Dennis Quaid Before and After

Dennis may not be the token handsome leading man on the big screen based on his filmography but he’s had his fair share of adulation from a stream of female fans. Dennis is known as a prolific and versatile movie star because he’s good in both drama and comedy.

An outdoorsy guy even in his youth, Dennis has managed to look good and appealing on the screen even for someone in his ’60s today. He makes an effort to stay in shape after experiencing body dysmorphia in the ’90s. He has also remained grounded and sober after years of battling addiction.

However, some fans think that beyond taking care of his ripped body, Dennis has had plastic surgery and procedures on his face. Looking more youthful for his age, people think that Dennis frequently gets botox injections that erased some of his frown lines.

With a full head of gorgeous hair even in his ’60s, some fans also talk about the possibility that he may have had gotten a hair transplant. While Dennis has been very vocal about his substance abuse experience, he has never acknowledged those alleged cosmetic enhancement rumors about his looks.

Before & After Photos

It could help to go over some before and after photos of Dennis to determine how much his looks have changed over the years, inasmuch as he has remained mum over rumors of his plastic surgery and facial procedures. I’ll get right on it!

Did Dennis Quaid have botox?

Did Dennis Quaid have botox?

Social media and fan forum talks suggest that getting botox is actually Dennis Quaid’s “hobby,” meaning he loves to get this more than the average guy. Comparing these before and after photos of the actor, it does seem like his wrinkled face and tired-looking eyes on the left photo have diminished in the right photo.

His face on the right also looks more puffy and smooth, which are some of the effects of getting a fresh botox procedure. So, it’s safe to bet that the actor has gotten botox to look a lot younger.

Has Dennis had a facelift?

Has Dennis Quaid had a facelift?

Dennis’ Caucasian features are more prone to wrinkling, as these before and after pictures will show. He has more lines around his eyes, his forehead, and his mouth in the left photo, which has magically disappeared in the right image. So, I can believe the rumors that he had a facelift because his skin looks smoother in the right, where he’s a lot older.

Did Dennis get hair transplant?

Did Dennis Quaid get hair transplant?

Dennis’ receding hairline has become more noticeable at the height of his comeback in the late ’90s. This before photo shows just how deep the recession has gone and it actually looks uneven. But in this after photo, Dennis’ hairline grew back and his hair looks even better than before. And he could only achieve this through a hair transplant.

I actually think his hairstyle after the hair transplant looks good even if there are hints of silver grey stands. It did shave off years to his appearance and he looks more handsome with the hairstyle.

What about his teeth?

What about Dennis Quaid's teeth?

There’s no doubt that Dennis has had an extensive dental procedure. He has a set of pearly whites fit for a movie star now but his teeth didn’t used to be this straight and even, as seen in his old photo to the left.

It could be the reason why he couldn’t smile wider in the left photo because of his crooked and gapped teeth. But he has a more confident smile in the right photo.

Dennis Quaid: Then & Now

Dennis in studying days

Dennis Quaid in his studying days
Dennis quit the University of Houston to pursue an acting career in Hollywood. He was actually close to graduating and even had this photo to show for it. Does he not look like an all-American guy in his younger years with his thick, light-colored curly hair?

Dennis in 1979

Dennis Quaid in 1979
Despite his good looks, Dennis couldn’t find work in Hollywood right away until he starred in “Breaking Away” in 1979. In his mid-20s at that time, Dennis ticked all the boxes for leading man. Tall, handsome and talented, he was on his way to make a long career in show business.

Dennis in 1987

Dennis Quaid in 1987
Looking more mature in his ’30s, Dennis starred in the “Suspect,” the crime thriller. Gone was his jock locks as he opted for a more gentlemanly hairstyle, which went well with suits and ties he wore for this movie.

Dennis in 1995

Dennis Quaid in 1995
In the ’90s, Dennis got married and had a son with box office superstar Meg Ryan. They looked so good together, don’t they? They’re like those tiny little wedding cake toppers of the bride and groom. If those were alive, they would definitely look like Dennis and Meg — so perfectly matched! Sadly, the two would divorced in 2001, after 13 years together.

Dennis in 2003

Dennis Quaid 2003
Now a dad of a teenager, Dennis appear more confident and dashing as a guy in his ’40s and he has always looked good in a suit and tie. However, the lines around his eyes have started to appear more prominently and his skin also has signs of age spots and dark surfaces.

Dennis in 2010

Dennis Quaid 2010
By the time his ’50s rolled, however, the wrinkles have definitely been creeping on his face. During this time, Dennis spent most of his time farming and raising cattle at his ranch in Montana when he wasn’t working on the set.

He kept the top side of his hair longer in this photo and with a plaid shirt to boot, he looks a bit rugged, unkept but still handsome.

Dennis in 2015

Dennis Quaid in 2015
Dennis is slowly turning into a silver fox in his ’60s. It’s good to see that he’s not a balding old man, thanks to a hair transplant most likely. He has a fuller face in this photo though. Could be be packing some weight?

Dennis in 2019

Dennis Quaid in 2019
What a big difference a few years make! Dennis looks a lot older here and perhaps a little different. It might be the scowl on his face or the lines around his eyes, but he looks tired in this photo, don’t you think so? He also appears to have lost some weight. Caucasian men don’t age too well, don’t they?


Even though he has not spoken about it, there was definitely a point in Dennis Quaid’s career when he subjected himself to botox and facelift. Men in Hollywood don’t openly discuss their “beauty” procedures but the photos clearly speak for themselves.

This obsession with looking young isn’t uncommon in the actor’s line of work though and it’s hard to fault Dennis for this because plastic surgery is so accessible in his industry. I don’t think he needs it because the wrinkles are going to appear on his face regardless of what he does — it’s just in his genes!

It’s a good thing, however, that he hasn’t been overdoing the procedures. It’s one thing to try to look young by getting plastic surgery but it’s another thing to appear like a caricature or a robot with too much botox.