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Did Wendy Williams Get Plastic Surgery?

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Wendy Williams is a beautiful African American woman who’s not afraid to speak her mind. She doesn’t even hide the fact that she’s had numerous plastic surgery procedures in front of her audiences.

Ever since her radio career took off, she’s been very open about her personal life on air. One thing that captured her listener’s attention was when she admitted to having breast implants on her national radio show. While it was obvious she has large boobs, but to admit that they were fake definitely took another level of courage.

At the same time, she’s even admitted to having undergone liposuction surgery because she wanted to fit into smaller clothing. It was a quick way for her to lose weight so that she could have a body that matched her personality.

Those procedures happened 15 years ago prior to having her very own TV talk show, The Wendy Williams Show. While she said she’s not had any cosmetic surgeries specifically for the show, no rhinoplasty, cheek implants, face fillers or lip injections. However, we seem to have found evidence to suggest otherwise.

So what beauty enhancements has Wendy Williams done?

Let’s find out!

Before & After Photos

In order to determine the cosmetic procedures that Wendy may have undergone, we analyzed many of her pictures before and after she became famous. Here’s what we found so far.

See below for our “Exclusive” comparison photos:

Did Wendy Williams Have A Nose Job?

Did Wendy Williams Have A Nose Job?

If you look at Wendy’s nose on the BEFORE photo, you can clearly see that her nose tip and nasal bridge used to be wider compared to the AFTER picture. Although both sides of her ala appear to be in similar shape, the bridge bone was definitely thinner.

While the thinning look may have been contributed by makeup (and it is possible), but we kind of lean towards the other way. So yes, we believe it’s very likely that Wendy has had a nose job to alter her nose shape.

Has She Had Breast Implants?

Did Wendy Williams Have A Boob Job?

Without a doubt, Wendy’s breasts have been a major talking point for a number of years. The truth is, she’s never tried hiding her boob job from the public (not that she could anyway given her huge bust size). So yes, they are not real. She’s had breast augmentation surgery in the past and placed rather large breast implants into her chest.

But what interests us the most, however, is how she’s managed to support all that weight for so many years without a single complaint about back pain. If you look at the bikini pic from 2017 below, you’ll see that her fake breasts look quite heavy for her, now, slender body. So it’ll be interesting to see if she’ll have a breast reduction in the near future.

Did Wendy Get A Facelift?

Did Wendy Williams Get A Facelift?

Even though Wendy has never openly discussed anti-aging treatments on her face, but we seem to have found proof suggesting that the talk show queen may have used a little more than facial cream to keep her wrinkles at bay.

If you look at the before and after pics above, you can clearly see the fine lines and wrinkles around her eyes, and the visible laugh lines around her cheeks and mouth. Those areas seem have been tightened and smoothed out by a possible facelift. And it’s not unusual for women to double down with botox injections following their face lift procedures.

What About Tummy Tuck & Liposuction?

Did Wendy Williams Get Tummy Tuck & Liposuction?

Wendy’s body isn’t exactly what you’ll consider naturally “skinny” and she’ll be the first to admit that she’s had liposuction in the past. However, she seemed to have gained the weight back towards the year 2012, as you can see from the left pic above. Since then, she said it was her diet and exercise that’s helped her keep the weight off.

While we have no doubt that dieting played an important role in her weight loss, but somehow we think she’s had another lipo to help her out. Furthermore, if you look at her current slim waist and stomach area, it’s quite possible that she’s had a tummy tuck as well. What do you think?

Wendy’s Beauty Transformation

Now let’s take a look at Wendy’s face and body transformation through the years from her youth days until now. We’ll look closely at her facial features such as her eyes, forehead, cheekbones, lips and see whether she’s had any other plastic surgeries that we may have missed.

Early Days

Young Wendy WilliamsPhoto Source: Pinterest

Here’s a rare photo of Wendy Williams when she was young. You can immediately tell she’s the chubby type who can easily get fat since childhood. Despite the baby fat around her chin and jawline, you can see the type of body shape she’ll have just from looking at her broad shoulders and arms.

Year 1989

Wendy Williams 1989Source: Twitter

After graduating at the Northeastern University in Boston with a B.A. degree in communications, Wendy worked as a substitute DJ for WEPN-FM before being hired full time for the morning radio show. You can see that she has very beautiful double eyelids and naturally plumped cheeks, so we doubt she’s ever had any cheek implants.

Year 1995

Wendy Williams 1995Photo Credit: WireImage

This was roughly the year Wendy Williams decided to visit a plastic surgeon to get her breast enlargement implants and finally do something about her weight. Whether these enhancement procedures was the right call, we’ll let you decide.

