Bella Thorne

Actress and singer Bella Thorne, whose real name is Annabella Avery Thorne, started out as a child model and Disney star. Being exposed to the spotlight early on has made Bella pretty much a seasoned actress when it comes to looking good and hot in front of the camera.

But as she has been living the Hollywood life since the age of six, Bella’s pretty face and young body have also been the subject of much public scrutiny. Critics think that Bella has been getting plastic surgery in her teens, but the actress has never admitted to anything.

As fans saw Bella transform from a sweet child to a controversial young star, talks about what’s real or fake about her appearance sparked. Her boob size has become a frequent subject of rumors, especially after she got cozy during a holiday with reality TV star Scott Disick in 2017.

Bella was photographed with the guy in a skimpy bathing suit while he touched her shapely breasts. Fans assumed that she had breast implants to please her then-boyfriend.

Besides her possible fake boobs, the star of “The DUFF” has also been rumored to have gotten other cosmetic enhancements including botox, lip fillers, and butt injections. Some doctors even shared concerns about Bella getting a nose job so young in life.

But as always, Bella kept quiet on the rumors.

Before & After Photos

So, did the beautiful Bella Throne get cosmetic surgery to look more mature than her actual age? Was it a deliberate attempt to help her land better projects in Hollywood?

Let’s look at photos before and after she became famous to study her transformation closely. Here we go…

Did Bella Thorne Get A Boob Job?

Did Bella Thorne Get A Boob Job?

Bella’s breasts were flat while growing up, as seen in this before photo. One day, however, she surprised her social media followers when she posted a sexy photo highlighting her fuller chest…and since then the boob job rumor never stopped.

In a post on Instagram, Bella shared her GQ nude photo that teased a side boob. She said that she specifically asked for the magazine not to retouch her image because she wanted to present her all-natural self.

So, did that statement mean she did not have any breast augmentation? It’s hard to say. Bella’s bra size is actually a 32B but it’s still big for her very slim frame, which is why fans think she underwent the bust changing surgery.

Has She Had A Nose Job?

Has Bella Thorne Had A Nose Job?

Belle’s nose used to be wider with a big and blunt tip. In a matter of years, however, that nose changed and improved as her nasal bridge became a lot slimmer, with a less prominent tip.

Fans suspected that Bella waited to be of-age to get a rhinoplasty and it did improve how her nose looked. If true, then Bella is very fortunate because the wrong nose job could have easily ruined the young girl’s face.

Surely, that can’t be makeup, right?

Does Bella Have Lip Injections?

Does Bella Thorne Have Lip Injections?

A celebrity surgeon told InTouch that he has no doubt Bella’s lips have had procedures. Dr. Gary Goldenberg shared to the magazine that he will not be surprised to know if the young star of “Big Love” is into fillers, because it’s too obvious.

Goldenberg added that the shape of Bella’s mouth is just too big for the anatomy of her face. The lip injections actually made her lips look distorted, so maybe Bella should hold off on this?

Did Thorne Have A Butt Lift?

Did Bella Thorne Have A Butt Lift?

Off all the rumors suggesting Bella’s plastic surgery, it’s stories about her bottom that drew a response from the young star. While fans assumed she had a Brazilian butt lift, Bella shot back at her critics by posting a video of how she actually does her butt exercises on YouTube.

Apparently, Bella’s butt improved in size because she works out a lot. She proclaimed she’s not a fan of women who have to get bum injections or implants to change the size and shape of their derrière.

What Happened To Her Eyebrows?

Did Bella Thorne Get Tattoo Eyebrows?

Bella’s eyes became the subject of headlines recently when she posted a video where she underwent Microblading. This procedure adds volume to the brows. It’s some form of tattoo eyebrows, if you will, and enhances the eye shape without the need for eye makeup.

Now, Bella’s thin and uneven eyebrows appear thicker and in perfect symmetry. Her video made other girls following the star on social media to try Microblading as well.


Bella Thorne Transformation

Early Days

A picture of Bella Thorne as a baby.Source: Pinterest

When she was young, Bella Thorne had chubby cheeks. The baby fat just made her extra cute. We can’t help but gush at this baby picture!

Young Bella Thorne as a childSource: Reddit

Bella was already a professional model as a child, age 10. Look at how pretty she is, even at such a young age, and she had good teeth too, so no need for braces or veneers. Her nose, however, was noticeably bigger for her face.

