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Rita Ora: Before and After

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I’ll start off with a bold statement.

Rita Ora is gorgeous but plastic surgery may have played a role.

It’s natural to think that way, right?

Just look at her!

Before & After Photos

So, I have done some hard comparisons on Rita’s face and body. Let’s see what I’ve found. Hmmm…

Did Rita Ora have a nose job?

Rita Ora nose job before and after photo


Rita has a slightly bulbous nose tip and this has not changed.

It becomes more obvious when her makeup is removed so I don’t think a nose job is something that she has done.

If her nose shape looks thinner or different, it is done with contouring.

Did Rita get lip fillers?

Rita Ora lip fillers before and after photo

I’m saying no.

From what we have seen, Rita has naturally plumped lips.

She can easily enhanced them further with lipliner and plumper. So, lip injection is not something that she needs.

Has Rita Ora had a boob job?

Rita Ora boob job before and after photo

Believe it or not, Rita hated her large boobs growing up.

Her body matured quicker than most of her friends and it was an inconvenience for her.

So, you can imagine that breast implants are probably the last thing on her mind.

Did Rita have a butt lift?

Rita Ora butt lift before and after photo

There is nothing fake here.

I believe Rita is simply one of those who is naturally gifted with a great body, including her buttocks, which clearly has not been worked on.

She did not get a butt lift and most likely never will.

Transformation (Then and Now)

Let’s see how Rita’s look have changed over the years.

Rita Childhood

Rita Ora childhood photo
Instagram @ ritaora

What a beautiful little girl!

Apparently, that gorgeous smile started at a young age.

Rita in school

Rita Ora in school
John Clark/22five Publishing

During her teen, Rita kept her natural dark brown hair and had prominent double eyelids that made her eyes look very pretty.

Rita in 2008

Rita Ora in 2008
via Youtube

18 year old Rita auditioning for the 2009 Eurovision song contest.

Rita in 2012

Rita Ora in 2012
via Pinterest

This was the year she released her debut album, Ora.

Rita in 2016

Rita Ora in 2016
via Facebook

26 year old Rita showing off her curves on the 2016 Meta Gala red carpet.

Rita in 2020

Rta Ora in 2020
via Twitter

The singer took her appeal to another level with this wavy blonde and smokey eyes.

She was 30 and just kept looking better!

Rita in 2022

Rita Ora in 2022
Instagram @ ritaora

At 32, Rita does not mind posting selfies of herself with minimal makeup.

Why would she?


I will finish this off with another strong statement.

It appears that Rita did not have cosmetic surgery. I just couldn’t find anything on her.

This UK singer is a natural beauty from head to toe.

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