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Olivia Rodrigo, Before and After

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She basically grew up in front of us.

That’s why if Olivia Rodrigo had plastic surgery then I’m sure some of us would notice it. But it’s hard to judge without doing some investigation.

Just like this.

Before & After Photos

We have done some side by side comparisons to see if Olivia had any procedures. Take a look below.

Has Olivia Rodrigo had a nose job?

Olivia Rodrigo nose job before and after photo

From what I can see, Olivia’s nose shape looks very similar in both pictures.

You can see it from the nose tip to the bridge bone so this tells me that a nose job did not happen. That is a confirmation for me.

Did she have lip injections?

Olivia Rodrigo lip injections before and after photo

Her lips look the same to me.

In fact, Olivia has beautiful lips so I don’t think she wants to mess with lip fillers. I hope she never will.

Did Olivia get breast implants?

Olivia Rodrigo breast implants before and after photo

This wasn’t so easy to determine.

One thing that stopped me on my tracks was Olivia’s age. She’s only 18 and her breast size could still be growing.

So if you ask me, I don’t think she got a boob job. The reason why her boobs look smaller at times is because of the way she dressed.


Let’s take a look at how Olivia has changed over the years.

Olivia childhood

Olivia Rodrigo childhood
Instagram / oliviarodrigo

Olivia in 2015

Olivia Rodrigo 2015
via Pinterest

Olivia in 2018

Olivia Rodrigo 2018
via Pinterest

Olivia in 2020

Olivia Rodrigo 2020
via Twitter

Olivia in 2021

Olivia Rodrigo 2021


I think Olivia is a natural beauty.

While she’s at a legal age to get cosmetic surgery, I just don’t think she has got into it yet.

Let’s see what happens in the near future.

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