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Most people would agree that reality TV star Kim Kardashian had plastic surgery (Is That Even News?). In fact, beauty, hot body and cosmetic procedures seem to go with her name.

But there was a point when Kim slammed reports that she had her face and body altered, especially after she gave birth to her first child with Kanye West. As speculations also grew that she had rhinoplasty to perfect her nose, Kim was adamant and declared it’s all about makeup.

Over the years, the loud talks about her butt implants and boob job continued when she graced a magazine cover for Parade in her best outfit — her birthday suit! Kim broke the internet with her sexy features, but the mom-of-three never admitted if she had fake boobs and butt to enhance her image.

On her TV show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” Kim K has chosen to keep her augmentations hush-hush, despite rumors that she’s a regular at her surgeon.

But since Kim has been on television constantly in the last decade and her face is on the news every single day, it’s not so easy to hide the amazing transformation. Besides, fans of the reality TV star are the first to notice if she had botox or went through another round of lip fillers as soon as she posts selfies on social media.

Before & After Photos

So, did Kim K go under the knife? How much of her looks has changed because of cosmetic surgeries?

We’ll find the clues by looking closely at photos before and after she became famous. Let’s examine the types of beauty enhancement this media star might’ve had by checking the comparisons below.

Does Kim Kardashian Have Butt Implants?

Does Kim Kardashian Have Butt Implants?

Kim’s butt could have its own separate reality TV show because it’s so prominent in the star’s life, but is it real or fake?

Swamped with rumors that she had butt implants, Kim had an X-ray done to her bottom on her TV show some eight years ago to prove that it’s all natural. Years later, however, her buttocks seemed to have its own life as it grew bigger and bigger, as seen in these before and after pictures.

In 2016, Kim finally caved and said that yes, her bum size changed because of injections. Except, it was not for cosmetic augmentation but for medical reasons. Kim said she needed cortisone injections on her butt to treat her psoriasis. Doctors warned of the side effects — she will likely see her butt grow bigger and there could be some indentions.

Plastic surgeons assessed that Kim might have had fat grafting on her butt if it was indented because this procedure, also termed as a fat injection or fat transfer, contours the body and fills in some of the depressions. The star might have also had lipo to improve her butt size and shape.

Has Kim K Had a Boob Job?

Has Kim Kardashian Had A Boob Job?
Kim’s boobs are just one of her obsessions about having a perfect body, according to her friends. Rumors are that she has undergone a boob job multiple times, and it probably saved her marriage to Kanye.

Surgeons may have lifted and shaped her latest breast size — a 34E cup! Several years ago, however, she wore a 32E bra size, according to media reports.

There were claims that her friends also say that Kim K studies how her chest looks in the mirror a lot and consults with her family about her breast implants. Go figure!

Did She Have a Nose Job?

Did Kim Kardashian Have A Nose Job?

Kim revealed in the Stylish magazine that her perfect nose isn’t because of a nose job. The superstar said that it’s actually the magic of contouring makeup.

She also told ABC’s “Nightline” in 2009 that while she’s not against plastic surgery, she hasn’t corrected her nose shape this way.

But aesthetic experts digress and say Kim’s nose is a product of rhinoplasty after analyzing her before and after images. There’s a noticeable line on the bridge and the tip of her nose appears to have been upturned.

Does Kim Have Lip Injections?

Does Kim Kardashian Have Lip Injections?

Even if Kim denies having lip fillers, her before and after photos show the big difference. Today, her upper lip looks even plumper than her sister’s, Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

People talk about Kim’s lips all the time. To address the rumors once, she said that she doesn’t benefit from lip injections but she had “pregnancy lips” and detailed how having a baby changes a woman’s body, including her mouth shape.

Kim also said that her plump lower lip is sometimes just the effects of the lights and the angle in her photographs.

What About Botox & Facelift?

Has Kim Kardashian Had Botox & Facelift?

The reality star in 2010 proudly said that she has finally tried botox injections and claimed that it’s the only type of cosmetic surgery she has ever done.

In 2013, the actress shocked her followers with a bloody photo. Kim’s face was covered in red in a procedure called the vampire facelift. Five years later, the TV star posted on her blog that she regretted going through this because she was pregnant then and was not given painkillers or numbing cream. She had to endure the pain and discomfort.

The media star won’t also admit to rumors she had face fillers to fill out her cheeks and she likely won’t say she had face surgery either.

Did Kim Get Liposuction For Weight Loss After Baby?

Did Kim K Get Liposuction For Weight Loss?

How did Kim lose weight after giving birth? She said she worked with a personal trainer for her diet and exercise for six months. Rumors, however, claim that Kim’s body is the result of liposuction.

Post pregnancy, Kim probably paid in the hundred thousands for a tummy tuck, fat removal and laser treatments on her legs to get rid of the stretch marks. She disappeared from the public eye for a couple of months and re-emerged with a flawless face and perfect body shape, New York top doctor Dr. Tabasum Mir speculated.


Kim’s Beauty Transformation

It’s easy to forget that Kim Kardashian was born a natural beauty and despite all the outrages claims from the media, she’s as beautiful and as real as it gets before she gained fame.

Let’s see how her looks and styles have evolved over the years.

