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Kellyanne Conway, Before and After

She has done something to her face! This was my first reaction when I saw Kellyanne Conway on TV the other day. This woman has literally reversed her...
Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay, Before and After

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is not only famous for his culinary talents, he also has a reputation for having a fiery personality. So it wasn't long before the...

Lala Anthony, Before and After

It's been a while since I first saw Lala Anthony and she has changed so much! I can only assume that she's had plastic surgery but I'll try...
Robin Mcgraw

Has Robin Mcgraw Had Cosmetic Procedures?

As the wife of famous TV psychologist Dr. Phil, Robin McGraw is no stranger to the spotlight. Born in 1953, her appearance has been the subject of plastic...
Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger Plastic Surgery EXPOSED?

Hawaiian-born singer, dancer and TV star Nicole Scherzinger was part of a sexy burlesque group in the early 2000s. As the lead singer of Pussy Cat Dolls,...
Denise Richards

Denise Richards: Before and After

Actress and model Denise Richards has been in the public eye since she was in her teens. After doing dozens of commercials and photo shoots, she started...
Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne: Before and After

Love her or hate her, this ex-X Factor judge has never been shy about her artificial beauty. At 67 years old, Sharon Osbourne is seemingly looking younger...
Simon Cowell

What Has Simon Cowell Done To His Face?

A former artist and talent representative who became a global household name, Simon Cowell has created many hit shows like the "America's Got Talent," "Britain's Got Talent"...
Mel B

Did Mel B (Scary Spice) Have Cosmetic Surgery?

Spice Girls member Mel B, or Melanie Janine Brown in real life, made her mark in the music and entertainment industry in the 1990s. She was the...

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Sandra Bullock

Did Sandra Bullock Have Plastic Surgery?

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Jennifer Jason Leigh

Jennifer Jason Leigh: Before and After

She has this all-American girl flair about her. But like most stars, plastic surgery rumors have also hounded Jennifer Jason Leigh. Those who remember her...
Kate Beckinsale

Did Kate Beckinsale Get Help From Plastic Surgeons?

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Keith Urban in 2020

Is Plastic Surgery The REAL Reason Why Keith Urban Never Gets Old?

No lines, no wrinkles, no flaps, nothing really...and it has been like this for more than 2 decades? YES, we are talking about Keith...
Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck, Before and After

There have been some rumors about Ben Affleck having plastic surgery and this obviously caught our attention. Without a doubt, Ben is a handsome...