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Did Tom Cruise Have Plastic Surgery?

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“Mission Impossible” actor Tom Cruise is one of Hollywood’s most handsome superstars. He first made his mark in the early ’80s as a charming leading man and teen heartthrob.

Tom’s longevity in the business is legendary as he has made box office movies one after the other. But fame and prominence, apparently, has its price.

Behind his success and multi-million dollar movie deals, Tom has been the subject of controversies, especially about his looks. It seems like the “Top Gun” star hasn’t aged despite being in the business for more than four decades.

Peopl are wondering if Tom Cruise is a fan of plastic surgery. We know he definitely worked on his teeth. But did he get face fillers too? And has he had a nose job?

While it’s usually the female stars who ignite such talks but Hollywood is such a competitive business that even actors are making efforts to stay appealing and attractive.

Before & After Photos

All theses rumors surrounding Tom can’t be helped as he’s a widely photographed star. There are simply too many visual records on his changing appearances.

So, we’re going to look at his photos before and after he became famous to see if he’s invested in cosmetic surgeries. Let’s get it on!

Tom Cruise’s Bad Teeth…FIXED!

Tom Cruise's Teeth

When Tom was filming “The Outsiders” over 35 years ago, he had such crooked teeth. We’re not kidding when we say that this was not part of his character’s appearance. Rumors were that Tom used to cover his old teeth with a cap because it looked so bad and he hardly smiled for the cameras.

But thanks to dental technology, braces, and a good dentist, Tom’s teeth today is an even set. He has one of the biggest, brightest and warmest smiles in Hollywood, too.

His Front Teeth Alignment

Tom Cruise's Front Teeth Alignment

Tom’s front teeth, however, still has its flaws despite having a cosmetic dentistry procedure. If you look closely, the actor’s mega-watt pearly grin — obviously the product of whitening and veneers — is not exactly symmetrical to his face. His middle tooth’s alignment is slightly off to the center.

However, given how it looked when he was as a child, his smile makeover is a huge improvement.

Does Tom Have a Nose Job?

Did Tom Cruise Have A Nose Job?

Rumors said that the actor has had more than one nose job. According to this “before” photo, Tom’s nose used to have a wide nasal bridge and a large tip. Now, his nose looks smaller and is perfectly-shaped to m match his gorgeous face.

In 2016, Tom actually admitted he had rhinoplasty while talking to reporters at the BAFTA red carpet, but he didn’t say when he first got it and whether he had more than once.

Did He Get Botox Injections?

Did Tom Cruise Get Botox Injections?

The Hollywood superstar also disclosed that he got botox on his forehead, cheeks and chin. You’ve got to give him a big credit for being so open and admitting these enhancements.

A friend and former co-star Cuba Gooding, Jr. revealed in an interview that he found Tom at his home one time in the middle of a session with his plastic surgeon. He simply isn’t shy about getting these procedures.

Fans, however, think that Tom may have gone overboard with the fillers. While promoting a film, the actor graced the premiere with swollen cheeks and puffy face, as seen in this “after” photo.

Has Tom Cruise Had a Face Lift?

Has Tom Cruise Had A Facelift?

Despite his handsome face, Tom apparently isn’t happy that he’s aging and his wrinkles are starting to show. So, it’s quite possible that he has gotten a facelift to fix what bothered him.

His jawline looks tightened the droop around his brows seems to have been corrected too.

What About Hair Transplant?

Did Tom Cruise Get Hair Transplant?

Why doesn’t Tom have a receding hairline? He is in his mid-50s, so if he does have hair loss problem, then should be evident on his head by now. 

Is it his genes or is it the effects of a hair transplant? Sources told the National Enquirer in 2017 that Tom has been a fan of hair transplant for quite awhile.

While Tom has been open about the work done on his face, he’s been mostly mum about this one and won’t talk about the regrowth and transformation of his hair. Sp, we’ll let you decide this one.

Tom’s Transformation

Without a doubt, Tom Cruise’s appearance has made him a dream man in most women’s eyes. Let’s see how his facial and body features have changed over the years.

Early Days

Young Tom Cruise when he was a kid
via Twitter

Here’s a rare photo of Tom Cruise when he was young. He already had the confidence of a Hollywood star as a little man, as no one can smile this big with such a bad front tooth. It wasn’t until he started acting that Tom made regular visits to the dentist.

