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Has Jennifer Lawrence Had Plastic Surgery?

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I have a strong feeling about this one.

Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t appear to me as the type of woman who wants to get plastic surgery. In fact, I don’t think she even needs it.

But perhaps it’s better to let the pictures do the talking.

Before & After Photos

I have done some investigation below on Jennifer to see if my intuition is correct. Let’s take a quick look.

Did Jennifer Lawrence have a nose job?

Jennifer Lawrence nose job before and after photo

Yes, Jennifer’s nose looks thinner.

But I think it’s mainly due to contouring and the fact that she has lost some of the baby fat on her face.

This is not a nose job from what I can see.

Has Jennifer had lip injections?

Jennifer Lawrence lip injections before and after photo

You can see it too.

Jennifer’s natural lips are quite thick so she can easily make it look poutier with makeup alone. She doesn’t need lip fillers although I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s tried it.

Did she get botox?

Jennifer Lawrence botox before and after photo

I don’t know about you but all I see are heavy powders and foundation.

That’s probably what’s making Jennifer’s face look puffy here. I don’t think she had botox. At her age, she doesn’t need it either.

What about a boob job?

Jennifer Lawrence boob job before and after photo

I think her boobs are real.

The reason why Jennifer looks more busty at times is due to the way she dresses. She did not have breast implant and most likely never will.

Does Jennifer have butt implants?

Jennifer Lawrence butt implants before and after photo

It’s obvious that Jennifer has a gorgeous body and it looks very natural too.

This includes her butt which I believe is not fake.


Let’s see how Jennifer has changed over the years.

Jennifer as a baby

Jennifer Lawrence when she was a baby

Jennifer Childhood

Jennifer Lawrence childhood

Jennifer as a teenager

Jennifer Lawrence teen

Jennifer in 2005

Jennifer Lawrence 2005

Jennifer in 2008

Jennifer Lawrence 2008

Jennifer in 2010

Jennifer Lawrence 2010

Jennifer in 2015

Jennifer Lawrence 2015

Jennifer in 2020

Jennifer Lawrence 2020

Jennifer in 2022

Jennifer Lawrence 2022


You may not believe this.

But I think Jennifer is a natural beauty who has never touched cosmetic surgery. She’s only in her early 30s so I guess we’ll have to wait longer to see how she deals with aging.

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