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Taeyeon: Before and After

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Ever since Taeyeon started her solo career, she keeps looking better.

I’m not sure if it’s the hair, makeup or plastic surgery doing the magic.

But I have a feeling it’s the latter

Let’s see.

Before & After Photos

I’ll compare the Kpop singer’s face and body before making a judgement.

Did Taeyeon have eyelid surgery?

Taeyeon double eyelid surgery before and after photo

This South Korean singer has beautiful eyes.

Her double eyelids are so prominent that some people consider them to be manmade.

I must admit, they do look fake. But after checking her younger pictures, I was surprised to see that her eyelids are actually natural.

Yes, they are real and she was born with them.

Has Taeyeon had a nose job?

Taeyeon nose job before and after photo

I don’t know how to say this.

Taeyeon has a very unique nose shape that is weird in a way.

From a certain camera angle, her nose can look flat and with a bulbous tip. But at other angles, it can looks slim and pointy.

I think makeup has a lot to do with it so I’m going to discount a nose job here.

Did Taeyeon get lip injections?

Taeyeon lip injections before and after photo

Very likely.

Her lips seem different and I’m seeing some noticeable changes to her top lip. It looks a bit swollen.

So, I think Taeyeon might be experimenting with lip fillers.

What about you?

Did Taeyeon have a boob job?

Taeyeon boob job before and after photo

I’m going to say no.

There is not much change to her breast size. In fact, Taeyeon’s boobs seem to have gotten smaller and I think it has a lot to do with her body weight.

And breast implants don’t fluctuate like that.

Taeyeon: Then and Now

Let’s see the singer’s transformation over the years.


Taeyeon as a child
via Pinterest

Here’s a rare picture of Taeyeon as a little child, possibly around 5.


Taeyeon Predebut
via Pinterest

This is a pre-debut photo of Kim Taeyeon while she was training in the Starlight Academy of S.M. Entertainment.

Her face was still quite chubby with the baby fat

Taeyeon in 2007

Taeyeon in 2007
via Reddit

At 18 years old, Taeyeon debuted as a member of SNSD and became the lead vocalist for Girl’s Generation.

Got to love those bangs and as you can see, her nose looks sharp from this angle.

Taeyeon in 2010

Taeyeon in 2010
via Twitter

Taeyeon wasn’t as skinny back then but she still had a gorgeous waistline.

Taeyeon in 2014

Taeyeon in 2014
via Twitter

Here is a rare picture of 25 year old Tae-yeon without makeup.

As you can see, her nose looks quite flat front on.

Taeyeon in 2016

Taeyeon in 2016
vis Pinterest

The Kpop singer was spotted with short hair and light blonde streak highlights.

I think it looks cute on her.

Taeyeon in 2019

Taeyeon in 2019
vis Twitter

Fans went wild when Taeyeon posted this selfie online.

Her jawline and chin looks visibly slimmer. People thought she had her jaws chiseled but I think she has simply lost weight.

Of course, botox could be another possibility and don’t forget filters too.

Taeyeon in 2022

Taeyeon in 2022
Instagram @ taeyeon_ss

It’s incredible how she can still look like a high school girl at age 33.

Amazing genes I must say.


I’m a bit shocked to be honest.

My gut was telling me that Taeyeon is a fan of cosmetic surgery but I couldn’t find sufficient evidence.

She may have gotten minor procedures but I can see anything invasive.

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