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Justin Bieber, Before and After Transformation



Justin Bieber

Discovered as a child singer on YouTube, Justin Bieber basically grew up in the public eyes. Being one of the rarer ones who shot to fame because of the popular video sharing site, the Canadian talent had a cute and boyish charm about him that made him attractive to a lot of youngsters.

As his popularity grew, rumors of his plastic surgery procedures also swirled, especially as fans saw his transformation. From a boy with a pretty face, Justin changed his looks into a hot man who sported tattoo all over his body. He also improved his looks with a more masculine and a handsome appearance that gave him the opportunity to become an underwear model.

Justin courted a lot of bad publicity for his wild behavior as Hollywood’s newest bad boy. Embroiled in brawls, arrests and charged for DUI, he later issued an apology and said that he disappointed himself and his family. Promising to change his ways, Justin focused on making new songs and once again churned hits after hits with his albums “Sorry” and “Purpose.”

Aside from becoming famous for his songs, the “Baby” hitmaker’s style also made him a trendsetter. His signature hairstyle as a teen has been copied by young men everywhere.

But how much has cosmetic enhancements been instrumental in Justin Bieber’s rise to fame? For the record, he never talked about getting procedures done but that doesn’t mean he never had them, right?

Before & After Photos

We’ll closely examine Justin’s photos before and after he became famous to determine how much of his transformation is due to cosmetic surgery and what’s natural about his looks.

See our “exclusive” comparison pictures below:

Any Work Done To His Eyes?

Justin Bieber's Eyes

Did the “Love Yourself” singer’s eyes changed over the years? Rumors that he underwent blepharoplasty buzzed about because his double eyelids seemingly changed his eye shape. The cosmetic surgery procedure apparently gives celebrities a more appealing large almond-shaped eyes.

Some fans, however, think that Justin’s eyes are the same and that it complemented his furry eyebrows. We’ll give him a pass on this one since he looked a bit sleepy and disinterested in his before photos, so his eyes appeared smaller. He probably has yet to get used to being famous.

Has Justin Bieber Had A Nose Job?

Did Justin Bieber Get A Nose Job?

Growing up, Justin’s nose had a more fat and rounder shape. Its tip bulged and its bride was wider, as seen in this before photo. A few years later, however, his nose shape subtly changed in size and appeared slimmer and well-shaped, as well as matched the size of his face.

Perhaps it was just part of growing up rather than rhinoplasty. Take a closer look, does his nose look similar to you?

Did He Fix His Teeth?

Did Justin Bieber Fix His Bad Teeth?

The young star used to have some crooked teeth, especially on the bottom row. Justin’s teeth had a common dental problem known as crowding, where everything overlaps. He might have likely gotten veneers over braces to fix his teeth.

His dentist, Dr. Kevin Sand from Beverly Hills, shares photos of the star on Instagram when Justin comes to his clinic for his regular dental procedures, like whitening. Dr. Sand said that veneers are a lot easier to work with for famous celebrities because the improvement on the teeth can happen in just a few visits. Braces, on the other hand, take years and also mess up celebrities’ smile because the grills are too obvious.

Is Justin Experiencing Hair Loss?

Is Justin Bieber Experiencing Hair Loss?

Is Justin going bald? Only in his mid-20s, the singer appears to be showing signs of receding hairline, as seen in these photos.

Fan sites speculate that Justin could be suffering from bald patches and male pattern baldness. OK! Magazine said that Justin’s hair could be thinning out because of his frequent use of hair dye.

Hair loss is common in Caucasian men but isn’t it too early for Bieber? His father has thin hair as well, and like his son, he loves wearing hats every single time. Is Justin going to need a hair transplant when he’s in his 30s?

What About Bieber’s Body?

Did Justin Bieber Have Any Transformation On His Body?
Evidently, the pop star has become a gym buff, as he’s been working out a lot to tone his muscles. Justin’s body shape transformed into this perfect physique, with his rock hard and sexy six-pack abs and super muscular biceps, thanks to his trainer Patrick Nilsson.

As he’s now pure muscles, tattoos became a body art obsession for Justin, too. He likes showing these off when he’s flexing for photos for his publicity.

