Top 10 Cosmetic Surgery Procedures For Men

If you think cosmetic surgery is a privilege for women…think again!

According to the latest stats released by The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), men accounted for close to 10% of all surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures performed in the country.

Given that Americans have spent more than 15 billion dollars on plastic surgeries in 2016, so approx. $1.5 billion were spent by males alone. And if you think that’s a lot…just wait till you see the type of treatments they’re spending the money on.

See the full list below ranked by the total number of procedures recorded in USA for 2016. (Please note: 2017 data hasn’t been released yet but we will update the figures as soon as they come out).


Top 10 Surgical Procedures


1) Liposuction – 45,012

1) Liposuction for Men

Like many women, men are also having a hard time keeping those fat off their bodies. With the number of deliciously unhealthy food choices we have in today’s society, it’s not too difficult to understand why. The fact that we are all too busy working, raising children and playing games on our smartphones, who has the time to exercise…right?

The easy way out? A lipo procedure that’s quick, effective and don’t break a sweat.

2) Male Breast Reduction – 31,368

2) Male Breast Reduction

If you think only women have breast issues, you may be surprised by how many men opt for boob jobs on a yearly basis. In fact, it is ranked the second most popular male cosmetic surgical procedure in the United States. Men boobs are not only a distraction, it is an outright embarrassment for many, especially for those who are caused by hormone imbalance or have experienced a major weight loss.

Solution? A Gynecomastia procedure that’s fast, permanent and removes excess skin!

3) Eyelid Surgery – 28,025

Eyelid Surgery For Men

We all know that a double eyelid can make your eyes look bigger and apparently, men knows this beauty secret too and that’s why many are now getting their eyelids done. Blepharoplasty can also tighten and remove sagging skin around the eyes. You can have upper or lower eyelid surgery depending on whether you want to enhance your eye shape, fight off ageing, or both. Result is permanent and apparently, Kenny Rogers is a fan of this procedure too.

4) Nose Job – 26,205

Nose job for men

There’s a good reason why many men and women are undergoing rhinoplasty to alter their nose shape. The nose is located at the center of your face and directly affects your entire facial structure and contouring. That’s why more than 25000 men are getting nose surgery every year to beautify their nose tip, nose bridge, to reshape their nostrils or ala.

5) Facelift – 13,702

5) Facelift Men

What happens when all the men’s cosmetics and beauty products in the world no longer works because age is no longer on your side? Or worst…it’s too late to care with face creams and masks because you’ve been too lazy in the past! Well…thanks to today’s cosmetic surgery advancement and technology, you can now fix those deep wrinkles and saggy skin by simply getting a face lift from your clinic.

Results are long lasting and can reverse your age by up to 10 years. If you look at stars like Keith Urban, there are signs suggesting that he may have used this procedure to sustain his youthful looks.

6) Ear Surgery – 10,457

6) Ear Surgery for Men

For a woman, you can always hide your ears with long hair no matter how ridiculously funny, awkward or embarrassing your ear shape looks. But for a man, that’s a totally different story and your ears can often be the center of attention due to short hair cuts.

So…there’s really only 3 solutions here:

  1. Ignore those people’s eye sights…who cares right?
  2. Grow really long hair, like female long and just keep hiding them.
  3. Deal with it! Just get an ear correction surgery or otoplasty from a licensed plastic surgeon.

7) Tummy Tuck – 8,004

7) Tummy Tuck for Men

Having a large belly is one of the most common problem amongst male in America and if you’re considered excessively overweight, then it can pose an even bigger issue. That’s because if you try to lose all that fat from your stomach, you’re going to be left with a layer of excess skin that can look rather disheartening, especially after all those sit ups, running and intensive workouts.

Thankfully, there’s tummy tuck to get rid of that beer gut, all that fat, stretched and sagging skin, leaving you with a beautiful tummy and manly waist line that couldn’t be achieved otherwise.

8) Neck Lift – 6,319

8) Neck Lift for Men

Neck lift surgery for men has become widely popular over the past 5 years. That’s because as we age, our neck becomes susceptible to sagging skin, excess fat and loosening of muscles that gives us a slack jawline, making us look older than we really are. This can also be a problem for those who’s experienced extreme weight loss.

By having a neck lift procedure, you can correct these issues by tightening underlying muscles, remove excess skin and eliminating your double chin, which ultimately improves your lower face shape and jawline contour.

9) Face Fat Transfer – 5,653

9) Face Fat Transfer for men

Botox ain’t the only substance that can be injected into your face. There is also a technique known as fat grafting facial contouring or face fat transfer, in which fat is harvested from other parts of your body using liposuction procedure. The fat is then purified and injected into your face to increase volume, reduce wrinkles and also fade pitted acne scars.

Collected fat can be transferred to almost any parts of your face (e.g face cheeks, forehead, between the eyebrows etc). Although the process takes longer, but some men prefer this method over chemical substances as they find it more natural (since you’re using your own body fat) and results tend to last longer.

