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Korean Singer IU: Before and After

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I have heard many rumors about IU having plastic surgery and it kind of surprised me.

Personally, I think Korean singer is very natural looking.

So, I would like to get to the bottom of it.

Right now.

Before & After Photos

Did IU have a nose job?

IU nose job before and after photo

I’m going to say “no” here.

IU’s nose shape is quite flat when you look at it from the front angle.

Her nose tip and both side of the wings look similar too. These features has not changed.

So, I don’t think she had a nose job.

Has IU had an eyelid surgery?

IU eyelid surgery before and after photo

IU was born with double eyelids.

In saying that, her eyes do look bigger these days but I have a feeling that she may use using big eye contact lenses to achieve this effect.

What about you?

Did IU get a boob job?

IU boob job before and after photo

I believe IU’s boobs are natural.

There was nothing to indicate that she had breast implants.

Her breast size is in perfect harmony with the rest of her body. I believe they are real and she will keep it that way.

Did IU have a butt lift?

IU butt lift before and after photo

There is nothing fake about IU’s body.

Her butt, whether it’s the shape or size, looks natural to me.

A butt lift is less common in Korea so I don’t believe she had one.

Has IU had a jawline surgery?

IU jawline surgery before and after photo

We may be onto something here.

IU used to have a wider jawline but for some reason, it is now looking slimmer.

If this wasn’t part of her natural transformation, then she might have gotten a jaw reduction surgery to achieve this.

Botox is another possibility as it can also give IU a smaller face shape and a pointier chin.

Transformation (Then and Now)

Let’s see how IU’s appearance has evolved over the years.

IU’s Childhood

IU childhood days
Instagram @ dlwlrma

As a child, IU had big rounded eyes and looked so adorable.

Although minimal, she clearly had eyelids too.

IU during school years

IU during her school years
via Pinterest

I must admit, IU wasn’t exactly a stand out in her early teens.

IU’s Pre-Debut

IU pre debut
Source: Youtube / Geraldine Lamparas

Before she debuted, IU had a noticeable gap between her front teeth that might have been fixed with braces.

IU in 2008

IU 2008
via Twitter

At 15 years old, Lee Ji-eun joined LOEN Entertainment and soon released her first song “Lost Child.”

She still had baby fat as a teenager with much rounder face cheeks.

IU in 2011

IU in 2011
via Pinterest

18 year old IU arriving at the red carpet looking like a princess in black.

IU in 2014

IU in 2014
via Facebook

Deliberate or not, IU attempted to look more mature with the red lipstick and fashionable choker. It appears she wanted to show the world she’s no longer just the little sister of South Korea.

IU in 2018

IU in 2018
via Pinterest

IU’s face suddenly looks thinner.

This V-shaped jawline wasn’t there before. Did she lose weight, or is this something else?

IU in 2022

IU in 2022
Instagram @ dlwlrma

I can’t believe this woman is almost 30.

Her skin is so white, smooth and youthful.


This Korean singer is definitely looking better.

While everything on her face and body appears natural, I’m suspecting cosmetic surgery on her jawline which may explain her improved face shape.

Of course, IU has never admitted it and this is only speculation.

You can decide for yourself.

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