Keith Urban in 2020

No lines, no wrinkles, no flaps, nothing really…and it has been like this for more than 2 decades?

YES, we are talking about Keith Urban here and how he’s been able to keep his face so damn charming…for so long.

Honestly, how does he do it?

This man just doesn’t know how to get old!

Any idea?

Last month, we covered how Keith’s current wife, Nicole Kidman has been using botox to maintain her youth. So we couldn’t help but wondered if plastic surgery has been a secret fetish of theirs in the relationship. After all, people tend to like each other more when they share the “same” interest…right?

So we figured it is time that Mr. Urban deserved a full post of his own as we, the plastic surgery people, try to uncover all the evidence (e.g facelift, nose job, you name it…) to help our readers decide on the real truth. If not, we’ll just dig harder to locate Keith’s secret fountain of youth and share it with everybody.

He surely must have a fountain hidden somewhere, otherwise, there’s just no way he could look this good in his 50s. (Unless someone wants to send us his cosmetic surgeon’s number and we’ll happily call it a day!)

Before & After Pictures

Assuming that this American Idol judge has been using artificial ways to control his aging, then there will usually be signs or even proof that we’ll be able to spot, as we look at his photos throughout his career.

Let’s check them out together!

Fixing His Teeth

Keith Urban's Front ToothSource: Youtube

It appeared that the country music singer has always had some bad teeth problems since he was young. This was captured in a singing competition when he was just 16 years old. You can clearly see the separation on his front tooth as he sung the classic “All Out Of Love” for the judges.

Nice song by the way and you’ve got to admit that he was a natural performer. Definitely born for this…

He didn't have a straight set of teethSource: Youtube

Here’s a shot from another angle and you can see that Keith definitely didn’t have the straightest set of teeth. They were pointy and you can even see gaps between his incisors, canines, and premolars (sorry…using a few technical terms here).

But no one would argue that he was a very handsome young man back then. A teenage boy with incredible singing talent who’s pursuing his dreams…

Watch the whole video below:

Perhaps the dental technology back then wasn’t advanced enough to close the gap in between, so Keith’s had this diastema (medical term) for a while into his career. Until his dentist finally fixed it for good.

See for yourself.

Before and after Keith fixed his teethPhoto Credit – (Left): Youtube (Right): Getty

As you can see from the pictures above, Keith is no stranger to cosmetic dentistry. Now we’re not exactly sure which technique he used to fix his teeth gaps, but it didn’t look like he needed any dental implants.

We suspect that he may have first visited an orthodontist to have the whole set balanced out by wearing braces, before reducing the gap between his top front teeth. Yes, due to that large gap, traditional straightening braces wouldn’t have been too effective to achieve the desired results.

He’d most likely have received dental bonding, porcelain veneer or porcelain crowns to reduce that space. Either way, he’s got that perfect smile now and he would have done some whitening procedures as well since his teeth are so white.

Did Keith Have Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Judging from the fact that he’s always been handsome looking growing up, there really isn’t much work needed to be done to his face, especially during his journey to stardom. Apart from his teeth, this New Zealander literally has the whole package to become a celebrity, so we couldn’t see any reasons why he wanted work on his nose.

Did Keith Urban Have A Nose Job?Photo Credit – (Left): John Elliott / Headpress (Right): Source

If you look closely at the above comparison, you’ll be able to see that Keith appears to have a slightly crooked nose. It’s been shifted to his right side and this was evident in both the left picture, which was taken back in 1994 and also from the right pic, which was taken 12 years later…in 2016.

Now if Keith were to consider a nose job, we strongly believe that he’d like to straighten this up. So based on this fact alone, there’s no reason to suggest that the Australian singer had done rhinoplasty of any type.

Has Keith Urban Had A Facelift?

A few questionable areas on Keith's facePhoto Credit: Getty Images

Many people knows that Keith had a history of drug problem including cocaine, ecstasy and alcohol addiction. All these years of abuse would have done enormous damage to his skin.

If you look at the picture from the top left, that pic was the younger version of Keith, approx 14 years difference to the photo on the right. You can clearly see the laugh lines and the wrinkles around his jaw and cheek area. Not to mention the heavy eye bags under his eyes and the visible lines on his forehead. His skin looked incredibly dry, in fact, he looked much worst than his mid 40s photo on the right.

Even though Keith has never openly admitted to any types of face surgeries, but we feel that there are signs to suggest that some form of face lift procedures might have taken place. Unless he had some really good eye creams and facial tightening toners, otherwise it would seem impossible to reverse those damages, especially as his age progresses. But of course, we’ll leave that judgment for you to make.

Signs Of Using Botox / Fillers

Keith could be using botox or injectable fillersPhoto Credit: Getty

A Detroit based plastic surgeon, Dr Anthony Youn, has told an Australia Magazine, New Idea, that it was quite obvious Keith had injectable fillers injected into his cheeks to give him that fuller and rounder look on his contour. Now while we don’t necessarily agree with the Dr on his analysis in regards to Keith’s nose, but if you look at the photos above, you can clearly see how much difference his cheek looks from 13 years ago.

Dr Youn then went on to explain how subtle his cosmetic enhancements were and how well they were done, before warning that too much Botox around Keith’s eyes and forehead may worsen his upper eyelid skin. Nevertheless, he truly looking amazing at 50 years old.

Check out his latest video below as he performs his new song, “Blue Ain’t Your Color”.

Did you see those wrinkles near the “top” of his forehead?

Also, noticed the gap between those lines and his eyebrows?



More Information About Keith Urban:

Real Name: Keith Lionel Urban

Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Music Producer

Net Worth: 75 Million

Nationality: New Zealander / Australian

Birth Place: Whangarei, North Island, New Zealand

DOB: 26th of October, 1967

Relationship: Married to Nicole Kidman

Children: Faith Margaret Kidman Urban, Sunday Rose Kidman Urban

Height: 1.78m or 5 ft 10 in

Weight: 75 kg or 165 lbs.

Body Built: Average

Natural Hair Color: Light Brown

Natural Eye Color: Blue



There were definitely signs suggesting that Keith Urban might’ve some type of cosmetic surgery done throughout his career. Given the fact that he’s had a history of substance abuse, so perhaps no one could really blame him even if he’s resorted to alternative methods to maintain his youthful looks

At the end of the day, he is a country idol and he needs to look good…

While he hasn’t personally admitted to going under the knife, but one has to wonder how he’s been able to sustain that pretty face of his for so long. He is 50 years old after all, but if he’s really undergone any cosmetic procedures, then surely, you’ve got to admit that his plastic surgeon has done an amazing job!

If anything, he looks better now than when he was in his 30s!

And it looks so natural too! Just…INCREDIBLE!

What do you think?

Featured Image Credit: Getty


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