her earlier days though but without going deeper, it’s hard to say if she had any work done.

Before & After Photos

I’m going to compare some of Maren’s pictures to see if we can find anything.

Did Maren Morris have a nose job?

Maren Morris nose job before and after

I think her nose looks different.

Maren used to have a bulging nose tip and that has become smaller. I’m guessing that a nose job might have taken place.

This doesn’t look like makeup to me.

Has Maren had lip fillers?

Maren Morris lip fillers before and after

From what I can see, Maren’s lips are naturally thick.

I don’t see why she would need lip injections and makeup is most likely the reason why her lips look poutier.

What do you think?

Did she get a boob job?

Maren Morris boob job before and after

I couldn’t find any evidence of breast implants here.

Maren’s boobs have not changed in both of these pictures so they are clearly not fake.

Her cleavage also looks natural.

What about botox?

Maren Morris botox before and after

The singer is in her early 30s.

So, I think botox is probably not her priority.

While Maren’s face does look bloated in the “after” picture but I put that down to her weight gain only. Not facial fillers.

Maren’s transformation – Then and Now

Maren at 12 years old

Maren Morris at 12 years old

Maren’s father gave a guitar to her as a gift when she was 12. She has been playing with it ever since. Sweet looking girl!

Maren in 2005

Maren Morris in 2005

At 15 years old, Maren’s skin looked a bit more tanned. I guess she must be going to the beach a lot.

Maren in 2010

Maren Morris in 2010

20-year-old Maren was experimenting with different looks and styles including this short hair. I like it.

Maren in 2015

Maren Morris in 2015

Can you believe she’s 25 here?

She looks 18.

Maren in 2016

Maren Morris in 2016

This was the year Maren experienced a breakthrough in her musical career and as such, her sense of style has evolved too.

Maren in 2018

Maren Morris in 2018

I think the singer looks very pretty with brunette hair. So far, I haven’t seen anything unnatural about her face or body.

Maren in 2020

Maren Morris in 2020

Not sure what happened here but Maren has gained some weight during this year which led to her bustier frame.

Maren in 2021

Maren Morris in 2021

I guess you were probably as shocked as I was when you saw this. Yes, I think she looked like khloe kardashian.

Maren in 2022

Maren Morris in 2022
Instagram @ marenmorris

Want to see Maren with bangs?

Here you go.


As you can see, there wasn’t much happening to Maren until 2021.

Since then, I think she may have gotten a taste of cosmetic surgery and I have a feeling she likes it too.

She should be.

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