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Kristin Davis: Before and After

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If someone had told me that Kristan Davis had plastic surgery, I wouldn’t be surprised.

In fact, it’ll make more sense.

She looks incredible for her age.

That’s why this “Sex in the City” star deserved our attention.

Before & After Photos

Let’s see if these comparison pictures can tell us if Kristin had any work done.

Did Kristin Davis have botox?

Kristin Davis botox before and after photo

I can see the puffy effect on Kristin’s face and I think it might have come from her botox treatments.

The tightness and volume around her face cheeks are good indicators.

What do you think?

Has Kristin had a facelift?

Kristin Davis facelift before and after photo

It’s obvious that Kristin has done well in anti-aging but I don’t think facelift was part of her strategy. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

But if I had to guess, I’d say that facial filler is her main secret weapon.

Did she have a nose job?

Kristin Davis nose job before and after photo

Kristin has a unique nose shape and I haven’t seen any changes.

This is enough to prove that she did not have a nose job.

What about a boob job?

Kristin Davis boob job before and after photo

When Kristin wore this cleavage-bearing dress in her recent photoshoot, I was impressed.

She has kept her body in top shape but I had my doubts about her breasts.

I don’t think she had breast implants but a lift job is possible. Her boobs seem to be quite firm for someone approaching who is 60.


Let’s take a look at how Kristin has changed over the years.

Kristin Childhood

Kristin Davis childhood photo
via Pinterest

Kristin was born in Colorado and her parents divorced when she was just a baby.

Her mom later married her stepfather and they lived happily ever since.

Kristin in high school

Kristin Davis high school photo
via Twitter

She wanted to be an actress since 9 years old. Can you believe it?

Kristin in 1980s

Kristin Davis in 80s
via Pinterest

What a pretty looking girl! Kristin mainly worked as a waitress during the 80s.

Kristin in 1990s

Kristin Davis in 90s
via Pinterest

Kristin started working in TV dramas in the 90s.

Kristin in 2000

Kristin Davis 2000
via Reddit

Her career took off when Kristin was cast as Charlotte York in the HBO romantic comedy series Sex and the City. I really like this look.

Kristin in 2005

Kristin Davis 2005

Yes, she has a fantastic body so let that sink in.

Kristin in 2010

Kristin Davis 2010
via Facebook

Can you believe this woman is 45? Kristin definitely took care of her skin.

Kristin in 2015

Kristin Davis 2015

I guess signs of aging will show up when you’re 50. It is inevitable.

Kristin in 2020

Kristin Davis 2020

Up until this year, Kristin’s facial expression still looks very natural. You can see that same beautiful smile that never grows old.

Kristin in 2021

Kristin Davis 2021
via Twitter

Okay, I’m seeing some puffy face cheeks here.

Kristin in 2022

Kristin Davis 2022
Instagram / iamkristindavis / newbeauty

Looks like something has dialed down.

But seriously, I’ll be very happy to look this good at 56.


I have laid it out for you.

There are signs showing that Kristin might have gotten cosmetic surgery and I’ll let you decide which one.

Regardless, she looks amazing so whatever has been going on behind the scene is clearly paying off.

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