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Saweetie: Before and After

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She has an amazing curve!

But Saweetie also has a beautiful face that is hard to ignore.

So, I’m eager to see if she’s had plastic surgery.

Let’s get right to it.

Before & After Photos

To find out if Saweetie had any work done to her face and body, we have put together the following comparisons.

Did Saweetie have a nose job?

Saweetie nose job before and after photo

There are times when the rapper’s nose looks thinner but I put that down to makeup.

Her nose shape really hasn’t changed much over the years so a nose job is unlikely.

I hope she never touches it because it looks cute and unique.

Did she get lip fillers?

Saweetie lip fillers before and after photo

It’s easy to see that Saweetie was born with pouty lips.

I haven’t seen any signs of lip injections and most likely never will.

Has Saweetie had a boob job?

Saweetie boob job before and after photo

While the rapper has never admitted to nor has denied having breast implants, I believe the chance is high.

Her boobs just don’t look natural to me. The shape and size seem a bit much for her body and it is particularly evident when Saweetie is wearing a revealing top.

I think her breasts might be fake.

Does she have butt implants?

Saweetie butt implants before and after photo

Saweetie definitely has a nice curve but I don’t think her rear end was enhanced by implants. I couldn’t find any evidence.

In saying that, I wouldn’t be surprised if she has gotten a butt lift, given its size but there is nothing to support this claim either.

That could be her real butt.

Saweetie: Then and Now

Let’s see the transformation of Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper (Saweetie’s real name) over the years.

Saweetie as a baby

Saweetie baby photo

What a cute little angel she was and with afro hair too!

Saweetie at 7 years old

Saweetie 7 years old

This was Saweetie during her early childhood and she definitely look like a happy child.

Saweetie as a teenager

Saweetie as a teenager

During her teen, Saweetie attended a prom and this is exactly how pretty she looked.

Saweetie in 2012

Saweetie in 2012

This was the year Saweetie started posting short rap videos on Instagram. She clearly had the style!

Saweetie in 2015

Saweetie in 2015

At 22 years old, the rapper was a total babe!

Saweetie in 2018

Saweetie 2018

In 2018, Saweetie started to experience fame and that’s also the time I noticed changes to her body.

Saweetie in 2021

Saweetie 2021

Not sure if you’d agree with me but Saweetie looks prettier every year. She is in top shape!

Saweetie in 2022

Saweetie in 2022
Instagram @ saweetie

Is it just me or does her skin look darker?

I think she got a fake spray tan.


If you have been paying close attention, Saweetie has actually hinted at having cosmetic surgery in the past.

A radio host asked her on the subject. She did not admit it or deny it.

For me, I believe her face is “all clear” but as for her body, I’ll let you decide.

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