Face disfigurement Is a possibility

To become a qualified plastic surgeon in the United States, it takes a person an average of 4 years studying in an undergraduate program to earn a bachelor’s degree, before another 4 years in a medical school.

That’s 8 years of hard work and that’ll only earn you a surgical residency program, which takes another 5-6 years to complete. This is where you’ll be assisting and gaining practical experience in general surgery before specializing in plastic surgery.

So with all that being said, what makes you think you can DIY plastic surgery?

What makes you think you’re qualified to perform a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ cosmetic procedure?

Sadly, there are people in this world whom, without proper training, somehow believed that they can just replicate the work of real plastic surgeons and took matters into their own hands.

DIY Nose Job

DIY Nose Job

As reported by the Metro UK in one of the absolute worst cases ever witnessed, a man gave himself a rhinoplasty (nose job) by using a chisel and then replacing the nose cartilage he removed with a chicken bone, according to consultant psychiatrist Dr David Veale,

We couldn’t believe it ourselves, but apparently some people really are that “stupid”!

Then of course, there are other non-invasive ways of creating a better nose shape using devices that you can simply clip onto your nose, like this nose bridge straightening shaper that promises a higher nasal bridge without pain, and is selling for less than $3.

Nose Bridge Shaper

And if you just don’t trust cheap goods from China, then you can try Japan’s very own nose magic which also guarantees you a smaller, slimmer, taller and pointier nose without any surgery, or you’ll have your money back.

But do these devices really work?

Not according to Dr Richard J. Bruneteau’s response on Realself.com

This type of device won’t change the appearance of your nose, because it won’t impact the under lying bone and cartilage. Gimmicks like this are a dime a dozen. They’re not intended to fix your nose, but instead to separate you from your money.

His response was echoed by several other experts on the same topic.

DIY Tummy Tuck

DIY Tummy Tuck

Yup, someone actually tried to perform a DIY tummy tuck by cutting their own stomach open. Obviously, it couldn’t have ended well for the person and we sincerely hope that we’ll never hear stories like this again…

And then, there are people out there who just loves to sell hope to the hopelessness, telling them that by simply exercising and eating the right diet, you can get rid of all that fatty jelly in the belly without any consequences.

Sure, this might work for people who are slightly overweight.

But if you’re someone who’s just lost 100lbs from sheer dedication, your tummy is going to be left with a pile of excessive skin, which some people like to call a “hang”.

Like this girl here…

But hey, don’t get us wrong!

Exercising and eating right is extremely important (at least it’ll prevent you from being 100 pounds overweight in the first place), but in the real world, nothing DIY will ever be able to replace the effectiveness of a professional abdominoplasty, otherwise known as a tummy tuck.

DIY Liposuction

It’s amazing how many people actually have the ‘courage’ to ask questions such as…How To Do Liposuction By Yourself, when all they really needed was to hit the gym 2 to 3 times a week.

Like this person here and here, and here.

What the hell is wrong with these people? Do they really think someone is going to teach them how to punch a hole into their skin, stick a vacuum cleaner in and somehow their unwanted fats would just be perfectly sucked out?

It’s a joke!

Yes, that video is a joke too…but you get the point!

There is no such thing as a DIY liposuction kit and let’s be honest here, lipo is a very dangerous procedure that requires professional surgeons to carry out. Even then, there has been real cases where people have died from undergoing such fat removal treatments, whether it’s from infection or other complications.

So if you’ve been looking for a DIY solution, please don’t even think about! Accept this fact and if you don’t have enough money to pay a qualified surgeon, just start saving up and meanwhile, consider doing a few laps around your local park on a consistent basis. Running is free, right?

DIY Facelift

DIY Facelift

Thank goodness we’ve never heard anyone who’s tried to cut their own face off in an attempt to lift their skin. But then, there are many false and weak promises out there.

Most of these DIY facelift claims are nothing more than a simple face mask or a cosmetic skin care cream that they’re trying to sell. These products, whether made from natural ingredients or chemically formulated have absolutely nothing to do with a professional face lift, nor will they ever be able to replicate the results of a surgical facelift.

