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If you saw Lee Jong Suk eight years or so ago, you might not call him a hot or handsome guy. The Korean actor himself downplayed how he looked before he became a huge star and admitted that he tried many things to improve his appearance, like tanning his very white complexion.

The famous star of “While You Were Sleeping,” however, won’t say if he tried plastic surgery and his fans from Only Lee Jong Suk have a hard time accepting his denials. In Korea, cosmetic enhancement is actually common for both celebrities and non-famous people because they have an ideal type of image. It’s not surprising for someone to say that they have work done on their eyes, nose or face.

But while Jong Suk continues to keep mum about his possible cosmetic surgeries, the rumors continue to escalate especially now that his appearance has completely changed. The former baby-faced and cute budding star looks a lot more debonaire today with his flawless face, perfectly-shaped lips, and expressive eyes.

A more common subject has to be the rhinoplasty rumors. Fans of Jong Suk thinks this was his very first cosmetic procedure, though we won’t hear him make a confirmation. In real life, Jong Suk is quite shy about what he does, which might explain why he’d rather not talk about his physical improvements.

Jong Suk also said in an interview that he is his own worse critic when it comes to his looks and his acting ability. With this kind of attitude, it’s fair to conclude that he has, at least, considered visiting a cosmetic surgeon for a transformation.

Before & After Photos

We’re going to take a careful look at Lee Jong Suk’s photos before and after he became famous. This should help us figure out what’s real or fake about his physical changes, even as he remains quiet about his cosmetic procedures.

Here we go!

Did Lee Jong Suk Have A Nose Job?

Did Lee Jong Suk Have A Nose Job?

Fans speculated that the Korean heartthrob got a nose job even before he got his big break in show business.

In this old photo, Lee Jong Suk’s nose looks quite flat, blunt and wide. Today, however, the Korean star has a thinner and more refined nasal bridge. His possible new nose also has a pointier tip.

Only a plastic surgery procedure could shrink his typical Asian nose to his desired size and shape. The difference before and after his nose job is actually quite obvious and will be difficult to be denied.

Has Jong Suk Had An Eye Surgery?

Has Lee Jong Suk Had An Eye Surgery?

Most of his fans agree that he had an eye surgery because of the evident transformation of his bigger eye shape. Lee Jong Suk’s eyes used to be small and he had single eyelids then, which is common to South Koreans.

Now, the Korean actor’s subtle double eyelids allow him to look more expressive and as an actor, this cosmetic augmentation is actually helpful to his career.

Did He Get Corrective Jaw Surgery?

Did Lee Jong Suk Get Jaw Surgery?

Fans, however, disagree about that Jong Suk had jaw reduction surgery. They credit the contouring of his jawline to makeup, photoshop, or just simply knowing how to properly angle himself in photographs.

The Korean actor used to have a rounder face shape, though, as shown in this before photo. His chiseled chin, however, could be the result of weight loss but some fans suspect that he had chin implants, thus reshaping and correcting his face contour.


Lee Jong Suk Transformation

Let’s see how the Doctor Strange actor has evolved through the years. We’ll see how his looks and styles have changed with fame, and possibly pick up a few other plastic surgeries along the way.

Childhood Days

Young Lee Jong Suk when he was a childSource: Pinterest

Little Lee Jong Suk was a cute boy who experienced a huge tragedy in the family at such a young age. He is the eldest among three siblings. What a handsome looking child!

Teenager Years

Lee Jong Suk when he was a teenagerSource: Twitter

Teen Jong Suk thought he had an ordinary looking face. He said in an interview once that he used to think there was nothing special about his eyes and mouth, and he acknowledged that his teeth needed to be improved. His nose shape was also less than ideal. Who knew that he would become one of Korea’s hottest stars today?

Year 2005

The Korean star began working as a model at 15 and while he didn’t think he had killer looks, he had the height for it. His tall frame and lanky profile made Jongsuk a standout in fashion shows. He possessed a model body that would soon bring him to greater heights.

