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Ben Affleck: Before and After

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There have been some rumors about Ben Affleck having plastic surgery and this obviously caught our attention.

Without a doubt, Ben is a handsome guy but what’s important is that he has been doing quite well to maintain his youthful appearance.

So, I’m going to take a deep look into this actor.

Let’s see if he’s had any work done.

Before & After Photos

To get to the bottom of it, I’ve done some comparisons on Ben using his past pictures. Check it out below.

Did Ben Affleck have botox?

Ben Affleck botox before and after photo

I don’t know about you but Ben’s face is looking older to me.

Part of the reason has to do with his slimmer face which is making his wrinkles more visible. So, I don’t believe he’s had botox or any types of fillers.

His forehead is looking rather tired too.

Did Ben get a facelift?

Ben Affleck facelift before and after photo

Since Ben got thinner, I’m noticing some sagginess on his face cheeks.

This is a good indication that he did not have a facelift.

Personally, I don’t think he needs one but let’s see what happens in the near future.

Has he had a nose job?

Ben Affleck nose job before and after photo

I can almost assure you that Ben has never touched his nose.

The only reason why it looks different sometimes is due to camera angles.

Maybe makeup too.

Did Ben have a hair transplant?

Ben Affleck hair transplant before and after photo

Ben does have a slightly receding hairline but it’s not that bad.

He’s managed to keep it at bay and I don’t think hair transplant has anything to do with it.

Hair loss is the least of his problem.

What about his teeth?

Ben Affleck teeth before and after photo

There is nothing wrong with Ben’s teeth but I didn’t expect his gumline to be that high.

This is evident when Ben laughs and it doesn’t look like he’s fixed it.

I couldn’t see any signs of veneers also.

Transformation (Then and Now)

Let’s see how Ben’s appearance has changed over the years.

Ben in his childhood

Ben Affleck during his childhood
via Pinterest

He was certainly a good-looking boy.

The funny thing is, I can recognize him straight away. Can you?

Ben in high school

Ben Affleck as a teenager in high school
via Twitter

This was Ben during his teenage years. He was visibly chubbier.

Ben in the 90s

Ben Affleck in the 1990s
via Pinterest

Armageddon is one of my favorite movies of all time and I must admit, Ben was charming back then. His face also looked very natural.

Ben in 2000

Ben Affleck in 2000

Maybe it’s the hairstyle but he seems to have more hair here.

Ben in 2005

Ben Affleck in 2005
via Pinterest

Ben and Jennifer Garner were a great couple. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. Both of them look so young but I’m sure cosmetic surgery wasn’t the reason.

Ben in 2010

Ben Affleck in 2010
via Facebook

Cutting his hair short clearly exposed his receding hairline but luckily for him, it stopped since then.

Ben in 2015

Ben Affleck in 2015

Looks like Ben has been hitting the gym this year as he has bulked up a lot.

Ben in 2020

Ben Affleck in 2020
via Reddit

This was the year Affleck started losing weight. I can’t imagine him having liposuction so he must have been on a strict diet.

Ben in 2022

Ben Affleck in 2022
Los Angeles Times

I have no idea what happened here. The camera certainly didn’t help but I believe age is starting to catch up to him.


Ben has been aging quite well up until 2022.

Since then, he has gotten thinner and it actually made him look older too. So I don’t think the actor has had any cosmetic procedures, otherwise, it would have shown.

Perhaps anti-aging is something he will look at in the coming years?

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