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Did Jen Selter Get Butt Implants & Cosmetic Surgery?

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Yes, Jen Selter has plastic surgery, but it may not be what you think…

If you have been a big fan of Brazilian Butt Lift Workout, then you’d most definitely have heard of Jen Selter. She is an Instagram sensation who single-handedly invented the hashtag #belfie…which stands for butt selfie!

Since 2012, Jen started her online fitness journey while working as a front desk receptionist for her local gym. She started sharing photos of her workout results on Instagram and within 1 short year, she amassed hundreds of thousands of followers…all thanks to her attractive, firm and toned butt.

Many of her followers also wanted to have a butt like hers, although some have suggested that her bum shape is nothing more than a good cosmetic surgery using butt implants or injections.

So are these rumors real or fake?

Let’s find out!

Before and After

In order to prove whether Jen Selter has butt augmentation and any other types of plastic surgeries, we’ll need to go through some of her before and after photos.

Nose Job Confirmed!

This may come as a surprise to some, but Jen Selter is no stranger to plastic surgery. In fact, she had her first nose job done at a young age of 15. Back then, she was being bullied because of the size of her nose, but thanks to the rhinoplasty procedure that she’s undergone….her life has taken a dramatic turn for the better!

Jen Selter Nose Job Before & After - Front ViewFront View: Jen had a rather weird nose shape when she was young.
(Image: Todayshow.com)

According to the people magazine who done an article on Jen, she said she wouldn’t leave the house without strategically using makeup to make her nose look more narrow. She was a victim of online social media abuse because of her abnormally large and wide nasal bridge.

Jen Selter People Magazine

Following the nasty comments on her facebook account, Jen decided that it was time to make a change. She first visited a therapist to be emotionally prepared before getting the surgery done by a New York plastic surgeon. After the procedure, she said she’s much more comfortable with herself, happier and more confident (as we can all see…)

Jen Selter Nose Job Before & After - Side ViewSide View: What a big difference! (Image: Todayshow.com)

You’ve got to admit that her doctor has done an incredible job with her entire nose contour. Just look how beautiful her nose bridge and nose tip is after the surgery.

Jen’s Butt Selfie Comparison

Jen Selter Butt Implants Before and After?(Source: Instagram / jenselter)

Jen posted this before and after comparison photo showing the world how anyone can achieve a bigger butt through hard work and dedication. This was the result of her “butt focused” workouts from 2010 and 2014.

For those who haven’t followed her accounts, her exercise schedules, and routines. would most likely think that she’s got cosmetic enhancement done to her buttock. Given that she’s always had a small waist, so for ‘that’ to happen just seems like a miracle for many females.

Did Jen have breast implants?

Jen Selter Breast Implants?Jen’s upper body before and after 1 year.

Some of Selter’s followers reckons that she’s had a boob job so we did the above comparison to see whether this is real or not. You can see an obvious difference to the size of her boobs from 2013 to 2014…so what exactly happened during this year? Did she invent a totally new breast workout that can increase a women’s bra size?


Jen’s beauty transformation through the years

Year 2013

Jen 2013Source: Facebook / JenLselter

Here is Jen trying to choose her next workout music. Some of her favorite artists include Rihanna, Drake, 2 Chainz, and Lil Wayne. She loves hearing energetic music such as hip hop and RnB while working her butt off!

Year 2014

Jen 2014Source: Facebook / JenLselter

This squat exercise is one of her most trained workouts and also a famous pose of hers. The fact that she’s wearing hot pink yoga pants, shoes and grey top makes the contrast of this photos even better. Nevertheless, this girl certainly knows how to take some beautiful shots!

Jen Selter 2014 working out in a gymSource: Facebook / JenLselter

Here’s another picture of Jen hitting the gym. According to several sources, because Selter has such a busy schedule with modeling, working for endorsements and everything, she mainly works out in the middle of the night. So regardless if her butt is real or fake, this lady certainly understands that success is all about hard work.

Year 2015

Jen 2015Source: Facebook / JenLselter

Despite having the perfect butt, Jen has worked extremely hard to maintain her body weight and firmness for other parts of her body. Just take a look at that waistline and stomach! Even though you can achieve similar results through tummy tuck and liposuction procedures, but her abs appear to be very natural here.

Jen Selter showing her face in 2015Source: Facebook / JenLselter

If you’re one of her Instagram, Facebook or Twitter followers, then you’ll realize how rare it is for Jen to post pictures of her face on her social media accounts. We don’t really get it because she has a beautiful face shape, although it may have been cosmetically enhanced especially around her cheekbones, chin and jawlines.

