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Dennis Quaid: Before and After

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It’s obvious that Dennis Quaid is not in the same league as Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt. But he’s had his fair share of adulation from a stream of female fans.

For someone in his ’60s today, he’s looking quite good I must say.

This is perhaps where all the plastic surgery noises come from. I can’t help but noticed subtle changes happening on his face too.

Before & After Photos

I had to go deeper before I can say exactly what he has done. But here’s what I have found so far.

Did Dennis Quaid have botox?

Did Dennis Quaid have botox?

There were a lot of talks among social media and forums on Dennis’s new face.

After doing the above comparison, I must say I totally agree. You can clearly see the wrinkles on the side of his face cheeks before and now those areas are smoothened with what I’d suspect to be botox.

His face also looks puffed up too, don’t you think?

Has Dennis had a facelift?

Has Dennis Quaid had a facelift?

Dennis’ Caucasian features are more prone to wrinkling, especially around his eyes, forehead, and his mouth. As he got older, those lines have magically disappeared.

His entire facial skin looks tighter and if this is not a telling sign that a facelift procedure took place, I don’t know what is.

Of course, I’ll let you decide.

Did Dennis get hair transplant?

Did Dennis Quaid get hair transplant?

During the late 90s, Dennis’ receding hairline became more noticeable. If he didn’t stop the hair loss problem, I have doubt that he was on the path of becoming bald.

I honestly think the hair transplant was well worth it because it shaved years off his real age. He looks much more handsome too, right?

What about his teeth?

What about Dennis Quaid's teeth?

Dennis had some pretty bad and uneven teeth growing up, but I can see that he’s fixed it with braces. I’m glad he did because those gaps didn’t look too appealing.

Dennis Quaid: Then & Now

Let’s see how this man has changed over the years.

Dennis in school days

Dennis Quaid in his studying days
Source: Pinterest

Dennis quit the University of Houston to pursue an acting career in Hollywood. He had the all-American guy look with thick curly hair.

Dennis in 1979

Dennis Quaid in 1979
Instagram @ dennisquaid

In his mid-20s, Dennis ticked all the boxes for a leading man. He was tall, handsome and talented, but he couldn’t find much work until he starred in “Breaking Away” in 1979.

Dennis in 1987

Dennis Quaid in 1987
1987 film: Suspect

Looking more mature in his ’30s, Dennis starred in the “Suspect,” the crime thriller. Gone was his jock locks as he opted for a more gentlemanly hairstyle.

Dennis in 1995

Dennis Quaid in 1995
Source: Facebook

In the ’90s, Dennis got married and had a son with box office superstar Meg Ryan. They looked so good together, don’t they?

Sadly, the two got divorced in 2001, after 13 years together.

Dennis in 2003

Dennis Quaid 2003
Source: Pinterest

Now a dad of a teenager, Dennis appears more dashing as a guy in his ’40s. He has always looked good in a suit and tie. However, the lines around his eyes have started to appear as aging kicked in.

Dennis in 2010

Dennis Quaid 2010
Source: Twitter

By the time his 50s rolled, the wrinkles are creeping upon his face. It is particularly evident when he smiles as those laugh lines will betray him.

Dennis in 2015

Dennis Quaid in 2015
Source: Pinterest

Dennis is slowly turning into a silver fox in his 60s. It’s good to see that he’s not a balding old man.

Dennis in 2019

Dennis Quaid in 2019
Source: Pinterest

What a big difference a few years make! While his face looks smooth and tight, I can’t help but noticed the lines around his neck.

Dennis in 2020

Dennis Quaid in 2020
Source: Pinterest

Looks like the actor has been keeping himself in tip-top shape. I wonder how many times he works out each week.

Dennis in 2021

Dennis Quaid in 2021
Instagram @ dennisquaid

You know what.

I think Dennis has completely stopped his aging in the last few years.

Don’t ask me how he did it.

Dennis in 2022

Dennis Quaid 2022
The Ellen DeGeneres Show

There wasn’t a clear picture of Dennis in 2022 but he appeared on the Ellen show just before the year ended. So I don’t expect him to change too much.

Very good looking, right?


Although he has never spoken about it, I think there is something going on with Dennis’ face. Men in Hollywood just don’t openly discuss their “anti-aging” secrets but the photos seem to speak for themselves.

If the rumors are true, then at least he hasn’t been overdoing the cosmetic procedures. Everything looks natural thus far and I believe he’d like to keep it that way.

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