Anna Kendrick

Did Anna Kendrick Get Surgery To Look HOT?

“Pitch Perfect” star Anna Kendrick started her career in entertainment at the tender age of nine during the mid-90s. A regular at musicals for her beautiful singing voice, she shifted to doing films when she became a teenager. Shortly in her movie career, Anna has gotten the attention of Hollywood …

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Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling, Before and After

Yes she’s funny and she’s talented, but Mindy Kaling doesn’t look like the standard Hollywood stars. The actress, prolific writer and producer easily stand out because of her dark brown skin color, as an Indian born in America. Lately, there’s been talks about her natural skin color changing, so people …

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Jennifer Lopez

Has Jennifer Lopez Had Cosmetic Surgery?

If we tell you that superstar actress, singer, and dancer Jennifer Lopez wasn’t always the perfect-looking, glamorous and voluptuous woman with the show-stopping sense of style, would you believe us? Did you know that before she got her start in Hollywood, J Lo actually looked so different that people always …

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Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery Photos Revealed?

Oscar-winning star Renee Zellwegger earned her big break in Hollywood as Tom Cruise’s romantic partner in the 1996 film “Jerry Maguire.” Uttering the famous line, “You had me at hello…” Renee wowed not just her onscreen love interest but also the moviegoers who found her refreshing beauty unforgettable. Renee had …

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Jennifer Aniston

Has Jennifer Aniston Had Plastic Surgery?

Jennifer Aniston is one of the highest paid actresses in America and her beauty is second to none. That’s why many people believe she’s had plastic surgeries to enhance her looks. Ever since she became the leading role in the TV comedy hit “Friends”, her acting career took off to …

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Park Shin Hye before and after plastic surgery?

Did Park Shin Hye Get Plastic Surgery & Nose Job?

Park Shin Hye is a beautiful South Korean actress and singer who’s been under a lot of scrutinies due to her natural looks. Being in the capital of plastic surgery, it’s not often we get to see a star who hasn’t visited a cosmetic surgeon. As she gained popularity both …

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Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts, Before and After

There is a good reason why Naomi Watts was included in the 50 Most Beautiful People by People Magazine and there’s an even better reason why King Kong would risk his own life to protect a totally different species. Naomi is just one of the most beautiful, elegant, and glamorous …

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