One thing most people don’t realize is that Wendy also has a very nice set of teeth. At least we know she didn’t need any cosmetic correction from a dentist. No braces and not even teeth whitening as far as we can tell.

Year 2002

Wendy Williams 2012Source: Pinterest

After getting married to Kevin Hunter in 1997 and giving birth to their son in year 2000, Wendy is looking absolutely fantastic as she attends the Billboard R&B Hip Hop Awards ceremony in Miami Beach, Florida. We actually really like her boob job and think her chest size compliments her bone structure very well.

Year 2005

Wendy Williams 2005Photo Credit: Getty

Here she arrives at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York. You’ve got to love those blonde curls on her hair and in case you’re wondering, yes….it is a wig! Now in case you haven’t notice, her nose appears pointier in this photo. So if Wendy really had gotten a nose job, it would have been before this year.

Year 2008

Wendy Williams 2008Credit: Getty Images

This was the year Wendy finally got her own talk show, The Wendy Williams Show, which has been successful until this day. Not only does she knows how to dress, but her hairstyle is also a joy to watch on TV. Those purple eye shadows and lipstick really matches her skin color by the way. Love it!

Year 2011

Wendy Williams 2011Picture Credit: Getty

The TV host attends the 2011 Paper Magazine Nightlife awards at The Maritime Hotel in New York City. Given that Wendy is pretty tall for a female so we honestly don’t think her boob size is exaggerated at all. Honestly, if you compare her with Blac Chyna’s body proportion, Wendy’s tall built is more than enough to handle those cup size.

Year 2014

Wendy Williams 2014Picture Credit: Getty Images

At 50 years old, Wendy is looking nothing short of amazing! There’s hardly any wrinkles on her face and her skin looks as radiant as ever. If she hasn’t had a facelift or other plastic surgery on her face, then you’d have to wonder what skin care she uses to achieve such complexion and smoothness.

One thing we know for sure is that she’s never had lip fillers because her mouth shape has remained consistent throughout the years.

Year 2016

Wendy Williams 2016Credit: Getty Images

Here Wendy arrives at the Thurgood Marshall College Fund for the 28th Annual Awards Gala at the Washington Hilton in Washington, DC. Although she’s an African-American woman, her skin color isn’t as dark as many black people in America. That’s why some people think she’s had a skin bleaching procedure to lighten her skin tone.

What do you reckon?

Year 2017

Wendy Williams 2017Photo Credit: Getty Images

The 53-year-old Williams is enjoying the sun at the beach in Barbados with her husband. Wearing a small black bikini and funky pink sunglasses, Wendy is clearly having fun showing off her slim body, big breasts and the tummy tuck tattoo on her stomach, just underneath her belly button.

Yes, these types of tattoos are quite common for patients who’s undergone a tummy tuck procedure and are mainly used to hide the visible scar from the surgery.

Year 2018

Wendy Williams 2018Image Credit: Getty

Here the TV show host attends the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women – Red Dress Collection 2018 by Macy’s in New York. If you look at the tightness of the skin around her forehead area and between her eyebrows, it appears she may have gotten a browlift and possibly a neck lift as well.

More Information About Wendy Williams (Bio):

  • Real Name: Wendy Joan Williams Hunter
  • Birthday: 18th of July, 1964
  • Star Sign: Cancer
  • Birth Place: Asbury Park, New Jersey, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Race / Ethnicity: African-American
  • Occupation: Actress, TV Presenter, Author, Journalist, Radio Personality, Film Producer, Comedian
  • Net Worth: $60 Million
  • Relationship: Married to Kevin Hunter
  • Children: Kevin Hunter Jr.
  • Height: 1.8 m (5 ft 11 in)
  • Weight: 75 kg (165 lbs)
  • Body Measurement: 41-30-36 Inches
  • Bra Size: 34FF
  • Dress Size: 12 (US)
  • Shoe Size: 11 (US)
  • Natural Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Natural Eye Color: Brown


Besides her self-confessed cosmetic surgery, Wendy appears to have done a little more work than what she’s willing to let out. So far the public knows she’s gotten breast implants and also liposuction that contributed to her weight loss back in the days.

However, after investigating many of her pictures before and after she became a well-known celeb, we found that she may have also gotten a nose job, tummy tuck, face lift and possibly botox injections as well. Now why she hasn’t publicly declared these procedures, we’re not too sure.

At the end of the day, it is her face, her body, and her boobs, so she’s free to do whatever she wishes with them. As long as she is happy, we’re also happy for her. In fact, if these rumors proved to be correct, then we think her cosmetic surgeon, whoever that may be, has done a remarkable job.

So what do you think?

Do you like her cosmetic enhancement?

Are there any procedures we may have missed?

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