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Six pack abs

Abdominal Etching: Get 6 Pack Abs Without Workout!

Forget hitting the gym or doing painful situps, there is an easier way to get those perfect looking 6 pack abs without any effort. The plastic surgery...
Ozzy Osbourne is a supportive husband in Sharon's plastic surgeries

Ozzy Osbourne Revealed When Sharon First Got Her Breast Implants

The Prince of Darkness has seen it all. So it wouldn't surprise him if his wife Sharon wanted to get a new pair of bosom. This was back...
Bebe Rexha fat shamed

Bebe Rexha FAT Shamed By Designers, But NOT All Fans Are Convinced

The Grammy is just a few weeks away and with 2 nominations up her sleeve, Bebe Rexha was dying to find the best outfit for the event....
Consultation Room

Need Breast Implants? BEWARE of Surveillance Cameras!

If you're thinking of getting breast implants, chances are you'll be asked to remove your top inside an examination room while the surgeon and the assistance does...
Bald Hair Tattoo Before and After

Bald Scalp & Hair Loss Problem SOLVED By Hair Tattoo?

Ever wonder if there’s a new and less expensive way to deal with hair loss problems? It's called hair tattoo or Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) and it's suitable...
Woman hiding her nose

Non-Surgical Nose Injections Is FIVE Minute Job!

Want a nose job, but don't want to go under the knife? It's always good to know that there are options available. In fact, nose injections does just that...
Selfie Filter

Women Facelifts Down By 44%, Replaced By Phone Photo Filter Apps!

Lots of women are avoiding going under the knife because they can now easily manipulate their pictures by using photo filter apps on their mobile phone. In today's...
People are getting plastic surgery for beautiful legs

Forget Boobs & Butts…Your Legs Are The NEW Hot Cosmetic Trend!

Who wants to spend countless hours doing squats and leg raises when you can simply pay for a thigh lift? Apparently, this is becoming a NEW hot...
Face disfigurement Is a possibility

DIY Plastic Surgery – It’s Not Worth It

To become a qualified plastic surgeon in the United States, it takes a person an average of 4 years studying in an undergraduate program to earn a...

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