According to Jen, she believes that her fans don’t really care about her face so that’s why she mainly just post pics of her body. (No Jen…we care, but yes…we like your body shots too!)

Year 2016

Jen Selter 2016Source: Facebook / JenLselter

Even though Jen follows a really strict workout plan and routine, one of her secrets of success has to be her understanding of photography. She knows how to find beautiful backgrounds and sceneries to pose for her Instagram photos. Not to mention her hundred pairs of Yoga pants which she uses to compliment her buttfies.

Year 2017

Jen 2016 Full Body ShotSource: Facebook / JenLselter

There’s a good reason why so many people think Jen Selter’s butt is the work of fat grafting (also known as fat transfer injection). If you look at her full body from the neck down, her entire upper body is slim especially her waist and then you go down to her bottom and suddenly, it’s like BOOM!

Jen 2017Source: Facebook / JenLselter

She is also known to do some of the most difficult poses on the internet while showing off her amazing curves. Here’s one where she’s doing push ups with her legs hanging onto the slings.

Year 2018

Jen 2018Source: Instagram / jenselter

Is it just us or is Jen’s butt getting bigger and more divine every year? Before you scream another case of plastic surgery, we just want you to know that she’s now offering to teach anyone how to get a butt like hers via the Fitplan App. Now whether you’re able to achieve the same results as her….we honestly don’t know.

And if you want to see a glimpse of her butt in action, here’s a little fitness video for you.

More Information About Jen Selter:

  • Real Name: Jennifer Leigh Selter
  • Birthday: 8th August 1993
  • Star Sign: Leo
  • Birth Place: Roslyn, New York, United States
  • Occupation: Lifestyle Influencer, Fitness Model
  • Net Worth: $1 Million
  • Nationality: American
  • Race / Ethnicity: Jewish
  • Relationship: Unknown
  • Children: N/A
  • Height: 1.68 m (5 ft 7 in)
  • Weight: 54 kg (119 lbs)
  • Body Measurement: 34-23-36 Inches
  • Bra Size: 32B
  • Natural Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Natural Eye Color: Hazel

What does Jen Selter have to say about cosmetic surgery?

In 2013, she has done an interview with Elle magazine and when she was told that people think her butt is cartoonishly perfect, in other words….fake. Here’s how she responded:

If you’re gonna say it’s fake, it’s like, Thank you! I have seen fake asses and they look nothing like mine.

You have to wonder whether she’s referring to Nicki’s butt….or Kim’s, but she did honestly mention something about using good camera angles. (But then….what about photoshop?)

In 2014, she was faced with a similar question from the New York Post and here’s what she said:

I’ve seen fake butts, and they’re very nice. My body’s all real…from boobs down

In April 2017, Jen was asked by New Beauty whether she could tell if someone had a butt procedure vs someone who does the work in a gym. Here’s how she replied:

I believe people should do what makes them happy because that’s the most important thing in life. I personally prefer the natural look, because I feel accomplished knowing I worked hard to reach goals I’ve set for myself.

And just when you think the media would eventually give up, she was asked by Women’s Health UK if she would do a Kim Kardashian have a bum X-ray to prove her authenticity.

“I thought of doing that, but why should I have to do that to disprove something that is so obviously false? My butt is not even big enough to be fake. If it is big enough to look fake, I’d take that as a compliment.

She then goes on by inspiring others that anyone can get to where she’s at through consistency

I have a body that anyone could have if they work hard and work out consistently. I’m a normal girl and I like to go to the gym, get my workout in and feel good about myself. Staying natural is what it’s all about.

Too bad you don’t say the same thing about your nose…but hey it looks beautiful now, doesn’t it?


Besides her publicly declared rhinoplasty surgery, there wasn’t much other work that we could see on her face. Her lips look similar to before so we’ll rule out any lip fillers. However, she does have beautiful skin so we’re unsure whether it’s good hydration, cosmetic skin care or makeup. She’s just too young to need Botox or facelift.

There was an instance, however, that suggest she may have had work done on her breasts, but given that it’s all about camera angles these days…so it’s difficult to confirm.

As to her lower body, it just seems strange for someone as slender as her to have such an amazingly bubbly butt. However, as she mentioned before, your butt is one big giant muscle so it’s not unlikely that someone with dedication like her to achieve such results.

What do you think?

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