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Justin’s Transformation

As a superstar who has stolen the heart of many young girls, there’s no denying that Bieber has the good looks. Let’s see how his hair, face, and body have changed and evolved through the years.

Baby Days

Justin Bieber when he was a baby.Source: Facebook

A rare baby photo of Justin Bieber shows that he was a cute and chubby child with barely an amount of hair on his head.

Early Childhood

Young Justin Bieber when he was 5 years oldSource: Pinterest

This photo of a young and adorable 5-year-old clutching a teddy bear made the rounds because people thought it’s the star’s child. Folks, this is not Justin Bieber’s kid — it’s actually the singer himself.

Justin didn’t have a traditional family. His parents split up when he was younger and his mom raised him alone, although he still has a good relationship with his dad.

Year 2007

Justin Bieber 2007Source: Reddit

Justin turned to music to deal with the challenges in life. He learned to play the guitar and piano early on and his musical talents were already evident back then. He was also a good looking boy even as a child.

Year 2008

Here’s one of the videos that started Justin Bieber’s fast rise to fame, where he sang a Chris Brown cover song “With You”. Talent manager Scooter Braun was so impressed by his voice and performance that he just had to track him down and sign him up for a recording deal before anyone else snagged the signing talent.

Year 2009

Justin Bieber 2009Photo Credit: Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

Justin released “One Time,” his first single, which hit the Top 12 charts in Canada. At 15 years old, the rising star still had baby fat, chubby cheeks, and slightly bad teeth. His front combed hairstyle endeared him to many fans though and have also attracted a sea of lookalikes.

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Year 2010

Justin Bieber 2010Source: Twitter

Justin’s next single “Baby” put him on the map as an international pop star. As a 16-year-old still getting used to fame, Bieber showed his style in his clothing choices. His taste in fashion was not yet refined for Hollywood but it suited his age and his fans loved him for it.

Year 2011

Justin Bieber 2011Credit: Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

At 17 years of age, Bieber chopped off his signature hair to sport a short hairstyle. He also began wearing earrings and started dating Selena Gomez, another rising Disney star at the time.

Justin had a rounder chin that made his face shape appear less masculine then.

Year 2012

Justin Bieber 2012 with his momImage Credit: Getty

Attending the American Music Awards with mom Pattie Malette, Justin Bieber surprised fans with his first tattoo on his left arm. He was slowly changing his image and wore a bejeweled necklace to amp up his style. He also grew a few inches taller.

Year 2013

Justin Bieber 2013Photo Credit: Getty Images

Justin, now 19, performs in Auckland wearing a singlet that gave fans a peek into his more muscular physique. He has started bodybuilding and training at the gym and has taken on a special diet to keep his body in shape.

In case you missed it, yes, he’s got some new tats.

Year 2014

Justin Bieber 2014Picture Credit: Getty

Now a young man in his 20s, Justin signified his intent to be a Christian. While he was exposed to religion early in his life, because his mom is a devotee, he made a conscious choice to be baptized.

Meanwhile, his fashion choices grew more rugged and radical, far from the clean-cut image he had at 15. He wore ripped jeans, lose t-shirt and often displayed the ink on both of his arms.

Year 2015

Justin Bieber 2015Source: Pinterest

Bieber debuted his new hairstyle at the MTV Video Music Awards. He went bleach blonde and had his backside completely shaved off. Justin set the trend for long fringe in men, too.

Year 2016

Justin Bieber 2016Photo Credit: Getty Images

Debuting another look, the singer performed at the Billboard Music Awards with a shaved head. He also appeared to have had loss weight even when he’s wearing a jacket to bulk himself up.

Year 2017

Shirtless Justin Bieber playing soccer in 2017Source: X17 Online

A shirtless Justin played soccer with friends, which would be a good form of exercise for him. He has added more body tattoos on his chest like a bear, lion, and eagle. He also showed off a cross tattoo that has a religious meaning since he’s embracing his Christianity seriously.

Spot the Calvin Klein underwear! He is, after all, the brand’s ambassador.

Year 2018

Justin Bieber 2018Source: Pinterest

The singer shared a selfie on Instagram with too many pimples on his face. Justin mocked himself for having massive acne but it might be time for a trip to a dermatologist. Those pimples look angry!

