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Laura Dern: Before and After

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Anyone who’s seen Jurassic World Dominion would have noticed something unusual on Laura Dern’s face.

Yes, I’m guessing plastic surgery as well.

There is no other way to explain it.

For now, anyway.

Before & After Photos

I have put together some side by side comparisons on the actress to see if we can find anything. See it for yourself.

Has Laura Dern had botox?

Laura Dern botox before and after photo

Her face looks swollen.

This is usually a sign of botox injections being used.

Laura is not getting younger and this could be her way to reduce those lines and wrinkles.

She may have overdone the fillers though and hasn’t given it enough time to settle. That’s probably why we’re seeing the puffy face

Did Laura Dern get a facelift?

Laura Dern facelift before and after photo

Laura’s face is looking much smoother in recent years.

The skin around her jawline and face cheeks seem to be more tightened.

So, I think a facelift is highly possible.

What about you?

Did Laura have a nose job?

Laura Dern nose job before and after photo

I doubt it.

Laura has a distinctive nose shape and you can easily tell if it has been worked on.

She did not have a nose job.

Did Laura Dern work on her teeth?

Laura Dern teeth before and after photo

Not much happening here.

Laura has a few pointy teeth when she was younger and they stayed the same.

She could use some teeth whitening and that’s about it.

Transformation (Then and Now)

Let’s take a look at Laura Dern over the years.

Laura’s childhood

Laura Dern childhood
via Pinterest

As a kid, Laura had prominent cheekbones and a humble smile.

Just like today.

Laura in 1985

Laura Dern in 1985
via Twitter

This is Laura when she was 18 years old.

She was tall and had a great body, which obviously has not been worked on.

Laura in 1993

Laura Dern in 1993
Universal Pictures

The actress earned worldwide recognition in the blockbuster hit, Jurassic Park.

She was 26 at the time.

Laura in 2000

Laura Dern in 2000
Jurassic Park III / Universal Pictures

At 33, Laura had a minor role in part 3 of the franchise.

I must admit, she hasn’t changed much.

Laura in 2007

Laura Dern in 2007
via Facebook

When Laura went to this event, she was 40 and showed no signs of aging.

Her face was silky smooth just like in her 20s.

Laura in 2014

Laura Dern in 2014
via Reddit

Ditching her natural blonde, Laura showed up at the 2014 Golden Globes Awards with wavy red hair. It looks nice.

Laura in 2018

Laura in 2018
via Pinterest

At 51, deeper lines are starting to appear on the actress’ face, especially around her eyes and forehead.

Laura in 2022

Laura Dern in 2022
The Ellen Show / Youtube

When Laura went on the Ellen Show this year, she had a beautiful new face.

She looks at least 5 years younger and I wonder why.


The writing seems to be on the wall.

There is a good chance that Laura has been getting cosmetic surgery to combat aging.

Getting old can be scary for many Hollywood actresses and she might be one of them.

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