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We are captivated by beautiful people.

Beautiful Celebrities

To be precise, we are fascinated by celebrity beauty!

That’s why we are building the largest collection of beautiful celebrities and famous people from all around the world. We want to know their beauty secrets…only with a little twist!

Yes, instead of digging into their diet, skincare, and workout routines, we want to know if any of these celebs actually had plastic surgeries.

Our PSP team does this by collecting photographic evidence and put together before and after photos. We compare pictures based on their past and present looks, focusing solely on their facial and body features.

When we find anything inconsistent or unnatural, we’ll post it and let our readers decide.

Some of the key areas we look at includes:

  • Hair
  • Forehead
  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Face Cheeks
  • Lips
  • Teeth
  • Jawline
  • Neck
  • Breasts
  • Buttocks
  • Arms
  • Legs

You will also see the celebrity’s transformation happening before your eyes. We dig deep into their childhood days, before they became famous, and show you how they have changed over the years.

What set us apart from experts?

Unlike plastic surgeons who give their so-called “expert opinions” after seeing a picture or two from a gossip magazine, we do a lot more before making assumptions.

In fact, it takes over 100s of images and video scanning, and hours of careful analysis before our team could find any trustworthy photographic evidence. We also take into account the following.

  • Age of subject (at the time the picture was taken)
  • Makeup (could change skin texture, eye size, nose shape, etc)
  • Camera angles and lightings
  • Hairstyle (could change face shape and contour)
  • Health status (any health issues affecting appearance)
  • Outfit (could change the person’s body shape)
  • Weight loss reason (could be diet or exercise instead of liposuction)
  • and more…

International celebrities

Yes, our team is dedicated to reviewing celebrities from all over the world. We don’t just focus on Hollywood or America.

We want to study the natural beauty and charm from all different countries. This includes other English speaking places like the UK or Canada, as well as people of Asian culture like the gorgeous Indians of Bollywood to the talented Kpop stars of Korea.

We try to disapprove rumors

Most entertainment websites are here to create gossips. We prefer to use our expertise to disapprove rumors and speculations instead.

Of course, this entirely depends on what we find but you can trust us knowing that our goal is not to add any fire to any unproven rumors.

Please bear in mind that our team only makes comments based on the photos and videos in front of us. The truth is, camera angles can be deceiving, even to the trained eyes and qualified surgeons.

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