10) Brow Lift – 3,418

10) Brow Lift for Men

Men who worries or stresses too much will tend to find their eyebrows drooling causing deep lines between the brows and along the forehead area. This can make you look wrinkly, cranky and old. Of course, age also plays a major factor here and that’s why some men are dealing with this the surgical way. This procedure is called browlift, also known as a forehead lift or browplasty.


Top 10 Non-Surgical Procedures


1) Botulinum Toxin – 453,281

1) Botox for Men

Yes, you read that right! More than 400,000 men have undergone anti-ageing injections such as Botox, Dysport and Xeomin to give them youthful appearances. These fillers are the most popular choice for both male and female because the treatment is quick, effective and will only get cheaper as popularity continues to soar.

2) Hyaluronic Acid – 168,788

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is naturally present in our bodies to keep our skin healthy and hydrated. Unfortunately, as we age we can lose up to 2/3 of our HA and that’s why our skins lose elasticity and volume. While there are topical solutions, but nothing works better than direct penetration of skin cells using skin hydrating injections including Juvederm Ultra, Ultra Plus, Voluma, Perlane, Restylane and Belotero.

When done right, HA can effectively replenish healthy skin cells and repair damaged tissue for a refreshed look. However, please be mindful of the HA products that you can purchase online and NEVER Do-It-Yourself! Always consult and get these procedures done by a qualified and trained professional.

3) Hair Removal – 125,560

Hair Removal for men

Imagine doing all those muscle training just so that you can show off your beach body in summer…but then your hair gets in the way of your packs. Luckily, there are hair removal treatments available to tackle these issues. You can choose from laser or pulsed light procedures, and since most men likes to keep some hair, you can always discuss this with your clinic to have your hair thinned out instead of a complete removal.

4) Photorejuvenation (IPL) – 60,749

We’re seeing a rising number of males going to beauty clinics to get IPL over the past several years. IPL skin photo rejuvenation is a fast and painless process to treat uneven skin tones, pigmentation, sun damaged skin, rosacea and broken capillaries. It is a non-invasive procedure that uses IPL (intense pulsed light) or laser light to target blemishes without affecting the surrounding skin.

5) Chemical Peel – 42,084

Similar to IPL, chemical peel is a skin rejuvenating procedure in which a chemical solution is applied to the skin to cause peeling of it’s outer layers. There are 4 main classes of chemical peel and depending on the depth of the peel, it can be used to remove / reduce freckles, brown blotches, acne scars, scaly sunspots and also superficial wrinkles

  1. Ultra-Superficial
  2. Superficial
  3. Medium
  4. Deep

6) Microdermabrasion – 40,237

Microdermabrasion is a machine operated treatment used to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells on the most outer or superficial layer of your skin to improve overall texture and quality. Treatments are quick and gentle, it almost feels like you’re having a facial. Microdermabrasion can reduce hyperpigmentation, age spots, diminish fine lines, wrinkles and fade acne scars. By removing dead skin, it can also aid in the penetration of skincare products by up to 50%.

7) Nonsurgical Skin Tightening – 29,466

Men who don’t wish to go under the knife such as face lift or brow lift to achieve a skin tightening result can choose non-surgical procedures such as Ultherapy, Thermage or Pelleve. These techniques works by using ultrasound or radio-frequency energy to heat underlying tissue and stimulate the production of natural collagen to create elasticity, reduce wrinkles, while giving the patient a tightened and smoother effect.

8) Full Field Ablative (laser skin resurfacing) – 29,191

Ageing, long term exposure to the sun and environment are some of the most common factors contributing to bad skin. The weather, air pollution and our diet can also accelerate our skin ageing process. That’s why some men choose full field ablative laser procedures to treat conditions such as deep wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and severely sun-damaged skin.

This technique involves removing the full top layer of the skin and laser is then used to heat the underlying layer to speed up collagen production, hence giving the patient’s treated areas a renewed and youthful appearance.

9) Nonsurgical Fat Reduction – 21,234

Let’s face it, not everyone wants to go through a liposuction to get rid of unwanted body fat. The thought of going through anesthesia can even be scary for some. Thankfully, if don’t fall in the extreme overweight cases then there are non-surgical ways to do some fat trimming here and there. These non-invasive techniques includes CoolSculpting, Vaser Shape and Liposonix, which ultilizes fat freezing or high-intensity focused ultrasound to achieve the desired results.

10) Tattoo Removal – 19,405

10) Tattoo Removal for Men

There are times when we do things that we regret later down the track such as getting a tattoo that we no longer want nor need. It’s all part of being human, but thankfully these regrets can be reversed all thanks to today’s laser tattoo removal technology! With laser removal, pulses of high-intensity laser energy is used to breaks the ink pigment into smaller particles, which is then absorbed and expelled by the body, resulting in fading or removing of colors.


Numbers Don’t Lie!

As you can see from the numbers above, men are definitely becoming more concerned about the way they look in today’s society and statistics don’t lie. While these figures were collected based in the US, we have good reasons to believe that other western countries like Canada, Australia and Great Britain have similar percentage of male vs female ratios opting for cosmetic correction and enhancement procedures.

The truth is….man wants to look good. You can see many real cases of men from all different countries who might’ve had plastic surgery to enhance their overall beauty, whether that’s their hair, face or body.