In a GQ interview, Justin said that his skincare routine involves using a Christie Kidd cleanser and Clairsonic. He also uses sunscreen a lot. He didn’t say, however, if he uses other cosmetics on his skin or if he’s had more cosmetic procedures than his basic routine.

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More Information About Justin Bieber:

Real Name: Justin Drew Bieber

Birthday 1st March 1994

Star Sign: Pisces

Birth Place: Stratford, Ontario‎, Canada

Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer, Actor, Author, Investor

Net Worth: $305 Million

Nationality: Canadian

Race / Ethnicity: French-Canadian, German, Irish, Scottish, English

Relationship: Unknown

Children: None

Height: 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)

Weight: 66 kg (145.5 lbs)

Body Built: Athletic

Chest Size: 42 in (107 cm)

Arm Size (Bicep): 14.5 in (37 cm)

Waist Size: 32 in (81 cm)

Shoe Size: 9 (US)

Natural Hair Color: Light Brown

Natural Eye Color: Brown



After studying photos of Justin Bieber, it appears his look did change over the years. His body transformation, however, is mostly about toning his muscles through regular workouts and of course, decorating his skin with tattoos.

We doubt that he’s had his nose and eyes, or even his lips fixed because, while there are slight differences, his features still look all natural. We, therefore, conclude that he had no plastic surgery done, despite the rumors about his appearance.

He also changes his hairstyle often and at least tried one or two drastic transformations. His use of bleach worries his fans and some experts because it may be leading him to hair loss problems.

Generally speaking, we think Justin’s face is free of cosmetic enhancements and while he’s a grown man, you can actually still spot the baby face behind the earrings, the stubbles, and the ever-changing hairstyle. It’s only his body that has undergone a big change and while we love his inks, we just hope he doesn’t go overboard to the point where he might need tattoo removal one day.

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Male Singers

Jungkook: Before and After




Jungkook, whose real name is Jeon Jung-kook, is a member of the South Korean boyband sensation BTS. The youngest among seven men, who have earned musical success as a chart-topping group, Jungkook is known as the group’s “golden maknae,” which translates to the youngest, and some say, the cutest.

The singer, who is almost 22 years old, is the band’s main vocalist. The group’s female fans are usually drawn to him on stage because of his notable dancing skills and his good looks.

But as with many other celebrities, Jungkook has been rumored to have had plastic surgery. A part of the public believes that he looks very different today compared to his debut as a music artist over five years ago.

However, I’m not sold on these speculations just yet because Jungkook was about 15 or 16 then and I think his body was still changing. If his physical appearance changed, then it might be because he’s still maturing naturally.

Then again, cosmetic augmentations are so common among South Korean celebrities even at a younger age. There might be something about these talks and that’s why these Jungkook plastic surgery rumors won’t stop.

Before & After Photos

Now, perhaps if I go through some of this BTS star’s before and after photos, then I might just find some answers about his alleged cosmetic procedures.

Did Jungkook get double eyelids?

Jungkook eyes before and after

Asian stars are often speculated to have gotten double eyelids surgery to enhance the shape of their eyes. A face with a monolid may appear to be lacking in expression, which is why this is a popular procedure among celebrities with small eyes.

But I don’t think Jungkook got this procedure based on these comparison photos. For me, his eyes didn’t change all that much despite growing a bit older and I can clearly see his double lid as a child of maybe nine or 10. Those double eyelids are still thin in the photo to the right. So, no change, no cosmetic surgery.

Has he had a nose job?

Jungkook nose job before and after

I don’t think Jungkook got his nose fixed because it’s still the same size and shape in both these pics. It isn’t actually perfect because I think he has a big nose. If he actually went through rhinoplasty, why stick with a big nose then when he could’ve opted for a thinner and slightly higher nose bridge?

The slightly thinner nose in the right photo, I believe, however, was achieved through makeup and contouring. As a performer, I’m sure his makeup artist has a few tricks to help him out.

Did Jungkook have face surgery?

Jungkook face before and after

I believe the change in his face shape isn’t the result of jawline surgery. I think it’s because he lost his baby fat and he is past the puberty stage.

Jungkook now looks more manly in the right photo as opposed to the baby-faced, cheeky lad in the left pic. There are no cosmetic alterations that I could see around his jaws and chin. I believe this is a natural transformation.

