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Jennifer Love Hewitt: Before and After

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I can’t believe we waited this long to do a post on Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying plastic surgery is her thing but those who have seen the actress in the past would have suspected it.

Yes, so today is a rather special day.

Before & After Photos

I have always found Jennifer to be very attractive so I can’t wait to dive into these comparison pictures. Check it out.

Did Jennifer Love Hewitt have a nose job?

Jennifer Love Hewitt nose job before and after photo

You can see it.

Jennifer’s nose looks identical in both of these pictures. This is especially evident on the tip. So, I don’t think she had a nose job.

I’m glad she hasn’t touched it because her nose looks great just the way it is.

Did Jennifer get a facelift?

Jennifer Love Hewitt facelift before and after photo

I’m not sure where I heard this rumor but given that Jennifer is only in her early 40s, it’s highly unlikely that she needs a facelift.

And it turns out that I was right. There is nothing unnatural about her face here.

Did she have botox?

Jennifer Love Hewitt botox before and after photo

I couldn’t see anything suspicious here.

If anything, Jennifer’s smile lines actually got deeper and it doesn’t look like she got botox to treat them.

Facial filler is clearly not something she has looked into, yet.

What about breast implants?

Jennifer Love Hewitt breast implants before and after photo

Jennifer has an incredible body!

She was probably known for having large breasts too and after some careful investigation, it seems like they are natural.

I couldn’t find any evidence to suggest that her boobs are fake.


Let’s see how Jennifer has changed over the years.

Jennifer childhood

Jennifer Love Hewitt childhood

What a cutie! I just want to squeeze those chubby face cheeks.

Jennifer in 1990

Jennifer Love Hewitt in 1990 as a teenager

As a teenager, Hewitt already has a sense of style as you can see by the way she dressed.

Jennifer in 1995

Jennifer Love Hewitt 1995

This was a breakthrough year for Jennifer. With her looks, it was only a matter of time.

Jennifer in 2000

Jennifer Love Hewitt 2000

Yes, she was a babe and I don’t think I need to explain myself.

Jennifer in 2005

Jennifer Love Hewitt 2005

After a few years in movies, Jennifer returned to television work.

Jennifer in 2010

Jennifer Love Hewitt 2010

Don’t ask me how she keeps such a great body. I want to know too!

Jennifer in 2015

Jennifer Love Hewitt 2015

Just wanted to show you what Jennifer looked like during her pregnancy. I guess every woman is similar.

Jennifer in 2022

Jennifer Love Hewitt 2022
Instagram / jenniferlovehewitt

At 42, I don’t think Jennifer has anything to complain about. She looks amazing!


Well, I hope this clears up the air for her old fans.

I couldn’t see any signs of cosmetic surgery on Jennifer and to be honest, I’m not too surprised either. I have always found her to be rather natural.

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7 thoughts on “Jennifer Love Hewitt: Before and After”

  1. she’s done something with her lips. idk if it’s bothering, out she’s just coloring outside her natural shape to make them look bigger, but it is not a good look on her. she’s so beautiful, even with the baby weight she is still losing. I hope she can get them bk to normal. it’s hard to watch her on 911 now. But I am glad she’s back!!

  2. You didn’t say anything about her eyebrows? Before, her eyebrows were closer to being horizontal, and now there’s a pronounced arch. What’s your take on this?

  3. I agree that she looks totally different. The last pic of 2022 her eyebrows are so high. Her looks are totally different while I like her acting it is hard not to scrutinize her since you wouldn’t know she was the same person. I can’t believe author thinks she is natural.

  4. She’s now unrecognizable. Still pretty but I think prettier prior. Stop endorsing beautiful, unique girls and women getting plastic surgery. Pretending you can’t see a difference before and after makes you a MASSIVE part of the problem.

  5. In the last photo it looks like she’s either had a brow lift or upper blepharoplasty. She previously had hooded eyes with not much lid space. Her mouth also looks different. I would not have known it was her.

  6. up untill the last shot of her face in 2022 I could see she had changed but not due to plastic surgery but a woman aging gracefully. That last close up photo…. idk if it was cause of extreme close up and no makeup…or if she gained a bunch of weight since last photographed or what but that didn’t even look like her!


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