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Anna Faris

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery REVEALED!

Not many people know this. In her book, "Unqualified", Anna Faris has admitted to having plastic surgery to get her start in Hollywood. But what procedures did she have...
Sandra Bullock

Did Sandra Bullock Have Plastic Surgery?

For someone who is approaching 60, Sandra Bullock has been raising a few alarms in the plastic surgery department. You can barely spot a wrinkle on her! The...
Halle Berry

Halle Berry: Before and After

Before Halle Berry became a Hollywood star, she was a model and an international pageant queen. In fact, she was the first-runner-up at a Miss USA beauty...
Im Soo Hyang

Im Soo-hyang: Before and After

If you’ve been a fan of Im Soo-Hyang, you’ll understand why this post was created, To cut the long story short, I think she's had some plastic surgery...
Sofia Vergara

Has Sofia Vergara Had Plastic Surgery?

How does Sofia Vergara look so gorgeous at the age of 48? Her face is glowing and please don't get me started on her body. Ever since Sofia...
Jada Pinkett Smith

Has Jada Pinkett Smith Had Plastic Surgery?

I guess being Will Smith's wife is not easy. This is especially true when your husband refuses to age on screen. So I can understand if Jada...
Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery REVEALED?

Hollywood golden girl Anne Hathaway made two popular movies about beauty transformations. As a teen, she was an ugly duckling who turned into a beautiful swan in...
Jennifer Jason Leigh

Jennifer Jason Leigh: Before and After

She has this all-American girl flair about her. But like most stars, plastic surgery rumors have also hounded Jennifer Jason Leigh. Those who remember her from her earlier...
Cate Blanchett

Has Cate Blanchett ever had plastic surgery?

I can't believe that Cate Blanchett is over 50 because to me, she looks incredible! This Australian-born actress doesn't know how to grow old and hence the plastic...

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