Year 1981

Tom Cruise 1981
via Facebook

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV had an adorable pillow face that hid the definition of his jaw during his teenage years. Puberty was not kind to Tom because he also had flawed skin and baby fat was an issue for a awhile.

Year 1986

Tom Cruise 1986
via Twitter

When “Top Gun” hit the screens, Tom’s star power rose quickly. With his beautiful eyes and perfect face, he instantly became the poster boy for Hollywood idols in the ’80s. This was also the same period that Cruise had a cameo in “Young Guns.”

Year 1990

Tom Cruise 1990

90’s Tom was hailed as one of the sexiest men alive. This was probably the year he started considering a nose job and maybe jaw surgery too. You can see subtle changes to his nose shape and jawbone.

Year 1994

Tom Cruise 1994

Tom grew long hair, a beard and a mustache for his role as the vampire Lestat in “Interview With the Vampire.” Here, he was attending the movie premier at the Mann Village Theatre in Westwood, California. Fans absolutely loved this new look.

Year 1996

Tom Cruise 1996
via Pinterest

The was the start of the “Mission Impossible” franchise that sealed Tom’s profile as a box office star. His smoldering eyes in this photo suggested that he might’ve had an eye surgery as his eyebrows appeared lower.

What do you think?

Year 2001

Tom Cruise 2001

Tom sported a new hairstyle following his divorce from Oscar-winner Nicole Kidman. With a shaved head, the actor also opted to grow a beard and perhaps it’s to hide the surgery done on his chin?

We speculate he might’ve had chin implants as his face looks more proportionate and angular in this photo.

Year 2005

Tom Cruise 2005

The Katie Holmes years saw Tom embracing diet and exercise in his lifestyle. He also needed to keep fit for his roles in action films, where he supposedly does his own stunts. To maintain an ideal body shape, however, Tom might have gotten liposuction for his flat abs.

Tom Cruise is not a tall man. The women he dates usually towers over his height but this has not shaken his confidence.

Year 2012

Tom Cruise 2012
via Pinterest

Tom sparked plastic surgery talk with this photo from the Vanity Fair Oscar Party because, at 50 years old, there were not many wrinkles on his face. The actor did share in interviews that he has a regimented skin care routine but he was also open about his skin’s anti-aging secrets, which included botox fillers.

Year 2016

Tom Cruise 2016

Tom probably overdid it with the face injections this time because of the puffiness on his cheeks. Twitterverse exploded with questions like, “What happened to Tom Cruise’s face?” Doctors affirmed that he might have just gotten a fresh round of botox when he hit the red carpet.

Year 2017

Tom Cruise 2017

Finally, Tom’s face is thinner so either he’s lost some weight or the fillers have worn off! His neck also looks tighter but we don’t think he had a neck lift.

At 55 years of age, there is no white hair on sight, does Tom use hair dye to make himself look younger?

Year 2018

Tom Cruise 2018
via Youtube

As Tom filmed his sixth “Mission Impossible” movie, the signs of aging are more evident. There are noticeable wrinkles on his forehead and crowfeet around his eyes, but there are no traces of a browlift. He’s older but he still looks good!

Year 2019

Tom Cruise in 2019

Has Tom found the secret to reverse his aging? Well, it certainly seems that way as the star attends the 10th Annual Lumiere Awards at Warner Bros Studios looking absolutely amazing.

I can even spot a pimple on his left cheek, which some claim is the sign of youth.

So, it’ll be interesting to see how he looks in 2020.

More Info About Tom Cruise:

  • Real Name: Thomas Cruise Mapother IV
  • Birthday: 3rd of July 1962
  • Star Sign: Cancer
  • Birth Place: Syracuse, New York, United States
  • Occupation: Actor, Film Producer, TV Director, Screenwriter
  • Net Worth: $550 Million
  • Nationality: American
  • Race / Ethnicity: German, Irish, English, Welsh
  • Relationship: Unknown
  • Children: Suri Cruise, Isabella Jane Cruise (Adopted), Connor Cruise (Adopted)
  • Height: 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)
  • Weight: 67 kg (148 lbs)
  • Body Built: Athletic
  • Chest Size: 48 in (121 cm)
  • Arm Size (Bicep): 16 in (40 cm)
  • Waist Size: 30 in (76 cm)
  • Shoe Size: 9 (US)
  • Natural Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Natural Eye Color: Green

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