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Jennifer Jason Leigh: Before and After

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She has this all-American girl flair about her.

But like most stars, plastic surgery rumors have also hounded Jennifer Jason Leigh. Those who remember her from her earlier works have remarked about the big differences.

To be honest, I can’t say I disagree.

That’s why I was eager to do this.

Before & After Photos

Am I right to think that Jennifer had some work done? She hardly looks like her old self anymore and these pics might tell if my suspicions are correct.

Did Jennifer Jason Leigh have a facelift?

Jennifer Jason Leigh facelift before and after

I really like Jennifer’s “before” photos because she appears to have a softer face and smile.

On the right, her face looks stretched and unnatural. So, I suspect that she did have a facelift procedure.

What about you?

Did she get botox fillers?

Jennifer Jason Leigh botox before and after

There’s quite a contrast between these pictures.

On the left, Jennifer looks tired and aging seems to have clicked in with some wrinkles on show.

But on the right, her face cheeks and forehead look so smooth, polished even.

This tells me that might have gotten botox injections.

Has Jennifer had a boob job?

Jennifer Jason Leigh boob job before and after

Jennifer has decent size boobs even in her early ’20s.

Her body was one of her biggest assets so I don’t think she needed breast implants.

She can easily make her breasts look bigger with push-up clothing and that’s why she looks more busty at times.

What about a nose job?

Jennifer Jason Leigh nose job before and after

Clear as day, the shape of Jennifer’s nose hasn’t changed at all.

You can see it from her nasal bone to her nose tip.

The overall shape and size have remained the same so it’s safe to say that no nose job has taken place. It is all-natural.

Jennifer Jason Leigh: Then and Now

Let’s take a look at Jennifer’s transformation over the years.

Jennifer as a baby

Jennifer Jason Leigh as a baby
via Twitter

Baby Jennifer had chubby cheeks and a cute rounded face. She probably got a lot of pinches and squeezes because she looked so cute!

Jennifer as a teenager

Jennifer Jason Leigh as a teenager
via Youtube

The actress has been working in Hollywood since she was nine years old.

She looks totally like a California girl with her wavy brown shoulder-length hair and sun-kissed skin.

Year 1982

Jennifer Jason Leigh in 1982
via Youtube

Her Hollywood launching via “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” was actually remarkable and the audience loved her bubbly and pretty face.

Year 1990

Jennifer Jason Leigh in 1990
via Twitter

You can bet Jennifer was trying to copy Marilyn Monroe with this dyed blonde hair and fake mole.

I think she pulled it off, especially with that curvaceous body.

Year 1995

Jennifer Jason Leigh in 1995

The actress lost a lot of weight while doing the movie “Georgia.” She looks great with her chic short hair.

Year 2004

Jennifer Jason Leigh in 2004
via Pinterest

At 42, Jennifer was still leading lady material. She looks so refreshing and natural in this photo.

Year 2012

Jennifer Jason Leigh in 2012

The signs of aging became more obvious on Jennifer’s face. The skin around her eyes looks deeper and there are more lines around her mouth and forehead.

Year 2018

Jason Jason Leigh in 2018
via Pinterest

Between 2017 to 2018 was the time when I noticed something signs on Jennifer’s face.

She actually looks puffy so I think she might have used facial fillers around this time.

Year 2021

Jennifer Jason Leigh in 2021
via Youtube

The actress looks a lot more natural in 2021.

She might have lost weight, gone easier on the injections or stopped it completely.


I’m not surprised by these findings.

While Jennifer has never admitted to having cosmetic surgery, it’s hard for me to deny some of the evidence found.

Whether these are conclusive or not, I’ll you decide.

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