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Peyton List: Before and After

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I watched Peyton List grow up on screen ever since she was a child star.

And she has turned into beautiful lady.

So, I want to know she’s had any help with plastic surgery.

Let’s find out.

Before and After Photos

Has Peyton List had a nose job?

Peyton List nose job before and after photo

On the left, we have Peyton when she was 17 years old.

She wasn’t at a legal age to get a nose job and after all these years, her nose looks exactly the same as it is today.

So, I don’t think Peyton had it done.

Did Peyton list have lip fillers?

Peyton List lip fillers before and after photo

Her top lip looks slightly plumper.

But I think this could have been achieved with makeup alone. I wouldn’t be surprised if Peyton has tried lip injections before, but not recently.

So, I’m going to say no.

Did Peyton list get a boob job?

Peyton List boob job before and after photo

When Peyton showed up at the Vanity Fair party with noticeably larger boobs, I can only think of one thing.

Yes, I thought she had breast implants.

But after checking her later pictures, I realized it was just a push-up job.

Her breasts are not fake.

Did Peyton List have a butt lift?

Peyton List butt lift before and after photo

When Peyton just turned 18, she already had a decent butt size.

So, I believe her butt is real and she gets them lifted through workout only. Nothing else.

This actress also knows how to pose for the camera to make her curves look better.


It turns out that Peyton is as natural as they come.

I couldn’t find any cosmetic surgery on her face and body. She simply knows how to enhance her appearance with makeup, clothing and camera angles.

That is my take on it.

More Information about Peyton List:

  • Real Name: Peyton Roi List
  • Birthday: April 6, 1998
  • Star Sign: Aries
  • Birth Place: Florida, USA
  • Occupation: Actress, Model
  • Nationality: American
  • Race / Ethnicity: Mixed – German, English, Scottish, French
  • Height: 1.7 m or 5′ 7″
  • Natural Hair Color: Brunette
  • Natural Eye Color: Hazel
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