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Lala Anthony, Before and After

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It’s been a while since I first saw Lala Anthony and she has changed so much!

I can only assume that she’s had plastic surgery but I’ll try to find evidence to back it up too. After all, this is how we do things here.

You should know that by now.

Before & After Photos

I’ve done some investigation below to see if I’m right about Lala. Let’s take a quick look below.

Did Lala Anthony have a nose job?

Lala Anthony nose job before and after photo

I’ll probably be lying if I told you her nose doesn’t look different.

Lala used to have a rounder nose shape and a slightly bulbous nose tip too. This has changed and I think a nose job could be the reason.

It looks good though.

Has Lala had botox injections?

Lala Anthony botox before and after photo

I’m not too convinced on this one.

It’s true that Lala’s face looks a bit plumped here but she seem to have gained some weight too. So, it’s hard to determine if botox is the cause.

To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if she does use fillers but I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Did she get a boob job?

Lala Anthony boob job before and after photo

There is not much differences in Lala’s boob size so I don’t think she has done anything to enhance it.

In other words, it’s unlikely that Lala has gotten breast implants as far as I can tell.

Did Lala have a butt lift?

Lala Anthony butt lift before and after photo

I’m sure there are many question marks when it comes to Lala’s butt.

Yes, her rear end looks abnormally large so if you ask me whether she got an enlargement, I’m guessing a yes.

What about you?

Transformation (Then and Now)

Let’s see how Lala has changed over the years.

Lala childhood

Lala Anthony childhood photo
via Pinterest

She was certainly a sweet looking girl.

Those natural curly hair are gorgeous too!

Lala in 2002

Lala Anthony 2002
via Reddit

This is probably the only time I’ve seen La La with short hair and I like it.

Lala in 2005

Lala Anthony 2005
via Twitter

Perhaps it’s the lack of makeup because she looks very different in this picture.

Lala in 2008

Lala Anthony 2008
via Pinterest

What a transformation!

Lala has clearly lost weight here but I wonder if it was the result of liposuction or hard work?

Lala in 2012

Lala Anthony 2012
via Facebook

Can you see how different her nose looks when she smiles?

It’s gorgeous if I’m honest.

Lala in 2015

Lala Anthony 2015

Here is a better look. Nice and pointy.

If this was makeup, then I guess this woman has skills.

Lala in 2018

Lala Anthony 2018

Looks like she started putting back on some weight during this period.

Lala in 2022

Lala Anthony 2022
Instagram @Lala

Of course, we have another beautiful lady who happens to look like a Kardashian.


I think you can see it too.

There are some signs of cosmetic surgery showing on Lala’s face and body. While she has never admitted to having any procedures, I just find it hard to believe how these changes can happen naturally.

Maybe I’m wrong. Who knows.

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