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Son Ye Jin: Before and After

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I think Son Ye Jin looks a bit unnatural.

It’s hard to say what it is but I’m suspecting plastic surgery.

So, we are doing an investigation on her.

Let’s see if this Korean actress had any work done to her face and body.

Before & After Photos

Did Son Ye Jin have a nose job?

Son Ye Jin nose job before and after photo

To be honest, Son Ye Jin’s nose looks a bit fake to me.

If you look at it front on, it’s somewhat flat. But if you look at it from a side angle, her nose tip is quite pointy. Apparently, this happens when she was younger too.

So, that means the Korean actress did not have a nose job after all.

Did Son Ye-jin get botox?

Son Ye Jin botox before and after photo

Son Ye Jin has officially entered her 40s.

When she smiles, you can see lines on her lower face cheeks and along her jawline. This has not changed

So, I don’t think she has used botox. Maybe later.

Has Son Ye Jin had an eyelid surgery?

Son Ye Jin eyelid surgery before and after photo

I’m going to say no.

Unlike most Korean woman, Son Ye Jin was born with double eyelids and it showed in her childhood photos too.

She doesn’t need to enhance her eyes with surgery.

Did Son Ye Jin get a boob job?

Son Ye Jin boob job before and after photo

Very unlikely.

While Son Ye Jin has never been afraid to wear revealing clothing, her boob size seems natural and matches her body.

They don’t look like breast implants to me.


I guess I was wrong.

There is no evidence to prove that Son Ye Jin had cosmetic surgery, unless the tweaks are so minor that we can’t even tell.

Let’s see what happens when aging starts to kick in.

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