He has the perfect teeth

Jungkook teeth before and after

I think Jungkook took care of his teeth as a child so that he has an effortlessly flawless superstar smile today. I don’t believe there were major cosmetic fixes done to his teeth other than the usual dental procedures, such as braces, which many child has to go through.


Jungkook: Then and Now

Sure, Jungkook is naturally gifted with handsome features but how much has his appearance changed over the years? I gotta analyze his transformation below.


Jungkook during his childhood

via Pinterest

To me, even as a little boy, Jungkook was already quite good-looking. He had the potential to sweep off girls’ feet one day with his cute face. Lucky genes, I guess?

Early school days

Jungkook early school days

via Amino

I bet that as a school boy, Jungkook stood out because he’s actually not quite awkward-looking. Everyone goes through this stage as a kid but I don’t think he had such a phase.

Year 2012: Pre-debut

Jungkook in 2012 pre-debut

via Facebook

Before his debut as an artist, Jungkook got dance training in Los Angeles. I say he’s quite a confident kid and it shows in his smile, his appearance and how he carries himself. This is the face of a boy ready for stardom.

Year 2013: BTS debut

Jungkook in 2013 debut in BTS

via Twitter

Jungkook debuted on BTS with the release of the single “2 Cook 4 Skool.” He sported a trendier hairstyle and still kept the single earrings. He looks quite hip and cool, which explains why girls swoon when they see him.

Year 2015: He likes earrings

Jungkook in 2015

via Pinterest

Jungkook and his friends from BTS roused the fans at the KBS Song Festival Red Carpet. To some people, this whole appearance with the earrings on both ears and the long fringes on his hair might look too feminine but I think this is part of the band’s appeal. I could see that he had light pink lipstick on and there’s nothing wrong with this. It clicks with the girls.

Year 2017: The glasses look

Jungkook in 2017

via Twitter

Jungkook keeps the same hairstyle length all these years but for this look, he went with a lighter brown tint and some hints of purple. I like this look, actually, and I like the multiple earrings as well.

The rounded eyeglasses also went well with the shape of his face. This boy has style or has a good stylist on his team!

Year 2018: Red pink hair

Jungkook in 2018

via Pinterest

Jungkook went with red anime hair when BTS performed at the Mnet Asian Music Awards. I think he looks a bit mature with this hair color though.

Year 2019: Keeping it formal

At the Seoul Music Awards, Jungkook walked the red carpet in a dignified tuxedo. He kept his hairstyle simple. The earrings, however, still say — “I’m a Kpop superstar!”


More info about Jungkook

Real Name: Jeon Jeong-guk

Korean Name: 전정국

Birthday: 1 September 1997

Star Sign: Virgo

Birth Place: Mandeok-dong, Busan, South Korea

Nationality: South Korean

Race / Ethnicity: Korean

Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer, Rapper

Net Worth: $8 Million

Relationship: Unknown

Children: None

Height: 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)

Weight: 70 kg (154 lbs)

Shoe Size: 9 (US)

Natural Hair Color: Black

Natural Eye Color: Dark Brown



Regardless of what has been said or speculated about Jungkook’s plastic surgery, I don’t think he’s had any cosmetic adjustments. He doesn’t need those, for now, because he’s just growing into this more adult, more manly physique and overall appearance.

So, I still think his transformation has been a natural process from puberty to adulthood. If he had some help with cosmetics, it’s limited to makeup or a good skin care routine.

It’s likely he won’t be needing the help of a plastic surgeon in a long time. First, he’s naturally good-looking and his flaws — like the imperfect nose and the tiny eyelids — can be overlooked. Second, he still a long way from showing signs of aging.

This kid’s got the whole package in the appearance department. No wonder he’s got millions of fans screaming for him!

(Featured Image Source: Facebook)

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Has Lionel Richie Had Plastic Surgery?



Lionel Richie

Best known for top hits like “Hello” and “All Night Long,” Lionel Richie is one of the biggest music artists of funk and soul (or R&B).

With a solid and award-winning career in music spanning 50 years, he is still performing at music festivals and collaborating with younger musicians today.

