Kate Beckinsale

British-born actress Kate Beckinsale achieved Hollywood fame after starring in movies like “Pearl Harbor” and “Serendipity” more than a decade ago. Aside from her acting talent, people also took notice of her beautiful face and hot body shape.

Now in her ’40s, it doesn’t look as though Kate aged a day because her face remains practically wrinkle-free. This has obviously sparked talks that she might have undergone plastic surgery to keep her youthful looks.

In particular, people wonder if Kate has regular botox fillers because it’s amazing how her face remains perfectly firm. And while we’re on the subject – did Kate also have a nose surgery or a boob job? Something about the way she looks today seems to have been altered but like many Hollywood stars, Kate denies that she’s had any work done.

But as this English rose appear so well put together and always picture-perfect during red carpet events, it’s not hard to speculate about the procedures. She simply doesn’t look like a woman who’s got a daughter in college.

So, is there a doctor or plastic surgeon working behind the scene to help Kate remain ageless, just like her famous vampire character in the “Underworld” franchise? Let’s figure it out!

Before & After Photos

Has cosmetic surgery done wonders for Kate Beckinsale or is she really just genetically blessed? Let us examine a few of her before and after photos over the years to determine what’s real or fake about her beauty.

Did Kate Beckinsale Have a Boob Job?

Did Kate Beckinsale Get a Boob Job?

Kate’s boobs have definitely grown in size over the years, as seen in these comparison pictures. Her cleavage was virtually non-existent and her breasts certainly weren’t that full in the earlier photo, but look at the volume and size of her chest in the after photo. Notice the difference?

The changes are quite obvious that it’s easy to speculate that she might’ve had breast implants. If this is true, then to her credit, her improved breast size does look great on her.

Does Kate Have Regular Botox Injections?

Does Kate Bechinsale Have Regular Botox Injections?

There’s no denying that Kate’s face registers so well on screen because she’s simply a natural born hottie. But as she became more mature, some critics are saying that while there’s hardly any wrinkles or lines on her smooth facial skin, she doesn’t show any real expressions either. This is usually a sign that botox might have been used.

Now, if you look at the before and after pics from above, you can see the prominent changes around her mouth area. During her younger days, she had deeper laugh lines whenever she smiles but those lines have gradually disappeared. So how did that happen? We’re guessing face fillers might have been injected under her cheekbones.

So, would you agree that botox injections are preventing Kate from showing real emotions?

Has She Had a Nose Job?

Has Kate Beckinsale Had a Nose Job?

When Kate was younger, her nose used to be a little more bulbous. After an alleged rhinoplasty, however, you can see from this after photo that the tip of her nose and nasal bridge have slimmed down a bit.

Other than that, her nose shape and size have largely remained similar. So, there’s not enough evidence to suggest that she’s had a nose job. If there was a procedure done, then it must have been really subtle, one that only the best plastic surgeons in Hollywood could accomplish. Otherwise, she’s just born with it and lost a bit of baby fat along the way.

What About Her Teeth?

Did Kate Beckinsale Get Dental Veneers For Her Teeth?

Kate’s teeth used to be discolored, as evidenced in this before photo. But now, she proudly displays her pearly whites for the cameras. Kate also appears to have gotten custom-made veneers to improve her gumline. Her upper row used to look elongated but it’s more balanced now. Otherwise, we doubt she needed braces.

Nevertheless, if her gorgeous smile is the result of cosmetic dentistry, then her dentist did an amazing job!


Kate Beckinsale’s Beauty Transformation

Let’s see how Kate’s face and body have changed over the years. This should give us a better idea of whether something unnatural has taken place.


Young Kate Beckinsale as a childSource: Pinterest

Look how cute Kate was as a child with those chubby face cheeks! She had sparkling big eyes and prominent double eyelids. She also had slightly bucked front teeth, so perhaps she did have braces after all.


Kate Beckinsale as a teenagerSource: Pinterest

As a young and pretty teenager, Kate was slim with striking good looks. Even in her teens, her face shape already looked well-proportioned and she had prominent high cheekbones.

Year 1991

Kate Beckinsale 1991Source: Twitter

During 1991, Kate was a budding fresh talent who was about to make her mark at 18 years old on British TV. She still looks like a kid in this photo, despite the mature hairstyle and earrings. Notice the flat chest area? That would change in a few years.

Year 1998

Kate Beckindale 1998Credit: Getty Images

By this year, Kate would move to the United States and create her star in Hollywood at 25 years old. Adulthood opened more doors for her but then plastic surgery rumors became abuzz.

