Ivanka Trump: Before and After

Ivanka Trump is arguably one of the most beautiful women in America. Growing up as the daughter of a billionaire, she can “easily” afford any plastic surgery to improve her looks. But the question is, did she? Let’s find out. Before & After Photos We will start by comparing her …

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Zendaya: Before and After

There are whispers about Zendaya having plastic surgery lately. I think it’s reasonable because this actress is simply gorgeous. Beautiful people tend to attract this kind of attention, especially in Hollywood. And our team is jumping in. Before & After Photos Has Zendaya had cosmetic procedures to improve her looks? …

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Famke Janssen

Famke Janssen: Before and After

Something unnatural is happening to Famke Janssen and I’m sensing plastic surgery. She looks very different from her Bond girl days. Obviously, age is a big factor but what else? Let’s investigate! Before & After Photos I have done some comparisons on Famke to see if any procedures took place. …

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Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham: Before and After

It’s no secret that Victoria Beckham had plastic surgery. She said it herself. But I’m not sure if she has come clean with “every” procedure. As the wife of David Beckham, she probably wanted a lot of work to keep up. Let’s see. Before & After Photos We will do …

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Has Blac Chyna Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Did Black Chyna Have Plastic Surgery?

Whenever you see Blac Chyna, it’s hard to ignore her body. If I’m correct, she has never admitted to having plastic surgery in public. But I’m sure many of us are eager to find out the truth. Well, there is only one way to do this. Before & After Photos …

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Irina Shayk

Did Irina Shayk Have Plastic Surgery?

Who would have thought? Irina Shayk, a famous supermodel, once said she doesn’t believe in plastic surgery. She told women to love their bodies in whatever size, shape, or form. But since she is ranked among the top 50 Hottest Russian Women, I have my doubts. Before & After Photos …

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Emily Ratajkowski: Before and After

This British-American model is absolutely gorgeous. We all know that but there has been many plastic surgery rumors surrounding Emily Ratajkowski. Critics are claiming that she had a boob job, a nose job, and lip injections to enhance her beauty. But, did she? Before & After Photos In order to …

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Has Alexis Ren had lip injections?

Alexis Ren: Before and After

Alexis Ren is a social media star and fitness model who shot to fame due to her beautiful face and “who wouldn’t want that” AMAZING body. With over 15 million followers on Instagram, someone will surely speculate her of getting plastic surgery. If you have a quick browse on her …

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Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley: Before and After

Did you know that 47 years ago, top model Christie Brinkley was first discovered by a professional photographer in Paris? Yes, it’s been a long time but she still looks absolutely gorgeous. For some reason, this classic American model hasn’t aged much. While her own skincare range has definitely helped, …

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