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Do You Like Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery?

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There is something about Kenny Rogers that goes deeper than his voice.

No, it has nothing to do with the wrinkles on his face and although they used to be quite deep, thanks to plastic surgery, he’s been able to keep his charm even at an old age of 79. Quite impressive to be honest.

With more than 120 hit singles across various music genres, especially country music and with over 100 million records sold worldwide, Kenny Rogers is one of the best selling music artists in the United States.

While nobody would doubt his singing talent, what most of his fans want to know is…

How many plastic surgeries has he done?

Take a look at his response below:

Yup, he’s definitely got a lot of money and time, especially now that he’s officially retired.

But would he take on any more procedures? We’re not too sure.

What we are most interested in, however, is to see his transformation throughout the years and witness how cosmetic surgeries has been able to help this elderly man release such charisma.

Before & After Photos

Kenny Rogers 1957Source: Youtube / TheLimePopsicle

Year 1957 – This was year Kenny released his very first solo, “That Crazy Feeling”. He was just 19 years old and you can see he had some very distinctive facial features with nice jawbones, thick eyebrows, and a long chin.

Kenny 1967Source

Year 1967 – Kenny Rogers along with Mike Settle, Terry Williams, Kin Vassy and Thelma Camacho, formed their own band “The First Edition”. He started to grow beard and mustache which became iconic to him throughout his career.

Kenny 1968Source: Youtube / Dave Harris

Year 1968 – Kenny Rogers and The First Edition band became a hit throughout the late 1960s and early 1970s. Perhaps success took the better of him as you can see he’s grown a bit of weight here and the fat is appearing on his face. Luckily, he had the beard to cover the tracks, otherwise, his big nose and small eyes would have looked worse.

Kenny 1976Source: Youtube / Mike Eder

Year 1976 – After disbanding with the First Edition, Kenny went on a solo career at age 38 where he released several major hits such as “Love Lifted Me”, “Lucille” and the multi-platinum selling album, “The Gambler”.

Here he is performing on stage with his dear friend, Dolly Parton who also became a plastic surgery enthusiast. Age is catching up to him as you can see his hair and beard have now turned grey, but at this moment, we haven’t seen any major changes to his image so it’s unlikely that he’s had procedures before this year.

Kenny Rogers 1985 InterviewSource: Youtube / Farm Aid

Year 1985 – Janet Tyson interviews Kenny Rogers at the Farm Aid concert in Champaign, Illinois. You can see that Kenny is experiencing what most middle-aged man feared most, and that is hair thinning. So if you noticed his hair growing back anytime after this, then that’ll be signs of hair transplant.

Kenny 1990Photo Credit: Getty Images

Year 1990 – Here’s Kenny with his ex-wife, Marianne Gordon. Given that Kenny had a rather chubby face in this one, so we doubt he needed any Botox or fillers during this time. In saying that, because of the beard around his jawline so we can’t really tell if his chin is sagging either. However, you can definitely see the wrinkles around his eyes and forehead.

Kenny 1998Source

Year 1998 – Finally! Kenny decided to remove some of his trademark beards and we all get to see his jaw bone once again. At 60 years of age and the fact that he’s not much of an exercise person, you’ll have to wonder if he’s had a facelift during this time. Otherwise, why would he cut his beard? His facial skin does look pretty firm here…

Kenny Rogers 2001

Year 2000 – At 62 years old, Kenny is certainly living up to his age. Just look at those cracks on the top of his brows! Not even the professional makeup artists at the venue were able to hide those from the crowd. His face is also starting to sag and his jaw is becoming non-existent.

Kenny 2003Photo Credit: Mike Carroll / Source

Year 2003 – At the 2003 CMA Awards in Nashville, Tennessee. You can clearly see that Kenny has had an eye lift surgery. His double eyelids have grown dramatically in size, like almost 1 cm apart from the top to bottom. His skin also looks fantastic and those heavy wrinkles on his forehead have disappeared.

Judging from this picture alone, it’s very likely that Kenny Rogers had a facelift, a browlift, a blepharoplasty to help him reverse his aging. Perhaps Botox injections might have also come into play here.

Kenny 2006Photo Credit: Dwight McCann

Year 2006 – Kenny told people magazine that he wasn’t happy about his eye surgery as they were too tight around his eyelids. His wife, Wanda, said they look great and to be honest, we kinda agree.

Another secret he let out was that he actually had plastic surgery quite early in his career. Even though he didn’t go into specific details but since he was so self-conscious about the public’s opinions on his weight, we’re guessing he might’ve had liposuction procedures to control it.

Kenny 2010Do you like Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery?

Year 2010 – Not sure about you, but Kenny Rogers seems to look better the older he gets. Remember you’re talking about a 72-year-old man here and without a doubt, any men would be happy to look this handsome even at age 70.

Kenny 2015Photo Credit: CMT

Year 2015 – This was the year Kenny decided to hang up his boots, announcing his retirement after his farewell tour named “The Gambler’s Last Deal”, which will conclude in 2017. Here he was accepting the honor for being the CMT Artist of a Lifetime Award. Fully deserved!

Kenny Rogers 2017Photo Credit: People.com

Year 2017 – Being the final year of his farewell tour, Kenny is reaching the end of his amazing 40 year career in the entertainment business. He plans to spend more time with his family after this so it looks like he won’t be needing any more aesthetic surgery.

More Information About Kenny Rogers:

  • Real Name: Kenneth Donald Rogers
  • D.O.B: 21st August 1938
  • Star Sign: Leo
  • Birth Place: Houston, Texas, United States Of America
  • Occupation: Actor, Author, Music Artist, Singer-Songwriter, Music Producer
  • Net Worth: $250 Million
  • Nationality: American
  • Race / Ethnicity: Irish
  • Relationship: Married To Wanda Miller
  • Children: Christopher Cody Rogers, Jordan Edward Rogers, Kenny Rogers Jr, Justin Charles Rogers, Carole Rogers
  • Height: 1.82m (5ft 11in)
  • Weight: 82kg (181 lbs)
  • Body Built: Average
  • Chest Size: Unknown
  • Arm Size (Bicep): Unknown
  • Waist Size: Unknown
  • Shoe Size: Unknown
  • Natural Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Natural Eye Color: Hazel
Kenny Roger Plastic Surgery Before and After

Final Words

Kenny is no doubt a superstar in everyone’s heart and although he has resorted to plastic surgery in the past, he did it in a very subtle and enhancing way…which is also the best way.

He has demonstrated to many males out there that through proper cosmetic procedures, anyone can maintain their youth for a period of time. Even though he has reached the end of his musical journey, but we sincerely wish him all the happiness and family joy for many more years to come.

Finally, thank you, Kenny, for giving us so many great songs and memories!

Do you like the changes on his face?

Do you prefer the old Kenny Rogers?

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  1. I thought Kenny Rogers grew more handsome as he aged. I loved his look in his later years he was h a n d s o m e and a manly man.

    He should’ve taken the surgeon out to the woodshed or turned him over to the mafia and lrt them cut his fingers off. That plastic surgery was a total disaster. I personally could not find Kenny in it at all.


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