Following her big screen success, people have become fixated on Kate’s facial features, particularly the subtle change on her nose tip. It bears noting that thin eyebrows were on trend during this period and Kate wore hers perfectly.

Year 2003

Kate Beckinsale 2003Source: Facebook

Beckinsale led an action movie that would become her iconic role. As Selena the vampire in “Underworld,” Kate changed to black hair and wore vampire teeth on the set. She also lost weight and had to look skinny on screen because her character wore body-hugging leather pants.

Look at those deep laugh lines on her face though. Yes, she used to have them during the early part of her career.

Year 2008

Kate Beckinsale 2008Photo Credit: Getty

But several years later, if anything changed for Kate when it came to her looks it was that she lost her wrinkles. Five years passed since her “Underworld” franchise took off, her appearance remained consistently young.

She gorgeously graced an awards show with this glamorous updo and makeup. Her blushing cheeks gave her a beautiful natural glow.

Year 2012

Kate Beckinsale 2012Credit: Getty Images

The British actress dressed down for the Grammy Awards but still managed to don an elegant one-shoulder dress that made heads turn. The short gown revealed her shapely legs and fit physique. Her confidence was oozing on the red carpet. But was this entire look the result of a good workout routine or liposuction?

Year 2015

Kate Beckinsale 2015Picture Credit: Getty

There’s something unnatural about Kate when she showed up at the Met Gala. Her face looked kind of froze as if she got her botox overdone. Some critics even said she might’ve just had a facelift days before this event.

With the elegant body piece she wore for this red carpet event, people couldn’t resist how shapely her rear end looked. There have also been talks about her having butt implants, although we highly doubt it.

Year 2018

Kate Beckinsale 2018Image Credit: Getty

The beautiful actress attended the 2018 Oscar party wearing a black deep V dress that showed off her busty cleavage. Since then, a lot of people are convinced that she got a boob job because a push-up effect looked almost impossible inside this dress.

Her face, meanwhile, appeared so fresh and smooth. She hardly looks 45 years old. There were also talks about Kate having lip injection as her lips appear more plump than usual.


What Did Kate Beckinsale Say About Plastic Surgery?

Regarding the rumored breast implants, Kate once told the Sydney Morning Herald that she simply gained weight for a role. In the process, she got bigger boobs:

“I simply put on 20 pounds. Women were a lot more voluptuous in those days. Take a look at Ava in her films. So my boobs grew and so did my arse – but no one was asking me whether I got arse implants. And I haven’t, by the way, and I didn’t get boob implants, either.”

On having her face done, this is what Kate once told Women’s Health magazine:

“I haven’t even done Botox. Look, I can move my face. But according to popular opinion, I’ve had everything on my face replaced. I read somewhere I had my chin replaced. I wouldn’t know the first place to get a chin!”


More Information About Kate Beckinsale:

Real Name: Kathrin Romany Beckinsale

Birthday: 26 July 1973

Star Sign: Leo

Birth Place: Chiswick, London, United Kingdom

Nationality: British

Race / Ethnicity: English, Burmese

Occupation: Actress, Model

Net Worth: $16 Million

Relationship: Unknown

Children: Lily Mo Sheen

Height: 1.7 m (5 ft 7 in)

Average Weight: 54 kg (119 lb)

Body Measurement: 34-23-34 Inches

Bra Size: 32B

Dress Size: 4 (US)

Shoe Size: 10 (US)

Natural Hair Color: Light Brown

Natural Eye Color: Hazel



Despite denying her cosmetic procedures over the years, it’s hard to argue that Kate has had work done based on the transformation photos we’ve seen, especially as she’s now heading towards 50.

We think there’s a good chance that she regularly gets botox to smoothen the wrinkles on her face as this explains why the laugh lines are vanishing under her cheeks. In terms of her cup size, if those aren’t implants then it’s hard to explain why her boobs look so full and firm, although a breast lift procedure is another possibility.

There are also signs that she may have worked on her teeth. However, we don’t think she’s had a nose job despite it being slightly thinner, which could happen naturally with age. We also doubt Kate does anything to other parts of her body besides having a good diet and exercise routine.

Being a movie star, it’s normal to give in to the wonders of science to physically enhance one’s attractiveness. So it’s possible that Kate chose cosmetic surgeries to stay competitive in Hollywood. Although these are speculations, but we couldn’t be surprised if there is a top plastic surgeon on her side.

(Featured Image Credit: Getty)

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