But in his years of visibility as a celebrity, there’s another thing evident about Lionel, aside from his talent. I can’t help but notice that the singer has stopped aging.

Seriously, his face hardly shows wrinkles and the singer is almost 70 years old. So unless he has some kind of legendary genes then I’m sure he has a few youth reviving secrets hidden under his belt.

Time for some investigation!

I mean…if you have a successful career for half a century like he did, you’d be privileged to have the best plastic surgeons to help you look good too, right?

Did Lionel Richie Have Botox?

Lionel Richie Botox Before and After

Lionel clearly has more natural lines in his younger days, but for some reason, his face in the after photo looks a lot smoother and is literally line-free.

While it may be true that “Black don’t crack,” people also don’t age in reverse. So, why does Lionel look younger then? It’s easy — he could be getting botox!

Has Lionel Had a Facelift?

Lionel Richie Facelift Before and After

If Lionel’s face gets regular botox, then I bet he gets a facelift as well. His face in this after picture looks tighter and stretched.

Don’t know about you, but I see an obvious “lift” on the upper part of his face, the cheeks and forehead.

Did He Get a Hair Transplant?

Lionel Richie Hair Transplant Before and After

Lionel has kept his trademark lush and curly hair over the years. But these before and after photos tell me that he had some thinning moments.

Was this an early sign of hair loss? I think so and looks like he caught it early too, and was able to correct his receding hairline through a hair transplant procedure.

What about a Nose Job?

Lionel Richie Nose Job Before and After

Although Lionel was a vital figure in making “We Are the World” a worldwide phenomenon along with Michael Jackson, he certainly left his own nose alone (Sorry Michael).

There’s nothing different here to see so no rhinoplasty to me.

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Lionel Richie: Then and Now

To gather more evidence of Lionel Richie plastic surgeries, let’s go over his physical changes over the years. You should be able to tell if he’s aging naturally by the end of this.

Young Lionel

Young Lionel Richie

via Pinterest

Here’s a throwback photo of Lionel in high school. Doesn’t he look like a decent chap a mother can be proud of with his tie and wire-rimmed glasses?

Year 1968: The Commodores

Lionel in 1968

via Reddit

Lionel was the vocalist of the Motown group Commodores. He had big afro hair, which was the trend at that time, and wore a mustache that would later become his signature look.

Commodore members wore slick costumes that left a lasting impression on their fans. These futuristic clothes don’t look bad for Richie at all. I think he wore the costumes well.

Year 1982: Going Solo

Lionel Richie 80s

via Pinterest

Lionel went solo as a music artist and became very successful during the 80s. He grew his curly hair longer, which was actually the “cool” hairstyle for African Americans of this decade.

Lionel also wore this thick mustache, called a Chevron, that made him look more manly. The singer’s way of dressing up was always refined and polished. He had a preppy style with his cardigans and collared shirts.

Year 1996: Short and Tidy

Lionel Richie in 1996


Lionel has always been a well-dressed man and because of his height and slim frame, I think he could actually pass off as a model if the singing did not work out. He looks dashing in this all-black coat and turtleneck ensemble.

His hair has been trimmed to a tidy cut but he changed his facial hair. The Chevron is gone but I think he looks way better with this circle beard.

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Year 2000: First Taste of Botox?

Lionel Richie 2000

via Youtube

The singer launched his comeback with the album “Renaissance,” after having no hits for a while.  But something about Lionel looks different in this album cover. 

I think he may have gotten his first taste of facial fillers.

Lionel also appears to have lighter skin too. Did he try bleaching as well or is this just the lighting or editing of the picture?

Year 2006: Like a 30 Year Old

Lionel Richie 2006

via Twitter

After another album release that went on to the Billboard 200, Lionel still proved he’s one of the top-selling singers in the world.

He also showed that he’s got an anti-aging secret (I think it’s facelift) because Lionel looks younger than ever in this photo. The flawless facial skin belied his real age because he’s about 57 here and yet he looks like a 30-year-old.

Year 2014: A Legend

Lionel Richie in 2014


Named a Legend of Live by Billboard Awards for his work in music, Lionel may as well be named as the celebrity with the most legendary skin. Now in his 60s, Lionel still looks younger than his actual age even with some traces of wrinkles. The lines on his neck are also more prominent here.