Sure, you might experience some good effects such as whitening of skin, reducing some fine lines, and you may even feel a little tightening here and there. But these effects are generally very ‘minimal’ and won’t necessarily be enough to combat your body’s natural aging process.

Why do you think “rich” celebrities such as Sharon Osbourne and Nicole Kidman have used some types of plastic surgeries to maintain their youth? It’s not like they can’t afford the world’s most expensive cosmetic range…you see?

And then you hear about products such as the wrinkle up tape that’s selling for over $30.

Wrinkle Tapes

That by simply taping up your face for 15 mins each day, you can somehow miraculously stretch your skin back to its former buoyant self? Seriously??

At least this lady knows that the result is temporary at best…

Seems like a lot of work…

Perhaps you’re better off just doing some facial exercises. This way, you’ll at least be working your face muscles and you will feel some tightening sensation.

But if you’re looking for a ‘long lasting’ way of reducing sagging and wrinkles on your face, your best bet is to visit a facelift surgeon. The only question is how long will the effect last and we felt Dr Kevin Sadati had the best response.

It is a misnomer and misconception calling for duration and longevity of a face lift result. Aging face is a dynamic process. A well performed facelift surgery generally washes away about 10 years from your face, but remember you will continue to age. According to my experience, ten years post facelift surgery; you should still have a firmer and better looking neck than your pre operative appearance. There are various elements affecting facial aging process after face lift surgery which varies from person to person. These factors may include: genetic aging process, degree of sun exposure and sun protection, smoking, various diseases and medications, as well as changes in weight and diet.

Sounds fair?

DIY Botox

In one of the saddest cases we’ve seen in terms of DIY Botox injection is when a former Korean model, Hang Mioku, completely disfigured her face by injecting herself with cooking oil.

DIY Injection VictimSource: koreaboo.com

Out of respect for the victim, we decided not to post her ‘before’ photo and instead just show you the consequences. She actually looked very beautiful, but her obsession took the better of her.

She became so obsessed with plastic surgery that no surgeons wanted to operate on her. Unfortunately, one doctor gave her some black market silicone injects to DIY and when she ran out of the silicone, she turned to cooking oil and became an international headline overnight.

The sad reality is, there are many more stories like this all around the world.

Take Tracie Samara’s horrifying story for example, she saw an ad in the paper offering a FREE non-invasive injection around her eyes. At age 44, she took on the offer and this mistake almost blinded her.

Eye Injection FailSource: WPSD Local 6

Samara had no idea what those fillers were that left her bruised, swollen and nearly blinded.

Facial Surgeon John J Martin JR says Samara’s story is all too common.

“We’re certainly seeing a lot of things that people are injecting or putting into themselves that are not legal and should not be put into your body.”

“These “do-it-yourself” videos on YouTube are a disturbing trend”.

“They watch a video and it makes it look pretty easy, you just put a little injection in here. How hard could that be?”

“So they saved money by doing it themselves and now they’re going to have to pay so much more to try and take care of it.” Dr. Martin said.

Some experts even warned that permanent disfigurement is a real possibility.

Face disfigurement Is a possibility

Luckily for Tracie, her illegal filler was able to be removed slowly and along with radio frequency treatment, she’s now hoping to come back even stronger.

Final Words

Cosmetic procedures are not cheap and with 16 billion dollars spent last year in the USA alone, beauty doctors are now seeing some disturbing trends as more people look to cut ‘costs’ and ‘corners’ by doing it themselves with, sometimes, very dangerous results.

People search for all different types of DIY info, whether on a boob job, butt augmentation or lip injections and they often neglect the most important thing. That is, they are NOT qualified, NOT licensed and is literally looking for a way to destroy the rest of their lives. Seriously, if you don’t have money, START SAVING!

Sure, there are many things you can DIY such as fixing the pipe in your bathroom or installing that new sink in your kitchen. But when it comes to plastic surgery and your “own” body, please do your homework, do the research, read the reviews and most importantly, choose a reputable and board certified plastic surgeon.