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Nina Dobrev, Before and After

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I can still recognize her.

But Nina Dobrev looks somewhat different and I can’t quite put my hands on it.

I have a strong feeling that plastic surgery is behind this.

So, we did some comparisons on her.

Before & After Photos

Has Nina Dobrev had an eyelid surgery?

Nina Dobrev eyelid surgery before and after photo

The first thing that caught my attention was her eyes.

If you look closely, Nina’s eyelids has doubled in size so it’s quite possible that she underwent an eyelid surgery to achieve this.

It is so prominent that her upper face has changed.

There are stories about Nina having allergic reaction that caused her eyelids to expand into multiple creases. However, I’m not sure if I’m buying it.

Did Nina have a nose job?

Nina Dobrev nose job before and after photo

I couldn’t spot any differences.

Nina’s nose shape and size looks similar to me so I don’t think she had her nose done.

What about you?

Did Nina get a boob job?

Nina Dobrev boob job before and after photo

Even though Nina has a skinny body frame, her breast size is not small by any means.

That’s why I wasn’t surprised by her boob job rumors. However, there was no evidence to back it up.

I believe Nina has real boobs and she was just born lucky.

Did she have botox?

Nina Dobrev botox before and after photo

I don’t think so.

We did a comparison on her smile and everything on her face looks identical.

Nina is only 33 and she doesn’t have many wrinkles. So, botox is not something she needs at this point in time.

Transformation (Then and Now)

Let’s see how Nina Dobrev’s appearance has changed over the years.

Nina Childhood

Nina Dobrev childhood
via Pinterest

If there was ever a time to see Nina in short hair and with missing teeth, it will be during her childhood.

She looked like a boy.

Nina in high school

Nina Dobrev school photo
via Pinterest

Nina quickly transformed into a high school sweetheart.

Nina in 2006

Nina Dobrev in 2006
via Reddit

This was the year Nina debuted into her first professional role in Degrassi: The Next Generation.

She was 17 years old.

Nina in 2009

Nina Dobrev in 2009
via Pinterest

In 2009, Nina got her first lead role as Elena Gilbert in the hit series, The Vampire Diaries.

Even though she was 20 at the time, she looked like a teenager because of her young looking face.

Nina in 2014

Nina Dobrev in 2014
via Pinterest

This was Nina at the Teen Choice Awards and you can see why she can easily fit in.

At 25, she still looked like an 18 year old.

Nina in 2017

Nina Dobrev in 2017
via Pinterest

Not sure about you, but this was the time when I first noticed Nina’s enlarged eyelids.

I think her eye shape kind of changed because of it.

Nina in 2021

Nina Dobrev in 2021
Instagram @ nina

When Nina graced the 2021 Cannes Gala film festival in this gorgeous black dress, people thought she had breast implants.

But this is a claim that we have dismissed.

Nina in 2022

Nina Dobrev in 2022
Instagram @ nina

I don’t see much happening on Nina’s face here. She is still the same beautiful actress that we all love!


According to several sources, Nina’s eyes and face can get swollen due to her allergies.

So, her bigger eyelids and puffy face may have come from her allergic reaction rather than cosmetic surgery, which many people seem to believe.

Which side are you on?

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