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Kellyanne Conway: Before and After

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She’s done something to her face!

This was my first reaction when I saw Kellyanne Conway on TV the other day. This woman has completely reversed her age.

She looks a lot younger and her skin is near flawless.

If I had to guess, plastic surgery is the only possible explanation.

Before & After Photos

It’s all speculation at this point but we will be doing an investigation. Let’s dive in.

Did Kellyanne Conway have botox?

Kellyanne Conway botox before and after photo comparison

There was a period when Kellyanne looked old, tired and wrinkly.

However, that quickly changed and botox could be the reason.

You can see the extra volume on her face cheeks. The lines and folds around that area has greatly reduced too.

Has Kellyanne Conway had a facelift?

Kellyanne Conway facelift before and after photo comparison

I might be exaggerating here but Kellyanne’s face was sagging.

Her facial skin was losing elasticity and heading in one direction. Down.

A facelift can certainly correct this and Kellyanne most likely took this option. Her skin now looks more tightened and lifted.

Did Kellyanne Conway get an eye lift surgery?

Kellyanne Conway eyelift before and after photo

There was a period when Conway’s eyes look rather droopy.

Her right eye in particular wasn’t symmetrical with her left and she had uneven eyelids.

They look much better today.

So, I think Kellyanne might have gotten had an eyelift or an asymmetrical procedure to correct it.

Kellyanne Conway: Then and Now

Let’s see Kellyanne’s transformation over the years.

Kellyanne’s childhood

Young Kellyanne Conway as a child
Source: Pinterest

Kellyanne was very cute as a child and with a cheeky smile too.

Kellyanne as a teenager

Kellyanne Conway as a teen
Source: Twitter

As a teen, Kellyanne had a chubbier face. She also had a prominent chin and a distinctive nose shape which she has kept untouched.

Kellyanne in high school

Kellyanne Conway was a cheerleader back then
Source: Pinterest

Who would have thought that Kellyanne was a cheerleader in high school?

Not me.

Kellyanne in the 80s

Kellyanne Conway 18 years old
Source: Reddit

This was Conway when she was 18 years old and I must admit, she was pretty.

Kellyanne in 1995

Kellyanne Conway 1995
Source: Youtube

Kellyanne started her own polling firm as a 28-year-old and regularly appeared on television as a panelist in talk shows.

Kellyanne in 2001

Kellyanne Conway 2001
Source: Pinterest

Here is a rare picture of Kellyanne looking absolutely gorgeous in her wedding dress.

Kellyanne in 2008

Kellyanne Conway 2008
Source: Youtube

Conway has matured into a 40-year-old woman following four kids, a happy marriage, and a successful career.

Aging has officially knocked on her door too.

Year 2014

Kellyanne Conway 2014
Source: Pinterest

Her eye bags were growing darker and heavier.

I don’t think she’s had any cosmetic work done up until this point.

Kellyanne in 2016

Kellyanne Conway in 2016
Image Source: Fox News

When Kellyanne showed up on Fox with drooping eyelids, people speculated that she was recovering from an eyelift.

They have a point.

Kellyanne in 2018

Kellyanne Conway in 2018
Source: CNN

Kellyanne appeared in a CNN interview with a new face.

She looked a few years younger and talks of botox and facelift became louder too.

Kellyanne in 2020

Kellyanne Conway in 2020
Source: Twitter

If working for the president was stressful, it wasn’t showing on Kellyanne

Kellyanne in 2022

Kellyanne Conway in 2022
Source: Youtube / Fox News

Can you believe this woman is now 55?

She looks amazing!


Love her or hate her, Kellyanne Conway has done well in the beauty department.

Unless she has a magic pill that can miraculously reverse her aging process, cosmetic surgery is probably the only way to explain her rejuvenated appearance.

That is my theory.

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