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Lionel Richie: Before and After

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Best known for top hits like “Hello” and “All Night Long,” Lionel Richie is one of the biggest music artists of funk and soul (or R&B).

Aside from his talent. I can’t help but notice that the singer has stopped aging.

Seriously, his face is hardly showing wrinkles and he is over 70 years old.

So, unless he has some kind of legendary genes then I’m sure he has a few youth reviving secrets under his belt.

Time for some investigation!

If you have a successful career for half a century, you’d be privileged to have the best plastic surgeons to help you look good, right?

Did Lionel Richie Have Botox?

Lionel Richie Botox Before and After

Lionel clearly has more natural lines in his younger days, but for some reason, his face in the after photo looks a lot smoother and is literally line-free.

While it may be true that “Black don’t crack,” people also don’t age in reverse. So, why does Lionel look younger then? It’s easy — he could be getting botox!

Has Lionel Had a Facelift?

Lionel Richie Facelift Before and After

If Lionel’s face gets regular botox, then I bet he gets a facelift as well. His face in this after picture looks tighter and stretched.

Don’t know about you, but I see an obvious “lift” on the upper part of his face, the cheeks and forehead.

Did He Get a Hair Transplant?

Lionel Richie Hair Transplant Before and After

Lionel has kept his trademark lush and curly hair over the years. But these before and after photos tell me that he had some thinning moments.

Was this an early sign of hair loss? I think so and looks like he caught it early too, and was able to correct his receding hairline through a hair transplant procedure.

What about a Nose Job?

Lionel Richie Nose Job Before and After

Although Lionel was a vital figure in making “We Are the World” a worldwide phenomenon along with Michael Jackson, he certainly left his own nose alone (Sorry Michael).

There’s nothing different here to see so no rhinoplasty to me.

Lionel Richie: Then and Now

To gather more evidence about his possible plastic surgeries, let’s go over his physical changes over the years.

Young Lionel

Young Lionel Richie
via Pinterest

Here’s a throwback photo of Lionel in high school. Doesn’t he look like a decent chap a mother can be proud of with his tie and wire-rimmed glasses?

Year 1968: The Commodores

Lionel in 1968
via Reddit

Lionel was the vocalist of the Motown group Commodores. He had big afro hair, which was the trend at that time, and wore a mustache that would later become his signature look.

Commodore members wore slick costumes that left a lasting impression on their fans. These futuristic clothes don’t look bad for Richie at all. I think he wore the costumes well.

Year 1982: Going Solo

Lionel Richie 80s
via Pinterest

Lionel went solo as a music artist and became very successful during the 80s. He grew his curly hair longer, which was actually the “cool” hairstyle for African Americans of this decade.

Lionel also wore this thick mustache, called a Chevron, that made him look more manly. The singer’s way of dressing up was always refined and polished. He had a preppy style with his cardigans and collared shirts.

Year 1996: Short and Tidy

Lionel Richie in 1996

Lionel has always been a well-dressed man and because of his height and slim frame, I think he could actually pass off as a model if the singing did not work out. He looks dashing in this all-black coat and turtleneck ensemble.

His hair has been trimmed to a tidy cut but he changed his facial hair. The Chevron is gone but I think he looks way better with this circle beard.

Year 2000: First Taste of Botox?

Lionel Richie 2000
via Youtube

The singer launched his comeback with the album “Renaissance,” after having no hits for a while.  But something about Lionel looks different in this album cover. 

I think he may have gotten his first taste of facial fillers.

Lionel also appears to have lighter skin too. Did he try bleaching as well or is this just the lighting or editing of the picture?

Year 2006: Like a 30 Year Old

Lionel Richie 2006
via Twitter

After another album release that went on to the Billboard 200, Lionel still proved he’s one of the top-selling singers in the world.

He also showed that he’s got an anti-aging secret (I think it’s facelift) because Lionel looks younger than ever in this photo. The flawless facial skin belied his real age because he’s about 57 here and yet he looks like a 30-year-old.

Year 2014: A Legend

Lionel Richie in 2014

Named a Legend of Live by Billboard Awards for his work in music, Lionel may as well be named as the celebrity with the most legendary skin. Now in his 60s, Lionel still looks younger than his actual age even with some traces of wrinkles. The lines on his neck are also more prominent here.

He’s gone back to wearing a Chevron but he has updated it with a tiny boxed beard on his lower lip. He kept the same neat, short and curly hairstyle for decades that it would be hard to forget this image.

Year 2018: Too Much Injections?

Lionel Richie 2018

Lionel is now nearing 70 years old in this photo but I think that he has gone overboard with the botox. His cheeks are too puffy and there’s a slight bump in his forehead. Maybe it’s time Lionel dial down on the cosmetic enhancements before it looks a bit unnatural.

Year 2020: Still Looking Fantastic

Lionel Richie in 2020
Instagram @ lionelrichie

This is getting ridiculous guys.

At 71, I don’t know how he can still look this good. I know he dyes his hair but the smoothness on his face is on another level. Amazing!

Year 2021: Back In Action

Lionel Richie in 2021
Youtube / American Idol

The American Idol judge is back in the new season 2021 looking just as great. I’m not sure if he’s ever had a neck lift but those layers of skin on the side of his neck actually makes him look more natural.

Year 2022: Simply Ageless

Lionel Richie in 2022
Instagram / lionelrichie

One word. Speechless.

Let’s wrap it up!

Like many celebrities, I think Lionel might have gotten some cosmetic procedures.

Despite his privileged lifestyle, his ageless appearance couldn’t possibly be the product of genetics. So, I think it’s likely that he has a surgeon hidden in his phone book.

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