He’s gone back to wearing a Chevron but he has updated it with a tiny boxed beard on his lower lip. He kept the same neat, short and curly hairstyle for decades that it would be hard to forget this image.

Year 2018: Too Much Injections?

Lionel Richie 2018


Lionel is now nearing 70 years old in this photo but I think that he has gone overboard with the botox. His cheeks are too puffy and there’s a slight bump in his forehead. Maybe it’s time Lionel dial down on the cosmetic enhancements before it looks too unnatural.

He wanted to launch his own cosmetic line

As far as I can recall, the singer has not addressed any plastic surgery rumors about him in interviews. He has also not talked about his skin care regime at length.

But back in 2016, there were reports he’s launching his own line of cosmetics and face masks after filing for a trademark for “Hello By Lionel Richie.”

Clearly, he’s conscious of taking care of his skin and his appearance.


Let’s wrap it up!

Like many celebrities, I think Lionel Richie has had cosmetic procedures. Despite his privileged lifestyle, his ageless appearance couldn’t possibly be the product of genetics. I honestly think he has a surgeon hidden in his phone book.

The photos of his transformation cannot lie. I believe he’s had botox and he may have had a facelift or an eyelift. If true, Lionel’s early procedures were subtle and at least very natural-looking.

However, I’ve got to admit that he could be taking too much stock on this obsession since his latest botox face doesn’t look natural anymore. Perhaps, it’s time for Lionel to accept he can no longer fight aging and let nature take its course.

What do you think?

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Male Singers

Do You Like Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery?



Kenny Roger Plastic Surgery Before and After

There is something about Kenny Rogers that goes deeper than his voice.

No, it has nothing to do with the wrinkles on his face and although they used to be quite deep, thanks to plastic surgery, he’s been able to keep his charm even at an old age of 79. Quite impressive to be honest.

With more than 120 hit singles across various music genres, especially country music and with over 100 million records sold worldwide, Kenny Rogers is one of the best selling music artists in the United States.

While nobody would doubt his singing talent, what most of his fans want to know is…

How many plastic surgeries has he done?

Take a look at his response below:

Yup, he’s definitely got a lot of money and time, especially now that he’s officially retired.

But would he take on any more procedures? We’re not too sure.

What we are most interested in, however, is to see his transformation throughout the years and witness how cosmetic surgeries has been able to help this elderly man release such charisma.

Before & After Photos

Kenny Rogers 1957Source: Youtube / TheLimePopsicle

Year 1957 – This was year Kenny released his very first solo, “That Crazy Feeling”. He was just 19 years old and you can see he had some very distinctive facial features with nice jawbones, thick eyebrows, and a long chin.

Kenny 1967Source

Year 1967 – Kenny Rogers along with Mike Settle, Terry Williams, Kin Vassy and Thelma Camacho, formed their own band “The First Edition”. He started to grow beard and mustache which became iconic to him throughout his career.

Kenny 1968Source: Youtube / Dave Harris

Year 1968 – Kenny Rogers and The First Edition band became a hit throughout the late 1960s and early 1970s. Perhaps success took the better of him as you can see he’s grown a bit of weight here and the fat is appearing on his face. Luckily, he had the beard to cover the tracks, otherwise, his big nose and small eyes would have looked worse.

Kenny 1976Source: Youtube / Mike Eder

Year 1976 – After disbanding with the First Edition, Kenny went on a solo career at age 38 where he released several major hits such as “Love Lifted Me”, “Lucille” and the multi-platinum selling album, “The Gambler”.

Here he is performing on stage with his dear friend, Dolly Parton who also became a plastic surgery enthusiast. Age is catching up to him as you can see his hair and beard have now turned grey, but at this moment, we haven’t seen any major changes to his image so it’s unlikely that he’s had procedures before this year.

Kenny Rogers 1985 InterviewSource: Youtube / Farm Aid

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Year 1985 – Janet Tyson interviews Kenny Rogers at the Farm Aid concert in Champaign, Illinois. You can see that Kenny is experiencing what most middle-aged man feared most, and that is hair thinning. So if you noticed his hair growing back anytime after this, then that’ll be signs of hair transplant.