Childhood Days

Young Kim Kardashian when she was little as a childSource: Pinterest

Young Kim was a pretty little bud when she was a child. She had the most beautiful eyes that accentuated her cute face.

Teenager Years

Kim Kardashian in her teenage yearsSource: Twitter

Kim wore her black hair straight and long as a teen living in Los Angeles. It’s unclear if her defined jawline and thick bottom lip are due to enhancements done at an early age. She definitely had a wider nose shape back then, particularly around the nose tip area.

Year 2003

Kim Kardashian 2003Source: Pinterest

Kim worked as Paris Hilton’s assistant and appeared on her show, “The Simple Life.” Kim had a smaller boob size then and might have gotten jaw reduction surgery to correct her jawbone. She may have also undergone a nose job during this phase as her nose appeared thinner and pointier.

Year 2007

Kim Kardashian 2007Photo Credit: Getty

After appearing in a sex tape scandal with Ray J, the reality TV star became a permanent fixture of the small screen with her own TV series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” This could have been the beginning of Kim K’s most obvious transformation — her breast augmentation.

Her breasts definitely appeared more busty at a red carpet event. We also love how her eye makeup made her look different and we like the tussled hairstyle, which would become one of her signature looks.

Year 2010

Kim Kardashian 2010Credit: Getty Images

Here she was at a launch party of Tao in Las Vegas. Kim had a smaller butt size and also a thinner body shape during this year. She looked perfect in this dress that emphasized her buttock and hot legs.

Year 2012

Kim Kardashian 2012Picture Credit: Bauer Griffin

Kim grabbed attention when she attended the pre-Grammy gala in Beverly Hills, where she wore a dress that showed off her “huge” cleavage. This increased bust size sparked talks about her getting even larger breast implants. Based on how firm and perky they are, we doubt she’ll have to worry about sagginess or needing a breast lift in the future.

While Kim punctuated her gorgeous look with big earrings but it also drew attention to her chin, which somehow looked fuller and slightly augmented. Did she have chin implants?

Year 2014

Kim Kardashian 2014Source: Reddit

The year Kim launched a mobile game which reportedly earned her $1.6 million from the Apple app store within the first five days. This was also the year that Kim started going crazy with butt implants, according to many of her fans. It’s hard to believe she hasn’t done stuff to her behind, despite an X ray proving that it’s all natural.

Kim later said she had butt injections based on a doctor’s order for a medical treatment but we think it could have been a fat transfer procedure instead to improve her overall bum shape. What do you think?

Year 2016

Kim Kardashian 2016Credit: Getty Images

The shape of her bottom looked perfect in this photo, as she graced the MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square Garden in New York. This was how Kim looked after giving birth. She credited diet and exercise for her slim waist. Experts, however, think she’s had a Brazilian butt lift to contour her famous back side.

Year 2017

Kim Kardashian 2017Photo Credit: Getty

Kim Kardashian West changed up her look by sporting an ash blonde hair color at the LACMA Art + Film Gala event held in Los Angeles. She kept her trademark tussled hairstyle though.

Looks like the hot reality TV star might have had another round of lip injections but to tone down the plump she chose a nude lipstick to prettify her lips.

We love Kim’s golden skin here but we wonder if it’s due to a good skin care or she had help with the bronzer?

Year 2018

Kim Kardashian 2018Photo Credit: Getty Images

Wearing a straight pony tail, Kim attended the Met Gala with quite a noticeable face lift, a possible surgical procedure based on her tightened skin. She might have also gotten a browlift and smoothened her face with botox. This sexy mother-of-three picked a dress that emphasized her full cup size and it’s totally electric!

Looks like Kimmi K has another big year ahead of her. We just hope that her Twitter fuel with Wendy Williams, who happens to share similar beauty passions, wouldn’t stop her from accomplishing more amazing things.

And please don’t stop those selfies coming!


More Information About Kim Kardashian (Bio):

Real Name: Kimberly Noel Kardashian

Birthday: 21st October 1980

Star Sign: Libra

Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, United States

Nationality: American

Race / Ethnicity: Dutch, English, Irish, Scottish, Armenian

Occupation: TV Personality, Businesswoman, Entrepreneur, Socialite, Stylist, TV Producer, Model

Net Worth: $175 Million

Relationship: Married to Kanye West

Children: Saint West, North West, Chicago West

Height: 1.59 m (5 ft 2 in)

Body Measurement: 34-26-39 Inches

Bra Size: 34E

Dress Size: 8 (US)

Shoe Size: 7 (US)

Natural Hair Color: Dark Brown

Natural Eye Color: Light Brown



It’s common knowledge that Kim K has an obsession with her looks, so it wouldn’t surprise us if she’s really into plastic surgeries. She may even have a regular cosmetic surgeon on call for a nip and tuck every now and then.

After going through and analyzing many of her pics, we can perhaps narrow down that some of her favorite procedures could be lip fillers, bum implants or fat injections, and a boob job.

Over the years, people have speculated that she had her nose altered and may have had subtle face surgery to even out its imperfection. As for her body, Kim K could have gotten lipo after giving birth though she said she worked hard to regain her pre-pregnancy body through a good diet plan and exercise routines.

Kim, however, is still a beauty with or without the cosmetic enhancements. But there’s nothing wrong with wanting to enhance her look when it’s part of her job to look perfect, as she has successfully done for so many years.

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