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Karol G: Before and After

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Did you know Karol G had plastic surgery before she made it big as a singer and dominated the Latin music industry?

The Columbian star has said it openly in public.

However, she has admitted to have undergone “one” cosmetic procedure only.

But our team is not fully convinced.

Before & After Photos

I think there is more work going on behind the scene. That’s why we did these comparisons on her. Check it out.

Did Karol G get lip fillers?

Karol G lip fillers before and after photo

Karol G has naturally thick lips.

So, I don’t think she needs any enhancement with lip injections. She has the pouty look already.

Anything else is just makeup.

Has Karol G had a nose job?

Karol G nose job before and after photo

Very unlikely.

While Karol G does appear to have a thinner nose at times, but I put that down to contouring rather than a nose job.

You can see it on her nose tip from both of these pictures.

They look similar when the shades and contour comes off.

Does Karol G have breast implants?

Karol G breast implants before and after photo


This is the ONLY procedure that Karol G has revealed to her fans.

She has admitted to having breast implants before her rise to stardom.

Even though her boobs are fake, the singer seems to be very happy with new body. I think we can all see why.

Did Karol G have a butt lift?

Karol G butt lift before and after photo

This was a bit tricky.

Karol G’s butt size appeared to have gone up a notch. This might have be achieved with a butt lift, but a targeted workout is another possibility.

I’m guessing the first.

What about you?

Transformation (Then and Now)

Let’s see how Karol G’s appearance has evolved over the years.

Karol G childhood

Karol G childhood
via Pinterest

Not sure how young Karol G was in this photo. Maybe 9 or 10.

But she was a sweet looking girl. That’s for sure.

Karol G in 2006

Karol G in 2006
via Twitter

This was Karol G on the Columbian version of X factor at the age of 14.

Karol G in 2009

Karol G in 2009
via Youtube

At 18 years old, Karol G uploaded videos on the internet showing her singing talents.

I believe this was the time she got her boob job, when she became an adult.

Karol G in 2013

Karol G in 2013
Instagram @ karolg

Karol G was still a struggling artist in 2013, but that pretty face wasn’t going away.

Karol G in 2017

Karol G in 2017
Instagram @ karolg

By 2017, Karol G earned her success with a breakthrough hit, Ahora Me Llama.

Karol G in 2021

Karol G in 2021
via Pinterest

The Columbian star debuted a new style with her blue hair.

It looks beautiful!

Karol G in 2022

Karol G in 2022
via Facebook

Officially into her 30s, Karol G is still looking glamorous and fabulous!


I don’t think Karol G has touched her face.

She’s not the type to shy away from her cosmetic surgery either so I believe she has only worked on her body, just like she said.

The evidence have suggested the same.

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