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Top 10 Cosmetic Surgery Procedures For Men

Top 10 Cosmetic Surgery Procedures For Men (Surgical & Non-Surgical)

If you think cosmetic surgery is a privilege for women...think again! According to the latest stats released by The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), men accounted...
People are getting plastic surgery for beautiful legs

Forget Boobs & Butts…Your Legs Are The NEW Hot Cosmetic Trend!

Who wants to spend countless hours doing squats and leg raises when you can simply pay for a thigh lift? Apparently, this is becoming a NEW hot...
Face disfigurement Is a possibility

DIY Plastic Surgery – It’s Not Worth It

To become a qualified plastic surgeon in the United States, it takes a person an average of 4 years studying in an undergraduate program to earn a...

Up 20% Per Year! Australians Can’t Get Enough Of Brazilian Butt Lift

If you've always wanted a big buttock like Kim Kadarshian, Nicki Minaj or J Lo, you're not alone! The Brazilian Butt Lift movement has not only hit...
Apple TV unit

Apple TV Gives 25 Million Viewers FREE App To Cosmetic Surgery!

It's official. Apple is putting you under the knife and they are giving you a FREE app to do so! Introducing the Plastic Surgery Network, the world's first and...
Man photoshopped into woman

Japan Wants To BAN Plastic Surgery ‘Before & After’ Photos In Ads

In the world of digital, NO ONE is ugly! This happens all the time with the push of a few buttons. We see it on Instagram, on Facebook,...
Vampire Cosmetic Breast Lift

Need A Breast Lift? You can ask a vampire to help…

Ever wanted a subtle boob job that doesn't require surgery? Perhaps you've heard about the uneven results associated with some fat transfer breast augmentation? Well..a vampire is now offering...

3 Chinese Girls BANNED From Leaving South Korea Airport After Plastic Surgery

Thinking about heading to South Korea for some "subtle" aesthetic changes? Well...you better keep your words because these 3 Chinese women were banned from leaving the country after...
Ugly Korean Woman Before and After Cosmetic Work

This ‘Ugly’ Korean Woman Changed Into a Super HOTTIE In Just 63 Days!

Ever wonder what you can achieve in 63 days? Ask this Korean woman and she'll tell you...A LOT!!! We couldn't believe our eyes too when we saw this one....

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