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Best collection of female plastic surgery with before and after photos showing their transformation through cosmetic enhancement. Most women get cosmetic surgery because they are not happy with their faces and bodies. For example, procedures such as breast augmentation have helped thousands of women regain confidence.

It’s also quite common for female celebs to visit surgeons to maintain their youth and beauty, although some may be rumours. And you’ll also find here many real life examples and success stories showcasing how ordinary woman (young and old) have used surgeries to help them look beautiful.

Amber Rose

Amber Rose, Before and After

Amber Rose has finally admitted to having plastic surgery, but is it really what you think? The answer may just shock you… From modeling, singing, acting to business ventures, she’s been one of the hottest …
Kim Taeyeon

Kim Taeyeon, Before and After SNSD

Kim Taeyeon is one of the hottest members from the Korean girls group, SNSD (Girls Generation). This is also why she’s been the center of many plastic surgery speculations. She is a gorgeous South Korean …
Has Blac Chyna Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Blac Chyna Plastic Surgery EXPOSED?

Whenever you see Blac Chyna, you just couldn’t ignore those large breasts and giant booty. But because of this “Not Many People Will Argue”, yet possible plastic surgery body, she has captured the attention of …
Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery?

Did Catherine Bell Have Plastic Surgery?

If you’ve seen the TV hit, “JAG”, then you’d remember how hot Catherine Bell used to be back in the days. Known for her pretty face and large boobs, we’re not surprised to see her …
Did Rihanna get a boob job?

Has Rihanna Ever Had Plastic Surgery?

Rihanna is one of hottest and most captivating singers in America. Despite her amazing voice, she’s been the “Go To” trend symbol for many females, all thanks to her gorgeous face and sizzling hot body. …
Gigi Hadid

Does Gigi Hadid Have Cosmetic Surgery?

Whether Gigi Hadid had plastic surgery or not, she’s definitely one of those lucky child who’s inherited her mother, Yolanda Hadid’s beauty. Like her sister, Bella, who also happens to be one of the top …