Kenny 1990Photo Credit: Getty Images

Year 1990 – Here’s Kenny with his ex-wife, Marianne Gordon. Given that Kenny had a rather chubby face in this one, so we doubt he needed any Botox or fillers during this time. In saying that, because of the beard around his jawline so we can’t really tell if his chin is sagging either. However, you can definitely see the wrinkles around his eyes and forehead.

Kenny 1998Source

Year 1998 – Finally! Kenny decided to remove some of his trademark beards and we all get to see his jaw bone once again. At 60 years of age and the fact that he’s not much of an exercise person, you’ll have to wonder if he’s had a facelift during this time. Otherwise, why would he cut his beard? His facial skin does look pretty firm here…

Kenny Rogers 2001

Year 2000 – At 62 years old, Kenny is certainly living up to his age. Just look at those cracks on the top of his brows! Not even the professional makeup artists at the venue were able to hide those from the crowd. His face is also starting to sag and his jaw is becoming non-existent.

Kenny 2003Photo Credit: Mike Carroll / Source

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Year 2003 – At the 2003 CMA Awards in Nashville, Tennessee. You can clearly see that Kenny has had an eye lift surgery. His double eyelids have grown dramatically in size, like almost 1 cm apart from the top to bottom. His skin also looks fantastic and those heavy wrinkles on his forehead have disappeared.

Judging from this picture alone, it’s very likely that Kenny Rogers had a facelift, a browlift, a blepharoplasty to help him reverse his aging. Perhaps Botox injections might have also come into play here.

Kenny 2006Photo Credit: Dwight McCann

Year 2006 – Kenny told people magazine that he wasn’t happy about his eye surgery as they were too tight around his eyelids. His wife, Wanda, said they look great and to be honest, we kinda agree.

Another secret he let out was that he actually had plastic surgery quite early in his career. Even though he didn’t go into specific details but since he was so self-conscious about the public’s opinions on his weight, we’re guessing he might’ve had liposuction procedures to control it.

Kenny 2010Do you like Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery?

Year 2010 – Not sure about you, but Kenny Rogers seems to look better the older he gets. Remember you’re talking about a 72-year-old man here and without a doubt, any men would be happy to look this handsome even at age 70.

Kenny 2015Photo Credit: CMT

Year 2015 – This was the year Kenny decided to hang up his boots, announcing his retirement after his farewell tour named “The Gambler’s Last Deal”, which will conclude in 2017. Here he was accepting the honor for being the CMT Artist of a Lifetime Award. Fully deserved!

Kenny Rogers 2017Photo Credit:

Year 2017 – Being the final year of his farewell tour, Kenny is reaching the end of his amazing 40 year career in the entertainment business. He plans to spend more time with his family after this so it looks like he won’t be needing any more aesthetic surgery.

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More Information About Kenny Rogers:

Real Name: Kenneth Donald Rogers

D.O.B: 21st August 1938

Star Sign: Leo

Birth Place: Houston, Texas, United States Of America

Occupation: Actor, Author, Music Artist, Singer-Songwriter, Music Producer

Net Worth: $250 Million

Nationality: American

Race / Ethnicity: Irish

Relationship: Married To Wanda Miller

Children: Christopher Cody Rogers, Jordan Edward Rogers, Kenny Rogers Jr, Justin Charles Rogers, Carole Rogers

Height: 1.82m (5ft 11in)

Weight: 82kg (181 lbs)

Body Built: Average

Chest Size: Unknown

Arm Size (Bicep): Unknown

Waist Size: Unknown

Shoe Size: Unknown

Natural Hair Color: Dark Brown

Natural Eye Color: Hazel


Kenny Roger Plastic Surgery Before and After


Final Words

Kenny is no doubt a superstar in everyone’s heart and although he has resorted to plastic surgery in the past, he did it in a very subtle and enhancing way…which is also the best way.

He has demonstrated to many males out there that through proper cosmetic procedures, anyone can maintain their youth for a period of time. Even though he has reached the end of his musical journey, but we sincerely wish him all the happiness and family joy for many more years to come.

Finally, thank you, Kenny, for giving us so many great songs and memories!

Do you like the changes on his face?

Do you prefer the old Kenny Rogers?

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