Brazilian Male Barbie Doll? Rodrigo Alves Spent $400,000 on plastic surgery to look like Ken!!

There seems to be a lot of people who are still stuck in the Ken and Barbie doll days and this guy from Brazil is certainly one of them. In fact, the man is so obsessed with Ken’s perfect image that he actually spent over $400,000 to look exactly like him.

Check out the Before & After photos from his Instagram account!

42 plastic surgeries, 305k english pounds very well spent! #makeover #plasticsurgery #plasticpositive #rodrigoalves #news

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As you can see on the right hand side, his before photo and on the left….well you know. You’ve got to give credit to this guy because he surely has determination to the max!

Now…is this what they called a “Plastic Face”? Seriously…would this guy even be allowed to have emotions anymore?

You’ve got to admire his efforts though…just look at those abs! Liposuction obviously helped but to get those six, no eight packs…that’s a lot of sit ups. Unless of course…they are simply artificial man made abs, aka liposculpture or suction six pack??

Gracias a el Doctor Elkin Jimenez Por la sonrisa mas perfecta ! @dr_elkinjimenez

A photo posted by Rodrigo Alves (@rodrigoalvesuk) on

It’s really amazing how this guy can even put on a big smile. Whether you like it or not, his plastic surgeon has done a tremendous job in this regard. Like really….wouldn’t his face muscle tissues be dead by now?

A truly maleficent transformation and only he can answer whether this amount of money was well spent…

Either way, the painful procedures he has gone through is definitely not something average people can endure.

One thing is certain, he has many like minded…HOT (plastic) girl friends.

What do you think?

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