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Christina Hendricks, Before and After

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I’m trying to connect the dots here.

We all know that Christina Hendricks is gorgeous but something tells me that plastic surgery is her thing. I’m not sure if I’m right.

Not until I do my investigation.

Before & After Photos

Yes, I’m going to compare some pictures of Christina to see if I can find anything. Check it out below.

Has Christina Hendricks had a nose job?

Christina Hendricks nose job before and after photo

It’s clear that Christina’s nose shape hasn’t changed.

So, I’m pretty sure she did not have a nose job.

Did Christina have a boob job?

Christina Hendricks boob job before and after photo

This was a difficult one.

I couldn’t find sufficient evidence to suggest that Christina has breast implants, but at the same time, I can’t prove she didn’t either.

But if you ask me, I think her boobs are real purely based on how natural they look in different clothing.

Did she get botox?

Christina Hendricks botox before and after photo

I’m seeing some stiffness on Christina’s face.

However, it could be the makeup and the camera angle that’s playing tricks with my eyes.

It could be facial fillers too but is unlikely.

What about Christina’s teeth?

Christina Hendricks teeth before and after photo

She is a vampire?

I’m just kidding but Christina definitely has some sharp teeth. It’s not perfect but I don’t think they need to be fixed either.


Let’s take a look at how Christina has changed throughout the years.

Christina Childhood

Christina Hendricks childhood
via Reddit

What a cute little angel! Looks like Christina loved to dance during her childhood.

Christina in high school

Christina Hendricks in high school
via Pinterest

I’m not sure if this was her teenage rebellion period but Christina definitely had a goth moment.

Christina in 1990s

Christina Hendricks in the 90s
via Pinterest

I guess Christina finally found her feminine side in the 90s and she looks absolutely gorgeous!

Christina in 2000

Christina Hendricks 2000
via Youtube

Here is a picture of her early film work.

Christina in 2005

Christina Hendricks 2005

I don’t think anyone would argue that Christina has a fantastic body. Please don’t even try.

Christina in 2010

Christina Hendricks 2010
via Twitter

Is it just me or are her breasts getting bigger? She definitely pushed it.

Christina in 2015

Christina Hendricks 2015
via Facebook

Can you believe she was 40 in this photo? I can’t.

Christina in 2020

Christina Hendricks 2020
via Pinterest

I just love that red hair. It looks so good on her.

Christina in 2022

Christina Hendricks 2022
Instagram / actuallychristinahendricks

At 46, I don’t see much aging on Christina’s face so she is doing well in this area.


I’m a little surprised.

There was nothing out there suggesting that Christina had gone under the knife. Either she has done a good job hiding them or there is nothing. Trust me, I tried my best.

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