Year 2010

Bella Thorne 2010Photo Credit: Getty

Appearing in HBO’s “Big Love” and Disney Channel’s “Shake it Up,” Bella had a skinny body as a pre-teener. We dig the ring and necklace and the lime green nail polish! Love her cascading long hair, too! This young girl knows style, right?

Year 2011

Bella Thorne 2011Credit: Michael Buckner / Getty Images

A year later, Bella appeared at a TV event looking a lot more mature for someone who’s supposed to be 14 years old. The wonders of makeup, huh? Bella wore her hair a darker shade of brown color and while her eyes sparkled, it wasn’t hard to notice her thick nose, too.

Year 2012

Bella Thorne 2012Credit: Jesse Grant / Getty Images

A year later, Bella attended the premier of Disney’s “Brave” with a lipstick shade and eye makeup that suited her age. Her eyelids and lips had a touch of light pink — so very youthful!

Year 2013

Bella Thorne 2013Source: Facebook

At the MTV Movie Awards, Bella exuded a sophisticated style with her fancy colorful earrings and sexy ponytail. Her makeup artist put so much volume on her eyelashes, which made her look older again but the subtle contouring highlighted her cheekbones and defined her chin.

Year 2014

Bella Thorne 2014Image Credit: Getty

Bella stepped out of a gym wearing yoga pants. This was apparently how she, then 17 year old, kept her body shape thin and slim, and her waistline smaller. Notice the flat chest? Yup, no boob job….yet?

Year 2015

Bella Thorne 2015Picture Credit: Getty

The following year, Bella turned up at the Elle event with rounder-looking boobs and a bigger breast size. Whether Bella wore a push-up bra or had implants to emphasize her bust, there was no question she had a desire to look different and probably wanted to veer off from her childhood image.

Year 2016

Bella Thorne 2016Credit: Getty Images

The gorgeous singer wore an outfit that revealed her sexy curves at a Netflix Golden Globes party. Her prominent back side ignited rumors of a butt augmentation, which she has denied.

Year 2017

Bella Thorne 2017Credit: Getty Images

Bella went bolder with her looks when she changed her hair color to hot pink and started wearing a nose ring. The move only brought on more talks about her cosmetic procedures.

As the nose job rumor still hasn’t died down. Bella was also suspected to have lip injections and covered it up with a sharp lipstick color to make her lips appear fuller.

Year 2018

Bella Thorne 2018Photo Credit: Phillip Faraone / Getty Images

Bella debuted her inconspicuous heart tattoo with this shoulder-bearing dress at the premiere of “Midnight Sun.” Fans noticed so much has changed in the star’s upper body, particularly the obvious increase in her cup size. Despite years of rumors, Bella is still keeping quiet about her breast lift.

Meanwhile, her lilac eye shadows complimented her whole look. The choice of pink and purples for her dress and makeup, coupled with bright reds for her hair and her lips, showed two sides of her transformation. She’s not a girl anymore, but not quite yet a woman either.


More Information About Bella Thorne:

Real Name: Annabella Avery Thorne

Birthday: 8th October 1997

Star Sign: Libra

Birth Place: Pembroke Pines, Florida, United States

Nationality: American

Race / Ethnicity: Cuban, Irish, Italian, English, German, Welsh

Occupation: Actress, Singer

Net Worth: $5 Million

Relationship: Unknown

Children: None

Height: 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)

Weight: 53 kg (117 lb)

Body Measurement: 34-24-35 Inches

Bra Size: 32B

Dress Size: 6 (US)

Shoe Size: 8 (US)

Natural Hair Color: Blonde

Natural Eye Color: Brown



Even when she’s outspoken on social media, Bella Thorne will likely never address those plastic surgery rumors. Fans think her silence about her breast and butt implants is confirmation enough that she did go under the knife to change her looks and her body.

One cosmetic surgeon even thinks that she had rhinoplasty just by looking at her before and after images. The young actress might’ve gotten lip fillers, too, but the experts also expressed concern that she’s still too young to be constantly getting procedures to look beautiful.

Speaking candidly on Instagram, Bella said that she’s quite insecure about her imperfections, despite becoming a child model and actress at 6. Does that statement justify her need for cosmetic surgeries at such a young age? Her fans don’t think so, but then again it’s Bella’s body and her choices.

What do you think?

(Featured Image Credit: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images)