Year 2008

Lee Jong Suk 2008Source: mydreamscapelife.blogspot.com

Aside from gracing magazine covers and walking the runway, Jong Suk also dabbled in piano lessons and improved his body shape with Taekwondo, according to his biography.

Year 2010

Lee Jong Suk 2010Source: Pinterest

Jong Suk jumpstarts his TV career with “Prosecutor Princess” and “Secret Garden.” While doing supporting roles, the actor drew recognition for his quirky hairstyle, but some viewers don’t actually like his hair. Fans, however, love his electrifying eyebrows.

At this point, the actor has yet to undergo enhancement to his teeth apart from the noticeable whitening.

Year 2012

Lee Jong Suk 2012Source: Facebook

Lee Jong-suk earned box office success while starring in “R2B: Return to Base,” which is loosely based on the 1986 “Top Gun.” from the US featuring the equally handsome Tom Cruise. This was also the year he started wearing curly hair and dyed it to a brighter hair color.

His round face indicated that he either gained weight or started with a chin implant procedure. His lips also look fuller and fans suspected he had lip fillers. What do you think?

Year 2014

Lee Jong Suk 2014Source: Reddit

As his popularity increased, buzz and rumors about his face surgery also increased. Jong Suk’s transformation became full-blown, with fans speculating he had eye surgery. His followers also think he had botox to smoothen his chin and contour his cheeks.

Year 2016

Lee Jong Suk 2016Photo Credit: Arena Homme+

Jong Suk’s profile appears in a fashion magazine with a completely improved facial structure and quite the prominent jawbone. He also glowed with his radiant white skin.

The actor credits his milky complexion to good skin care and exercise, which helps with his circulation. He also said he makes green tea part of his diet, as it helps his body detoxify. Perhaps he got these tips from his rumor girlfriend?

Year 2017

Lee Jong Suk 2017Source: Soompi.com

As a VIP in the Korean film scene, Jong Suk went home with a trophy from the SBS Drama Awards. In this photo, the actor appears as if he’s wearing makeup and it’s actually not a well-kept beauty secret since most male Korean superstars rely on cosmetics for their public appearances.

Notice, however, that the actor’s nose looks a lot better than ever before. If the rumor is real, then you’d have to agree that his nose job is really good!

Year 2018

Lee Jong Suk 2018Source: Instagram / jongsuk0206

Jong Suk moves to a new management, YNK Entertainment, after working with YG Entertainment for years. He also seems to have gotten more fillers on his upper lip as its lip shape becomes more apparent. The actor, however, has never admitted to fillers or plastic surgery in general.


More Information About Lee Jong Suk:

Real Name: Lee Jong-suk

Korean Name: 이종석

Birth Place: Suwon, South Korea

Birthday: 14th September 1989

Star Sign: Virgo

Nationality: South Korean

Race / Ethnicity: Korean

Occupation: Actor, Model, Singer

Net Worth: $50 Million

Relationship: Unknown

Children: None

Height: 1.86 m (6′ 1″)

Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)

Body Built: Slim

Natural Hair Color: Black

Natural Eye Color: Dark Brown



It’s always impressive to see the transformation of Lee Jong Suk from an ordinary looking fellow, based on his own assessment, to one of Korea’s hottest male stars. Though he’s too private about having gotten cosmetic surgery, the evidence is in the photos.

Any plastic surgeon could take one look at Jong Suk’s images or watch an interview and tell, with a level of confidence, that he had a nose job, or did something to change his eyes and define his jaws.

The verdict, however, is still out there for the changes on his lips and other facial features, as those could also be because of makeup, which Korean drama actors love wearing a lot.

While none of these speculations are conclusive, we do commend how Jong Suk makes himself standout with his bold looks and hairstyle choices. This guy is definitely not an ordinary star!

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Did Lee Jong Suk Have Cosmetic Enhancement?

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