Laura Dern: Before and After

Anyone who’s seen Jurassic World Dominion would have noticed something unusual on Laura Dern’s face. Yes, I’m guessing plastic surgery as well. There is no other way to explain it. For now, anyway. Before & After Photos I have put together some side by side comparisons on the actress to …

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Im Soo Hyang

Im Soo-hyang: Before and After

If you’ve been a fan of Im Soo-Hyang, you’ll understand why this post was created, Long story short, I think she’s had some plastic surgery before she even became well-known. Yes, this South Korean actress is very pretty but there is something unnatural about her that I can’t explain. Not …

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Song Hye Kyo: Before and After

Song Hye Kyo is one of the biggest stars in Korean drama. She is also known for her attractive face and body, which some claimed to be the outcome of plastic surgery. Rumors suggested the actress had work on her lips, eyelids, nose and body. So, we want to take …

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Zooey Deschanel: Before and After

I have always found Zooey Deschanel to be very pretty. But I’m noticing some “unnatural” changes to her appearance lately. I’m smelling plastic surgery here but I can’t quite pin point it. Not until I do this. Before & After Photos I have put together the following comparisons on the …

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Addison Rae: Before and After

It’s not easy to get famous on TikTok. But if you look as gorgeous as Addison Rae, it tends to be easier. The question is, did she get plastic surgery to gain that advantage? Let’s find out. Before and After Photos We will do some comparisons on Addison’s face and …

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Son Ye Jin: Before and After

I think Son Ye Jin looks a bit unnatural. It’s hard to say what it is but I’m suspecting plastic surgery. So, we are doing an investigation on her. Let’s see if this Korean actress had any work done to her face and body. Before & After Photos Did Son …

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Peyton List: Before and After

I watched Peyton List grow up on screen ever since she was a child star. And she has turned into beautiful lady. So, I want to know she’s had any help with plastic surgery. Let’s find out. Before and After Photos Has Peyton List had a nose job? On the …

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Han So Hee: Before and After

Thanks to Netflix, Han So Hee has gained international fame but at the same time, people started to question her beauty. They think this Korean actress had plastic surgery on her face and body. Needless to say, our team is onto it. Let’s see if we can find anything. Before …

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Jada Pinkett Smith: Before and After

I guess being Will Smith’s wife is not easy. It gets even harder when your husband refuses to age on screen. So, I can understand if Jada Pinkett Smith really had gotten plastic surgery. No woman wants to look older than their partner and that’s just the truth! Before & …

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